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Archipelago Lake is an 8 acre lake situated in the heavily wooded countryside near Champeaux, France.

The fishery is totally enclosed and includes its own woodland, clubhouse, shower block, Gazebo social area, well stocked smaller lake ‘The Blue Lagoon’, car park and grassy surroundings; CCTV in operation at all times.

The lake consists of level gravelled swims situated between trees and shrubs, many overhanging the water. Running down the middle of the lake is a series of tree clad islands, broken up by a series of small channels allowing the fish to move from one side of the lake to the other, whilst presenting the angler with some really attractive features to fish to. Secluded and peaceful location, with the nearest road being three quarters of a mile away and no noisy, nearby rail lines. There are no close neighbours, unless you include farm animals. Safe and secure fenced in site. All snags are removed on a regular basis and we are proud to say no annoying little "Poisson chats", and very little weed. There are a few crayfish, but these are never a problem.

We provide a quad and trailer service to get your gear to and from your swims. No restrictions on your movements. You can come and go as you please.

The owners will do everything possible to help and advise anyone on request. Conversely, if you want to be left entirely to your own devices, that's fine with us, although you are strongly advised to listen. There are two rowing boats one on either side of the lake for your unrestricted use and bait boats are allowed and recommended. Additionally if you don’t own a bait boat, why not rent one of ours? Please enquire when booking.

Most important are the actual fish stocks as they are right now. We have performed numerous netting and drain downs since our ownership, most recently in late 2015 the main lake was drained completely and left for five months so extensive maintenance could be carried out to ensure the continued wellbeing of the lake and our beautiful fish. During this time parts of the lake have been re-dug, potential snags removed, and lake bed de-silted which all serve to promote a healthy well balanced lake. In late November 2020, 15 commons and 15 mirrors were moved over from the blue lagoon of weights up to 30lb making the total number of stock in the main lake around 140. We now have many 50's and a good head of 40's with fewer 30's and very few high 20's. The current lake records which stand under our ownership are Mirror Carp at 70lb 4oz 'Daisy', Common Carp 56lb 4oz 'Smudge', Grass Carp 60lb 12oz and Catfish 100lb+.

We no longer consider our fishery to be a runs water; as previously stated on the home page this is a moderate to hard water and not suitable for beginners.

We are building our business on the exceptionally high amount of service we can offer and honesty and never want to be accused of overstating the assets of the fishery. We do not cherry pick for good weeks to put on our "catch report" pages. The results of every week when anglers are on are published on the web site. We also welcome any constructive criticism, or suggestions on how we can further improve the venue or services.

Registered Address: 1 Les Grandes Baillettes, Poumailloux 16500, Oradour Fanais.
Siret No. 83756456600011.