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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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10th April 2017

44 lb Bar of Gold swim 11

8th April 2017

Into their second week now.
Karl on 3,Justin on 5, Steve on 9 and Neil on 11,
All fishing same baits with new fresh particle.
Going to be sad to see these guys go home only Steve and Neil fishing the last night fish were spawning most of the week,an average of 42.8 lb total fish 30 from 24 lb to 63 lb 10 oz they were as follows 5 x mid 20's all stockies from this year only 3 x 30's  16 x 40's 2 of these were 49 lb 8 oz, 5 x 50's 4 of these new 50's only The Mole @ 57 lb was an original and of course not forgetting Daisy @ 63 lb 10 oz they are all made up is an under statement 😃 for me one of the best fish out this week was The Perfect Common !
Weather was very warm sun cloud clear nights.
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8th April 2017

William is out 51 lb 8 oz up over an incredible 8 lb another new 50 to the lake

5th April 2017

New Lake Record Daisy @ 63 lb 10 oz up nearly 6 lb Boom !

1st April 2017

Yes we are back starting this week with our winners of our like and share event they also have booked the week after aswell they love it !
Steve,Neil,Justin and Karl from the Blackpool area and London, fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
Bait being used is our lake blend particle,pellet and lake boilie PRF made for us exclusively by Tails Up Bait and some mainline Cell boilies.
Going to be a very interesting couple of weeks bring on the lumps.
Well Steve finished his epic week off with a new 50 to the lake William @ 51 lb 8 oz up an incredible 8 lb since her last capture also Daisy @ 63 lb 10 oz new lake record,Nobby @ 43 lb also up in weight and a stockie,the others also bagged another 7 x 40's between them The Barrel and Brokentail and a newly named fish Emily all showing good growth especially The Barrel one to what out for now,Karl bagged one mid 30 also several stockies between them all.
Weather was very changeable mid week saw a very chilly northerly wind which the fish didn't like,water temperature was on the up but was stopped by the wind and not forgetting the very annoying Tadpoles !
Me and Ellen and the guys are very  pleased with our first week back after our break.
25% OFF all booking prices during the 2017 Season
Rebook again in 2018 and receive 10% OFF 2018 Season booking price.
OFFER ENDS OCTOBER 31st 2017 - Terms & Conditions Apply.
Come on guys these fish need to be caught.

3rd March 2017

It's been a while since writing up catch reports, what with all the work going on over the past 18 months it has been nice to get a few rods out on a couple of afternoons, inbetween jobs.

Everything is coming together now, freezers are full with our lake boilie PRF, new bait boats ready for hire and some new fresh virgin stock for the blue lagoon and main lake upto 14 kgs, all ready for our first groups on.  The lake record will be broken in the first couple of weeks for some lucky angler with one fish not seen for over a year now, she is going to be well into the 60's as we already know.  

Water temperatures are rising everyday now around 11 - 12 degrees, weather has been unsettled and like you guys in England we have had our fair share of wind.  So it was good to see some fish on the bank 48 lb 12, 45 lb 8,  45 lb,  53 lb 4 and one of the new stock 29 lb 14 oz not a bad average !
Me and Ellen hope to see you guys soon.

15th October 2016

Brother in law Jay and Noddy John here for there annual fishing competition,using particle,pellet some mainline pop ups and boilies from mad baits.
Great start for Jay a new 50 to the lake now named Stallone because of the sly take nailed on essential cell wafter.
Mild day 22 degrees sun cloud.

20th May 2016

We were pleased to see Robert this week for a very short stop over on his way back from a fishing trip in Itay,we are closed for the whole of 2016 for improvements but we make exceptions for guys who have helped out on the fishery ie drain down 2015.
Rob fished swim 9 for just over 24 hours and banked a new pb The Big Scale one of the a team @ 54 lb 2 oz nailed on our Tails up boilie PRF topped with milky toffee pop up.
The weather was shocking with very bad storm but he was made up and is always welcome here anytime !

17th October 2015

A time now to reflect on 2015 and to see if the removal of the fish last year was worth it me and Ellen are pleased with the results and can't wait for the future years to come, gone have the huge boring catch reports of 70,80,90 and even 100 + fish in a week most of these were 20's and low 30's which we all know you can catch all over England now,there are less fish being caught but better quality the truths here in the final results and we are happier not being a runs water.
8 x different 50's were caught a first for us overall totals were,
32 x 50's, 147 x 40's, 121 x 30's and only 50 x 20's.

Me and Ellen would like to thank everyone who visited us this year and hope many dreams come true for you guys.

See you all in 2017 !