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1st June 2019

Individuals this week Nick,Dave,Neil and Local guy Pete also Tony who also lives local to us will be on Monday for a 48 hour session fishing swim 5.
Others Fishing swims 3,4,9 and 11,
Guys are using our particle,pellet peachy keen boilies dips wafters,pop ups.

Right where to start ?  so let's start with the weather we had 2 days at 35 degrees and another at 33 degrees lovely you say well not good for the fishing high pressure kept the fish off the bait, then it got fun the guys were confined to the bivvy's for 2 days with heavy rain over 75 mm in the first 24 hours followed by on Friday storm Miguel which took out all services until Tuesday the following week.

Now the fish let's start with Pete on swim 11 banking Charlie's shoulders @ 56 lb 14 oz and losing 3 other lumps over the week, Tony on swim 5 just for 48 hours banked a 36 lb common and lost at the net one of the big cats, Dave smashed his PB with a 44 lb mirror,Neil over on swim 9 banked a PB cat @ 28 lb he was over the moon this has now been removed from the main lake, but we were all made up for Nick late Friday night on swim 3 banking Stallone @ 54 lb new PB talk about leaving it late on a peachy keen bottom bait gluged in our dip tipped with corn.  

So all in all a crazy week which ended up good for everyone in the end all left us happy.

25th May 2019

Barry,Kevin,Mark and Dave from Essex and Kent,
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
Guys are using Cell boilies various pop ups wafters.

Spawning was still going on until early Saturday evening not as heavy as Thursday/Friday i thought they were done but am not so sure now the 2 big girls out are still carrying spawn which could be very interesting if Daisy shows her face again we could be seeing another lake record and our first 70,so last weeks session hadnt quite finished.

Very very quiet week lots of moody fish in the shallows probably eating eggs off the weed they laid a few days ago.

Swim 3 produced the most runs and fish all around the 30's mark and a 36 lb grass,Dave on swim 11 done his PB twice 52 and 55 lb 2 oz both named Rosie and William, sadly swims 5 and 9 this week didn't produce as mentioned above think most the fish stayed down in the shallows.

Weather was a changeable mixed bag of sun cloud getting warmer as the week went on different winds most days.

18th May 2019

New group this week from Maidstone area first time here.
Wayne,Nathan,John and Adam.
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.

All used our freshly cooked particles swims 9-11 using pellet
Various boilies the guys have brought with them DNA S7,Revolution boilie baits various pop ups from the same bait companies all the fish this week come off pop ups.

It was on the cards big fish were going to be out this week with the steady rise in water temperature I worked out the fish would spawn early hours Thursday and I was spot on.

Fish average was an amazing 51 lb 7 oz.
Everyone in the group banked a 50 + or more PBs were smashed.
We saw a few names out so old pictures were replaced on the wall of the clubhouse with new.
Starting with a new lake record Daisy 68 lb 2 oz caught by Nathan on swim 9,Charlie's shoulders 57 lb,Forest 54 lb hasn't been out for a long time tripped up by Adam,Tyla  51lb 12 oz also Adam, the elusive common Smugde first time out as a 50 @ 52 lb 8 oz she's been on the missing list for two years but Wayne tripped her up,Jenny again first timer as 50 @ 50 lb 4 oz John smashing his PB,another new 50 to the lake Jayden,Nobby out again but at his best 46 lb 2 oz a lovely 35 lb male scale perfect common off swim 5 for Adam.

Due to the heavy spawning Adam and John left Friday morning.

As always Thanks to Rob for some great pics #explorationcarpfishing and as always his help on the lake.

11th May 2019

Rest week for the fish and us we wish lol,but we will be back with a new group next week watch this space.

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Rob put a couple of rods out in the shallows Sunday morning over large bed of particles around 10 - 12 kgs few hours later a mint 38 lb on two pieces of maize,another cuck out Tuesday night 15 mins later a nice plump 33 lb 8 oz on the maize again this fish was spawned up.wednesday another cuck into the shallows 44 lb 6 oz and 34 lb 8 oz both fish very fired up very slimy not far away from spawning now these fish.
Very Strong north easterly wind pushing down to the house still which is with us until Thursday around 20 degrees well down on average temperatures, high pressure.

4th May 2019

These guys have been coming back to us since 2013,
Steve,Neil,Karl and Russ from Blackpool and London.

Steve was the old lake record holder catching Daisy for the first time over 63 lb back in 2017, Neil and Karl have also banked some lumps Mole and Katie included.
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
Guys used particle,pellet peachy keen and krill boilies.

What a difference first part of the week high pressure bites stopped fish were not showing, at night -1 temperatures hard frosts,water temperature dropped 4 degrees,wind from the north east so all negatives.

Luck wasnt on the guys side this year but after a complete change in weather mid week warmer, lower pressure ,wind from the south,rain a rise in water temperature,we still see two fish that have not been on the bank for a while Scar the common 49 lb 4 oz last time out October 2017 and it's been a year for Orangina 49 lb both at best weights and both being tripped up by Steve on swim 5 caught from the margin spot between swims 4-5 he also banked a couple of others.

Other side of the lake Russ was on swim 9 off the Daisy spot left it late into Friday catching Blondie out again up a pound 46 lb 4 oz,Karl banked himself a nice common now named Coup @ 44 lb off swim 11.
Average for week 43 lb 4 oz.

Always a pleasure meeting up with these guys who are now friends smiles and laughs to the end even after very hard tricky fishing conditions.

No more signs of spawning after last week in the blue lagoon the cooler weather has put pay to that male fish are ready milking heavy a rise in temperature will trigger them for sure.

27th April 2019

Returning family group the Jupp's Josh,Richard,Peter,Alex and Paul and son Nick all the way from Scotland,yep 6 this week fishing 2,4,5,9,10 and 11 with added pressure it was interesting to see how the fish would react.

Boilie peachy keen particle and pellet being used all using Baitboats.

Another great week 20 fish out including a new catfish lake record off swim 5 for Paul @ 86 lb 4 oz over the otherside new grass carp lake record for Alex swim 11 @ 54 lb.

5 X 50s 10 X 40's a 29 and 25 lb and 2 smaller carp that have grown on, average was 42 lb even with the smaller carp added,more names this week most at best weights starting with Ambler heavy scaled Male fish that hasn't been out for 2 seasons up 6 lb,Broken Tail,Small Tail,Tyla,Jess,Small Scar,Nobby,The Barrel,William and Adrien tripping up again.

Always a pleasure meeting up with these guys.

Weather again mixed bag some heavy rain but warm some cool nights but settled throughout the week.

20th April 2019

Well that's it our 2019 season kicks off exciting.
Darron,Dave,Nathaniel (aka) Rambo and James fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.

Peachy keen boilies,pellet and our freshly cooked particles more was cooked up mid week for them all,bait boats were used.

With the guys nicely spaced out it was always going to kick off with some lumps being banked and some PBS being smashed.
1 X 60 - 64 lb 4 X 50's 10 X 40's 9 X 30's, 9 named fish 2 newly named.

Firstly ive got to start with Charlie's shoulders a male fish that hasn't been out for 18 months coming in at its best weight up nearly 5 pounds @ 56 lb 6 oz how many times did this fish visit your spots and get away with it now Darrons new PB mirror.
Rambo smashed his PB on swim 5 with William @ 51 lb 10 oz and has also named a fish Adrien @ 46 lb made up,Darron also named a fish Solar 47 lb 10 oz,Dave smashed his PB with Stallone @ 55 lbs others were Sir Bob ll,Rosie,Tash all well up Blondie,Jenny and not forgetting the Big girl Daisy tripped up by James on swim 11 another PB already a massive 64 lb, from now until spawning someone could get lucky with a new lake record on the cards.
Fish Average for the group over the week 43 lb 5 oz Darron on swim 3 with the best 45 lb 2 oz followed by Dave 43.8, James 42.2 and Ram 41 lb.

It's a first for us awarding every group member with a 50's/60's club hoodie amazing work on what was a hard weeks fishing.

Apart from meeting Darron a few years ago the other guys were all new to the lake and I must say there fish care and respect of our property was second to none it was a pleasure to have you all here.

Weather was a mixed bag throughout the week sunshine, cold nights and some stormy conditions with added rain especially during pick up time on Saturday.

12th April 2019

Rob's been on the rods this week inbetween doing jobs around the lake, it had been very hard with a strong chilly northerly wind blowing down the lake holding the fish away from Rob in the shallows but the wind turned around bringing the fish with it temperatures have risen to low 20's.
1 am alarm call Friday banked Rob his new PB The Mole @ 61 lb 4 oz,another 60 to the lake and a well earned 60's club hoodie awarded, then this evening around 11 pm same mark as before a 37 lb, after a hard frost Saturday morning 7 am ish one toner off the Daisy spot Rob's heart must have been going produced one of her body guards the near leather Marly well up in weight 48 lb 4 oz Sunday morning saw another to the bank a stockie from 2 winters ago @ 30 lb,Tuesday morning another 2 to the bank 38 lb 4 oz and another bodyguard off the Daisy spot the Thumbprint common @ 34 lb 8 oz the afternoon saw another @ 32 lb which has brought down his average weight to 40 lb 6 oz,all fish were caught on peachy keen topped with fake corn on blow back rigs.

11th April 2019

Today Tank aka Big Dog lost his short fight with cancer he will be greatly missed on the fishery and was loved by everyone who met him.
Minnie his sister will miss him greatly they we're inseparable Gizmo the pug only cares about food lol.

RIP Big   Tank Sutton    25/6/2012 - 11/4/2019

Mummy and Daddy love you.