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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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9th April 2022

We welcome back John and Dale but sadly half the group couldnt make it this time around.  

Fishing swim 4 and 9.

Nothing first couple of nights very cold with hard ground frosts, monday saw first fish on the bank for John on swim 9 tripping up William @ 56 lb on a Archiepeachy white bottom bait !
Tuesday morning Dale swim 4 got off the mark with Oddbod @ 40 lb 2 oz,
Wednesday morning Dale with Scales @ 30 lb an up and coming one of our own, then swim 9 come alive with John smashing his PB again with Amy stacking the weight on 59 lb 2 oz on Archiepeachy white bottom bait again the guys also had a couple of stockies both were scanned and new weights updated in our records.

Weather was much better this week with temperatures 22-24 degrees water temperature rose quickly throughout the week.

2nd April 2022

This week is individuals,
Simon, Dad Peter, Nick and Dave are fishing swims 4,5,9 and 10.
Guys are using Archiepeachy Red/White with pellet.

It took until Thursday morning to get this weeks first fish on the bank Simon 49 lb 13 oz swim 10 a unknown common now named Abby, Friday Simon again on swim 10 Charlies Shoulders @ 60 lb 3 oz followed by a 28 lb 5 oz stockie.

Weather proper cold minus temperatures at night -  5 Monday a cold Northerly snow showers, sunshine, heavy constant rain and gales they had it all this week, storm come in from south west for friday afternoon/evening was a bad one lots of trees down and tiding up to do Saturday morning !

Hats off to these guys they all stuck with it even with some on a blank terrible conditions to fish in, We will see Simon and Peter in August and hopefully see the other Peter who sadly had to drop out this time at the last minute.

26th March 2022

We had Sir Bob on this week to kick off the 2022 season,
The weather was a mixed bag for him high pressure for first part dropping off midweek changeable winds showers/rain/sunshine and not for getting minus temperatures and snow !

Bobs fished swim 9 having a good possibility of tripping up the big girl up. Going into Monday morning he had 3 stripes a fish thats been on the missing list for some time up in weight by over 6 lbs also a up and coming common @ 49 lb 4 oz, it was very quiet over the mid week period, Then tripping up a 42 lb 2 oz then onto Thursday morning the Barrel showed up @ its best 53 lb 4 oz, finishing off with Clover @ 40 lb 14 oz so not a bad week considing the weather also banking a couple of stockies, Bob used Archiepeachy Red/white with pellet crumb and chops,baits were topped off with pink pop ups.

5th March 2022

Spencer is over for a quick 24 hour session fishing swim 5.

Didnt take long for the first fish @ 34 lb 8 oz, nothing through the night then William come along @ 54 lb 10 oz then Two faces the Ghostie @ its best weight @ 38 lb 9 oz all taken on pink pop ups fishing over Archiepeachy White/Red boilie crumb.

Weather is warmer water temp 11 degrees pressure is around 1017 settled.

26th February 2022

George was over with us for a quick 48 hours.

The weather was warmer and looked spot on for him water temperature around 10 degrees a very light southerly ticks all the boxes.

Nothing first night but tripped up Adrien @ 50 lb 8 oz the following morning a best weight for this fish and a PB for George and his first 50, he was fishing over Archiepeachy red and white with a pink pop up.

4th February 2022

Pete was over for a few nights with his sights set on a 50 lb plus common, conditions werent the best for him,
Frosty nights, changeable winds, ice cold water temperatures after only just having the ice melted off the lake.
But along come Smudge clean as a whistle tripping up on a Archiepeachy snowman topped with Pink, a new PB,
@ 55 lb 2 oz fishing off swim 4 !

6th November 2021

We had our regular family group this week The Jupps, Our last group of 2021 !

Nick, Josh, Paul, Richard and Alex.

Fishing swims 2, 4, 5, 9 and 10.

Using Archiepeachy Red and white our pellet, Paul and Nick are using Bait boats others are casting.

It was always going to be slow frosty nights north easterly winds and very high pressure the lake had shut down.

But Paul on swim 10 had a double take Tuesday morning losing the first but Ellen then netted the second for him resulting in a new PB and first time as a 60 Sid @ 60 lb 4 oz caught on a Archiepeachy redfish, Later in the afternoon Nick also swim 10 tripped up Stallone best weight again and first time a 60 @ 61 lb 2 oz swim 10 was on fire !

Then in the early hours Wednesday Josh tripped up Ambler at a best weight of 46 lb 2 oz swim 4 on Archiepeachy white bottom bait !

Alex, Paul and nick had to leave early so it just left Josh and Dad Richard who were also leaving early.

Then would you believe it but as they were getting ready to go Friday afternoon Richard tripped up Stallone @ a 2 oz better weight then nephew Nick 61 lb 4 oz amazing, never have we given 3 x 60s club hoodies away in the same week looks like it could be things to come, Watch out everyone next year !

30th October 2021

Hi Guys, this week we have 4 lads from Hertfordshire area, Dan, Darren, Ian and Dan.

Fishing swims 4,5,9 and 11.
Guys are all casting and spodding no bait boats this week.

Using Archiepeachy red/white boilies glugs and pop ups with pellet.

Going to be a blustery week showers with sunshine blowing from a south westerly direction but warm.

23rd October 2021

Hi guys, Sir Bob was on this week with the lake exclusively to

Bob Fished swim 9, used pellet Archiepeachy white/Red

Well this week didnt go to plan finding the fish was very hard some Nights it was quiet other nights some topping not much for bob to go on in the day,
A southerly wind blew hard down the lake for most of the week making the corner of swim 9 look like you could walk over it covered in millions of leaves.

But as hard as it was Bob managed a couple of stockies mint commons and finally one of the A team H @ 50 lb 2 oz first time at over 50 Just on a Archiepeachy White snowman !
Last evening tripped up chunky lumpy @ 39 lb 14 oz !

Still gutted I was rushed to hospital on the Friday lunchtime just before he arrived so i missed out sitting down the lake with him this year but I got out of hospital after being in for nearly a week earlier then we thought so I got to photograph and see H on the bank.

Bobs all booked up and am fishing with him in March cant wait Ive still got my new bivvy to try out its still in the box !