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9th June 2018

We have just released out first individual booking week for next season which is 1st June 2019. This is based on a total of 5 anglers on a food package deal only. The total price per angler is 400 GBP (100 GBP deposit per person to secure) 3 spaces left.
These spaces cannot be booked on our website so please email/message us.

For all other bookings click on your date you want on our availability page and follow the simple booking form direct with us.

More individual dates will be released later this year.

2nd June 2018

We have Jamie Bellhouse  ( Nash Consultant) photography
this week filming and doing some promo work,hopefully he can trip a few big girls up and get some wicked footage.
Starting on swim 12 but he will be moving about it would have been silly not to have started on their.
It was a Beautiful evening for him to set up but it was getting stormy which will be off and on over the week.
Well Jamie decided to move late Sunday onto swim 11 after fish had been showing and it paid off 32 lb 8 oz mirror early doors another move onto swim 1 after fish were showing also paid off Tuesday morning two takes one fish Orangina 44 lb 4 oz both on singles seems they are being very wary of beds of bait.
Jamie moved again Wednesday onto swim 8 and look what's happened new PB mirror oh yes Daisy is out finally 57 lb 2 oz on Nash baits scopex squid pop up on a Ronnie rig he also had 34,14 and a 31 lb all off swim 8 the big girl was off the Dasiy spot she was totally spawned out down over 10 lbs which is great she can only get bigger throughout the summer months and will be on everyones radar who are coming to us in October/November 50s club hoodie awarded, oh I forgot I fished swim 5 Wednesday night first time on the Ronnie rig banked a 38 lb.

Sadly Jamie had to leave one day early, but we had a fantastic week and was great to see Daisy out.  A great great guy and a true Gent.

26th May 2018

Group of 7 this week but only 6 fishing from north/south London,Kent and March Cambridgeshire, Mark,Tony,Josh,Cliff,Dave,Frazer and Ricky.
Fishing swims 2,3,4,5,9,11 Tony moved to 8 then 12 and Marks come off swim 5 and fishing inbetween 1 and the end of the lake in the shallows.
Guys are using our pellet/particle no lake boilies this week guys are using there own.
Two swims produced on the first night swims 2 and 11 32 & 40 lb mirrors Ricky and Frazer since then we had several fish out during the week mainly male fish upto high 30's only coming from the shallow end swims Tony banked the most on swim 12 Ricky had a couple more on swim 2 fishing into swim 1.
This has been another mega hard week fish are sticking to the shallows in the weedy area after all the heavy rain this week it's kept them there.
The weather was so bad most of the week Storms battered us for most of it, on Wednesday flash flooding a first for us.
Lovely group of guys hopefully they will return another day.

19th May 2018

Rest week for the fish and family over.
Also we can get some work done around the lake before next weeks group of 7 arrives.
Monday we had a massive storm flooding storm force winds which caused a power cut and loss of Internet which hopefully should be back on by end of the week lol well won't hold my breathe on that one.
Tuesday has been 30 degrees again just like yesterday storm again no rain or wind this time but I've noticed around the lake the carp are spawning and have destroyed the weed beds in the shallows again hopefully with a strong wind I can rake the floaters out.
Hot again tomorrow with storms again.

12th May 2018

Group of 5 this week from Essex and Kent,Kevin and Barry.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 11 using particle,pellet cell boilies peachy keen boilies.
This changeover goes down as one to remember over 30 degrees Friday,Saturday torrential rain from the off the guys arrived early but we didn't get them on until the evening because of the rain, the fish were still spawning anyway.
Spawning carried on until around Tuesday most the fish caughtt this week were males.
Kevin on swim 11 had commons @ 43 and 39 lb, Barry on swim 9 had the biggest fish of the week @ 46 lb and a common @ 37 lb both off the Daisy Spot still no Daisy !
Other fish were caught @ 44,37 and the guys had 2 x stockies @ 25 and 28 lb.
The weather cleared up towards the end of the week and was nice and sunny temperatures in the mid 20's.
Barry and Kevin will be returning in 2019 they were just out with timing on the spawning this week.

5th May 2018

Individuals this week 2 Vikings regulars here for many years Rene and Michael from Denmark and also Petes back from last year who lives over here local to us.
Fishing swims 4,9 and 10 and I will be fishing on swim 3 in between jobs trying to help move the fish about.
First part of the week upto Tuesday nothing very quiet no feeding patterns, very hot weather into the 30's has started the blue lagoon into spawning and the house stock followed by the main lake in the early hours of Friday.
2 am Wednesday and I was in catching H at her best weight up nearly 3 lbs 45 lb 2 oz swim 3 on our peachy keen boilie finally !
Pete was also in Wednesday morning just before breakfast double take Tash @ 44 lb 8 oz and 36 lb 2 oz swim 4 on peachy keen and maize on the other side of the lake around the same time as my fish Michael also banked a 45 lb mirror.
I got back down the lake around 20.30 Thursday evening by 21.30 William graced the bank @ 54 lb over the moon swim 3 I fished over 4 kgs of bait and she was caught on peachy keen topped with a 10 mm wafter dumbell.
The Vikings decided to reel in Friday morning and go home because of the heavy spawning Pete stayed on fishing the blue lagoon.
Hopefully we can now move on with the season they so needed to spawn as I've been saying no feeding patterns and when they did feed big gaps in between.

28th April 2018

Cancellation which we were unable to fill this week so it will be used to do some work around the lake.
Much cooler so the spawning from last week has stopped so the bigger girls will be waiting for temperatures to rise again.
Showery today with storms forecasted tonight and tomorrow with some flooding.
Fish are being fed daily until anglers are back on pellet/Maize/Boilies.
The fish will be fed also when anglers are on if we consider not enough bait is going in regularly.

21st April 2018

This was a rest week so we took the opportunity and was lucky enough to have Rob Hughes and Terry Smith from Euro Carp Tours and Rich a friend of Terry's here for couple of days, doing some filming and promo work for us. It was a very hot day when they arrived 31 degrees, a quiet first night but Rob banked a named fish Nobby early Sunday morning fishing off swim 8 @ 41 lb.  Some of the smaller stocked fish showed signs of spawning and on Sunday afternoon some of the bigger fish. Rich fished off swim 3 and also fished a few out of the Blue lagoon one mirror was around 25 lb so I moved over to main lake to grow on he also done his PB tripping up Jenny @. 47 lb 4 oz fishing right hand rod down into swim 2.
Many thanks to Terry for sorting this and thank you Rob your a Gent.

14th April 2018

Returning guests this week Josh,Richard,Paul and Alex from Northants area, fishing swims 4,5,9 and 11.
Bait being used is our PRF boilie pellet/particle bait boats being used.
After last weeks very quiet spell we hoping that this weeks warm weather will raise the water temperature and the carp will finally get on the bait and stop eating naturals.

Finally we have a fish out Buzz ! swim 11 Alex 24 lb 8 oz on single banoffee wafter this fish was stocked back in mid November from the Blue Lagoon @ 20 lb because of its shape good decision me thinks 👍🏻 a grower 🐳 Another one for Alex Wednesday morning 37 lb 8 oz on PRF boilie topped with a banoffee hi viz wafter still waiting on the big girls to get on the bait. Josh was down in swim 1 for the day Wedsnesday in the shallows 27 degrees.
Bam ! The moves paid off Josh swim 1 Small Scar best weight 54 lb 4 oz on PRF boilies tipped with hi viz 50's club hoodie awarded.Josh was back on swim 9 wednesday night,Thursday morning banked Blondie her best weight 46 lb 10 oz on yep PRF with hi viz topper fish have started spawning in house stock which is great we hand picked these back in November some new others from blue lagoon very exciting. Alex flew home Thursday and Josh was off his rods for most of today Dad Richard is jumping on swim 1 so hopefully a few more will grace the bank already in the mid 20's think we will beat yesterday's 28.5 degrees. Again its paid off for Richard this time tripping up Big Al on our PRF boilie topped with hi viz @ 46 lb 2 oz swim 1