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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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18th April 2017

Swim 12 36 lb mirror

17th April 2017

Common out last night early hours @ 36 lb 8 oz

15th April 2017

New group of guys on this week from Manchester,Stoke and Portsmouth areas,
Kev,Del,Jon,James,Dave and Micky.
Fishing swims 1,3,5,9,11,12 James moved to swim 2 from 9 on Thursday.
It was ever going to be easy for the guys fish were still spawning when they arrived changeable weather throughout the week with a very strong biting north easterly wind for 3 days dropping the water temperature with night time temperatures down to -3 sharp frosts the odds were stacked against them.
To be honest they done better then I thought everyone had fish James done his PB 3 times with a 31 40.8  51.8 new 50 to the lake named Forest and Jenny @ 44 lb 8 oz also Micky on swim 12 done his PB @ 36 lb,Kev done 2 x mid 30's to 36 lb 8 oz,Dave 36 lb 8 oz common,Del 33 lb 8 oz mirror and group organiser Jon wanted one of the bigger commons banked 2 one Being Stretch the common @ 40 lb 8 oz not one he wanted but lovely in its own right.
Guys gave the blue lagoon a go but was also very quiet banking several mid double commons and mirrors.
For us it just gets better another new 50 to the lake making the number of known 50's to 14 with lots more fish unseen this season.
Great group of guys everyday gave 100%.
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13th April 2017

45 lb 8 oz mirror out this morning swim 9

13th April 2017

Another new 50 out this morning swim 3 @ 51 lb 8 oz

13th April 2017

Smudge is out excellent weight gain 49 lb 8 oz

12th April 2017

Fish started spawning this morning after the very warm weather end of last week raised the water temperature upto 22-23 degrees which has triggered them

12th April 2017

49 lb 8 oz common out swim 12

12th April 2017

46 lb 4 oz mirror swim 1