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1. Please note that your arrival time on Saturday is 1:00pm, please do not arrive before this time as the gates to the Anglers Entrance will be locked. Your departure the following Saturday is 9:30am PLEASE NOTE this is the time you must be off the site.

The Anglers Entrance gates must be kept closed at all times, and all vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area.

2. Barbed Hooks or Micro barbed hooks only, NO Longshank hooks.

3. Strictly NO leadcore, NO leaders of any kind.

4. NO permanently fixed leads, only drop off lead systems. All anglers must use rig tubing no shorter than 1 meter in length.

5. Rigs will be checked daily.

6. NO braided main lines, only accepted on spod or marker rods.

7. NO wire traces for Catfish.

8. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain mono mainline.

9. Under no circumstances should an angler be fishing without the appropriate/adequate equipment i.e. Carp rods of a suitable test curve, bite alarms with receiver and reels etc. You endanger our carp and yourself by using substandard equipment.

10. Maximum of 3 rods per angler.

11. NO sacking of fish, retention slings which are provided can be used but only for short periods of time, please keep a check on your catch if you do.

12. Retrieval of hitched tackle from overhanging trees/bushes must be done immediately. If you have a fish snagged never pull for a brake, get help and use the boats provided.

13. Strictly NO marking of fish for identification purposes.

14. Use clinic/medi carp on hook holds/marks and treat body damage if needed. If you don’t have it, you can purchase it from us.

15. NO shelf life boilies, only fresh/frozen boilies permitted.

16. NO Pellet to be brought on site. Only pellet purchased from us may be used.

17. NO Nuts, NO Chick Peas, NO Hemp, NO Maggots, NO Tinned or Frozen Sweetcorn/Maize (NO Particles of any kind)

18. NO fake/plastic baits of any kind (any fake bait that fishes forever is banned)

19. NO Oils of any kind i.e. Hemp oil, bailies irish cream or similar.

20. NO Open fires.

21. NO Barbecues.

22. NO Swimming.

23. NO Dogs.

24. No Drugs, heavy drinking, shouting or foul language.

25. Crapping around the banks is totally unacceptable.

26. Persons aged 18 and over only, children under this age are not permitted.

27. NO litter, keep your swims tidy and leave them as you find them. Each swim is equipped with 3 bins which are clearly labelled for black sack refuse, recycling and glass. YOU MUST separate your rubbish into these bins (a guide for recycling is posted on the outside of the cabin, please consult this if unsure). Failure to comply will result in you being forced to sift through and separate your rubbish before you are allowed to leave.

28. When individuals are booked on the lake a draw for swims will be made at 14:00. If you have not arrived by this time the draw will still take place in your absence to be fair to those who have already arrived and are waiting to set up.

29. Please note when individuals are booked on the lake, swims 6, 7 and 8 are not to be fished. This is only to be fair to those fishing swims 5 and 9.

The lake in the summer is a high risk of fire area, please be very careful with cigarette/cigar butts and use the sand buckets provided to extinguish them.

Our fishery rules are in place for the safety of our fish, the venue and our customers. Anyone found breaking the above rules will have their holiday terminated immediately and your removal from the premises will follow.

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