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1st October 2018

We have Rob and little Jax over for the next month from Monday.
Rob will be fishing from mid week and helping me out with some jobs around the lake the list has grown lol
It's been very hard week on the lake Rob's only banked the one fish Emily @ 45 lb 2 oz swim 5 on a Ronnie rig small pop up.
Saturday night was a horrible night to be out fishing strong winds and heavy rain yes rain ! First proper rain since May not enough to bring the levels up this year we are down now 18 inches the worst I've know it in 9 years that's on all lakes main,blue and house stock..

As always updates as they happen.

Follow Rob on see how he gets on one target fish is The Big Scale a capture of Robs from a couple of seasons ago.

22nd September 2018

We are back after a 2 week break, group of 7 guys on the lake all from the Bolton area only 6 are fishing.
Andy,Adam,Rob,Connor,Keith,Rod and Stuart.
Guys are on swims and 11 baits being used are peachy keen boilies,freshly cooked particles,pellet.

I was feeling very positive about this week water temperature had dropped yet again with the fresh northerly wind blowing on it most of the week, so the fish should have been on the munch I knew we should see some lumps out all over the lake would The Big Scale show his face ? No !  Will some of the other fish what havnt graced the bank this year also show up ? Yes of course.  
What was I saying lol read on

Its been no means an easy week some of the guys have been done at night aborted runs etc
But besides this we have seen some nice fish starting with group organiser Andy on swim 5 very exciting this The Mole 8 oz off the 60 @ 59 lb 8 oz new Pb mirror and another @50 lb Forest, Stuart over on swim 11 has banked a few names William 47,Marley 45,Broken Tail 44, Rod on swim 3 also a couple of names Blondie 41.10, The Barrel 42.5, and another at 35 lb, Adam left a new Pb very late on Friday with Big Al at 44 lb 8 oz and a 32 lb mid week.
Average weight 45,5.
Weather has been a mixed bag strong north westerly then light south westerly some light rain and lots of sunshine hitting just under 30 degrees one day.

Great bunch of lads which come good in the end.

15th September 2018

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8th September 2018

Price Reduction on our very last week of the season
10th November, Drive/survive
Price up to 5 anglers
Food package at extra cost 🍽

8th September 2018

We now have a 2 week break on the lake before our next group of 6 arrive !

1st September 2018

Xavier,Les,Jack,Steve,Jon and new addition this time around Alan who has fished here before back in 2005 ish.
All from our neck of the woods Essex, Herts.
They have all fished here for many years even before we owned the fishery.

Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10 and 11, day swims 2 and 12.

Baits being used Our freshly cooked particles,Mainline Cell, essential Cell and The Link boilies, Tails up OCM boilies and peachy keen..

No weeks the same in carp fishing this week proved it.
A very hard week on the lake the new north easterly wind which arrived Saturday morning definitely pushed the fish down into the shallows and they stayed put all week.

Les on swim 5 banked a fish early Sunday morning in fact @ 40 lb but had nothing after this,then all the other fish were caught down in shallower water swim 11 Jon @ 46 lb 8 oz then Xavier on swim 3 fishing down into swim 2 banked a 43 lb 8 oz and then tripped the big girl up new PB @ 59 lb 8 oz.
Alan left it late on swim 4 moving down onto swim 2 on Friday and saving the blank with a 46 lb which was Conky last time out October 2017 he also caught a small catfish out of the Blue Lagoon as this has been the only one caught since we reopened a couple of seasons ago he is now the catfish record holder on the Blue @ 23 lb lol one that survived drain down, Sadly swims 9/10 didn't produce anything this week not even a beep.

Still no Big Scale he is boxing clever this year.

2 weeks rest on the lake now which should get these girls back on track for good winter weights.

Fish average weight  47.3.

25th August 2018

Sir Bob and Tashs second week on the lake.

All change last Saturday including the weather swim 9 it was.
l couldn't have been more right on my earlier reports it took until Friday lunchtime, Sir Bob finally banked Daisy one of the fish he has never caught here only two runs all week on the Daisy spot first fish was a 40 lb 4 oz which was probably one of her body guards then the gem herself Bob's second PB of the week first being The Mole @ 56 lb 14 oz and then Daisy @ 60 lb 4 oz she is well up on last year's end of August summer weight, Bob now has more hoodies then us lol 60's club hoodie being his first !

Wife Tash has had a go this week on swim 10 fishing on and off inbetween other things hot tub afternoon being one of them and there was no fishing Thursday because someone had a birthday !
What a week she has had new PBs for her as well Sid @ 51 lb 8 oz,Stallone @ 50 lb 8 oz,Tyla @ 46 lb 14 oz and a 37 lb 14 oz Boom ! She is now in the Archipelago lake 50's Club, hoodie.

Amazing second week Bob banked in total 20 x 40's 8 more then last year, 23 fish were over 40 lb wow ! he has set the bar very high for himself next year smashing all his pervious records from past years this holiday.
Bob's Total second week.
1 x 60  1 x 50 8 x 40's 3 x 30's 1 x 20  15 runs 14 fish.
Tash's Total second week.
2 x 50's 1 x 40 1 x 30. 4 runs 4 fish.
Fish average weight 41 lb 5 oz Bob, 46lb 3 oz Tash.
Total for holiday 1 x 60,4 x 50s,21 x 40s,6 x 30s,3 x 20s.

Other named fish this week were Nobby,Tash,Emily,Jenny,Sir Bob ll,three stripes,Buzz a few of these captures were first time out this season amazing where they hide up, we only had two repeats both 40's Tash caught one of them so it did not

Most the fish again came in the hours of darkness early morning a mixed bag of weather upto 34 degrees hot sunshine a storm one night with storm force winds and a couple of chilly nights.

Same baits as last week freshly cooked particles/pellet and Peachy Keen boilies made for us by @Tailsupbait and the other boilie of Bobs choice he brought with him.

Peachy Keen 18 other Boilie 0.

Blow back rig, Korda curve shank size 4,Jel-E-wyre,bare-bak hooklink doing it in silt brown and of course 1 m of tubing on lead clip system backleaded.

If your interested in catching some of our fish at there biggest weights some dates in October/ November are still available !
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16th August 2018

Sir Bob and Tash arrived a couple of days early for there yearly 2 weeks with us, lovely to catch up with them its been a year, a nice Chinese meal on Friday helped them chill out after the journey down #goodfriends.

Bob's started on swim 4 the norm and will probably move on at some point throughout the two weeks with us.

19 runs 17 fish this was Bobs best week with us since he first visited back in 2013 the quality just gets better every year, check out his other captures around the same time each year.

1 x 50, 12 x 40's, 2 x 30's, 2 x 20's.
Average weight 41.9.
No fishing wednesday shopping trip for Tash it was far too hot anyway.

As always Bob smashed it up a few named fish on the catch report Tyla,Small Scar,Small Tail,Broken Tail,Smudge the Common and William some good summer weights compared to last years there's going to be some lumps later in the season.

Most the fish came in the hours of darkness early morning nothing throughout the day which could have been put down to very hot sunshine temperatures upto 36 degrees on a couple.
Very little wind clear skies at night.

Our Peachy keen Boilie made for us by Tails Up Bait tripped them up over the same mix as always freshly cooked particles/pellet chops, Bob as always brings a different boilie to try just as a back up just what he fancies at the time.

Peachy keen 13 other boilie 3 and double peach wafters 1.

If your interested in catching some of our fish at there biggest weights some dates in October/ November are still available !
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Full balance is required on all dates now.

4th August 2018

We re back after a overdue summer break.
Individuals this week 6 anglers and a non fishing guest.
Dale, Dad John, Alan and partner Laura, all from Leicestershire area, Mark and son Toby and Local man Pete.
Fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and 11 various boilies being used mainline baits mainly some peachy keen also our pellet and particle.
With temperatures hitting 40 degrees and high pressure dominating most of the week it was always going to be a tough week,we had a very loud noisy storm one night with a tiny amount of rain.
Pete should have ended up top rod over on swim 11 with 9 runs but only landing 4 fish so it was then all about father/son Mark and Toby on swims 4/5 both being awarded hoodies Toby a 50's Mark a 60's and the new lake catfish title to his name The Pug ll being banked @ 82 lb 8 oz the smaller of the two pugs the other guys struggled but no one blanked.
They whole group ended up with 1 x 60 1 x 50 new 50 10 x 40 's 4 x 30's 1 x 25 lb stockie, was great to see Daisy out again this year up over 5 lb on last year's summer weight she's going to be a lump the back end of October/ November someone will get her at 70 +, three other named fish this week Jenny,Broken tail and Nobby, No Big Scale this year yet !
Average weight for the week 44 lb 2 oz not including the cat !
It was great to be back after a summer break and after reading the nice comments in the testimonial book everyone had a great week means a lot.
We have a rest week now before Sir Bob and Tash arrive on Thursday for there yearly 2 weeks with us.

If your interested in catching some of our fish at there biggest weights October is still available !
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