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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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9th April 2019

Overnight session produced a nice 50 lb common for regular angler Richard who is staying with family in mezieres a couple of Kms from us, Our first fish out on Peachy Keen Pink boilie tipped with fake corn,the pink is on test.
Richard was fishing swim 10 pushing down the lake towards swim 11 on a mark half a rod length of the island blow back rig over a couple of hand fulls of peachy keen freebies.
Richard returns in a couple weeks for his yearly group trip with us.

15th March 2019

Well that was great first fish of 2019 local guy Pete fished a 24 hour session and banked Jenny @ her best weight 49 lb 4 oz on swim 4 on our very own peachykeen bottom bait.

It's been a very mild and dry winter going into spring the fish have been very active more on the sunniest days water temperatures are good so we inturduced pellet much earlier this year with boilies being added more and more.

I've had major surgery back in early January nearly 9 weeks on I am still on the mend but getting stronger every day that's why I havnt had the rods out as normal but watch this space lol.

3rd November 2018

Last group of the year,
Josh and Dad Richard on swims 3 and 4,Alex and Rex arrived Sunday afternoon they were on swims 5 and 10.
Alex returned home Wednesday afternoon, Rex moved to swim 8 from 10 Wednesday evening then onto swim 11 on Thursday evening which did pay off for him with a new PB after we put him on the marks.

It's always a pleasure to see these guys always a few laughs throughout the week.

Over the seasons they have fished here with us they have always hit it wrong on timing but this time they all had a good session PB's for Alex The Mole 59,4, Josh Stallone 57.2 and Rex Split Tail 51.4.

Josh also had another 50 Tyla @ 50 lb 6 oz and two double takes with Dad Richard on the swim next to him priceless.
20 fish in total resulting in 4 X 50's 11 X 40's 5 X 30's.
11 named fish some of these at there best weights.
Swim 4 fished the best and all fish were caught on our very own peachy keen boilie over freshly cooked particles.

We had a mixed bag of weather very mild ending with rain on the Saturday.

See you guys in April ! Maybe not Richard if his transformation into a fish takes place after being sprayed on two occasions with fish milk into a open wound lol. What a laugh that was !

27th October 2018

Rob and little Jaks are on swim 3 this week until our last group of 2018 arrive next Saturday.
Particles/pellet and peachy keen boilies being used with ur range of pop ups and wafters.
Robs helping me out throughout the week but will be fishing at night and whenever he can in the day.

Chilly first night heatings on !
Updates as always as it happens.

20th October 2018

This week we have Sir Bob back over with Ashley,
Rob and jaks are also still here until mid November he will be helping me out until our last group leave us the week after next.
Guys are only fishing the nights because they are working on our house during the day.
Fishing swims 3,5 and 9 bait being used the usual freshly cooked particle,pellet and our peachy keen boilies/wafters/pop ups.

After last week it was going to be interesting what Bob/Rob/Ash can pull out the hat.

Well didn't take too long Monday 3.30 am Sir Bob's off the mark swim 9 on the Daisy spot William @ 49 lb 14 oz on the old faithful peachy keen boilie bottom bait with a wafter pac man style.

Rob done his PB on Friday morning 6 am Small Scar best weight 57 lb 8 oz off swim 3 fishing right hand rod down into swim 1 on a small pink pop up cold morning very foggy and another fish Saturday morning around the same time Jess @ her best weight 49 lb believe it or not she has come out a year to the day where has she been hiding all year gaining nearly 5 lbs this season tripped up on peachy keen snowman.

Weather started warm very windy ending up very cold,damp and foggy.

it was slower then sir Bob's normal hauling time these guys finished dinner and got on the rods it was dark and they were back working early every morning so lots of bite times missed.

A Big Thank you Bob,Ashley and Rob for what is a amazing transformation of the inside of our house this will help us get around my forth coming surgery and help my recovery.

13th October 2018

Group of 6 guys this week from Merseyside area.
Dave,John,Keith,Brain,Danny and Ben.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10 and 11.
Some of our fresh particles/pellet being used and all there own boilie baits, towards the end of the week some peachy keen was being used.

Well to my surprise this week turned out to be very hard going I was expecting them to have it right off but the fish werent having it.
The weather played a big part in it very strong gusty winds from the start from the south which then turned itself around to the end of the week, high temperatures into the mid 20's sunshine blue skies a right mixed bag to say the least.
Only one swim produced fish Ben on swim 3 fishing his right hand rod down into swim 1 on my advance banked himself 3 PB's a common, 43,8 and 61,12 mirrors yep the big girl was out again on our peachy keen wafters.
So Daisy has now showed her face 5 times this year madness still a lot of fish nowhere to be seen this year.
Great bunch of lads they were made up when Ben joined the 60's club and was awarded one of our hoodies.

1st October 2018

We have Rob and little Jax over for the next month from Monday.
Rob will be fishing from mid week and helping me out with some jobs around the lake the list has grown lol
It's been very hard week on the lake Rob's only banked the one fish Emily @ 45 lb 2 oz swim 5 on a Ronnie rig small pop up.
Saturday night was a horrible night to be out fishing strong winds and heavy rain yes rain ! First proper rain since May not enough to bring the levels up this year we are down now 18 inches the worst I've know it in 9 years that's on all lakes main,blue and house stock..

As always updates as they happen.

Follow Rob on see how he gets on one target fish is The Big Scale a capture of Robs from a couple of seasons ago.

22nd September 2018

We are back after a 2 week break, group of 7 guys on the lake all from the Bolton area only 6 are fishing.
Andy,Adam,Rob,Connor,Keith,Rod and Stuart.
Guys are on swims and 11 baits being used are peachy keen boilies,freshly cooked particles,pellet.

I was feeling very positive about this week water temperature had dropped yet again with the fresh northerly wind blowing on it most of the week, so the fish should have been on the munch I knew we should see some lumps out all over the lake would The Big Scale show his face ? No !  Will some of the other fish what havnt graced the bank this year also show up ? Yes of course.  
What was I saying lol read on

Its been no means an easy week some of the guys have been done at night aborted runs etc
But besides this we have seen some nice fish starting with group organiser Andy on swim 5 very exciting this The Mole 8 oz off the 60 @ 59 lb 8 oz new Pb mirror and another @50 lb Forest, Stuart over on swim 11 has banked a few names William 47,Marley 45,Broken Tail 44, Rod on swim 3 also a couple of names Blondie 41.10, The Barrel 42.5, and another at 35 lb, Adam left a new Pb very late on Friday with Big Al at 44 lb 8 oz and a 32 lb mid week.
Average weight 45,5.
Weather has been a mixed bag strong north westerly then light south westerly some light rain and lots of sunshine hitting just under 30 degrees one day.

Great bunch of lads which come good in the end.

15th September 2018

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