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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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8th August 2015

Returning group to us this week who have returned for the third time from the Reading.
Alan,Margin Mark,Andy,Ernie and new this year Ashley fishing swims 4,5,9,10 and 11.
Baits being used are our peachy keen and PRF boilie,particle and pellet various pop ups.

This week was still very hard fishing swim 11 didn't produce any fish,lots of fish feeding heavily on naturals in the silt untouchable hopefully the numbers of naturals should be less and less from week to week now,one fish caught was up 3 lb so could this be a sign.
Alan group leader banked 3 x 40's throughout the week on swim 5,but twice Top rod has done it again and made it 3 out of 3.
The group finished up with 1 x 50 - 52 lb 14 oz Amber, 6 x 40's - 44 lb 2 oz Small Scar up 3 lb, 4 x 30's - 39 lb 10 oz, 2 x 20's.
Margin Mark caught Amber the Common new PB swim 4 and claimed the Top rod again Top swim 4,Top bait Peachy Keen.

Weather another very hot week with temperatures hitting 37 degrees finishing the week with a very wet last 24 hours plenty of rain and cooler temperatures very blustery.
Water temperature was up and down all week ending up with 22 degrees.

1st August 2015

Start of Bob and Tash's second week.
Bob's finished the second week with better fish 48, 39,2 41,12 33,12 26,8 43,10 41,12, 29,15, 42,13, 43,15, 35,14, 36,15, 36,12, 41,2, 43,12, 32,2, and finished with a lovely 39,15 common,4 named fish Charlie's Shoulders,Barrel,Broken Tail and Small Scar the biggest dropper of weight this season over 7 lb thanks heat wave !
Total for his holiday was 1 x 50 The Mole, 12 x 40's - 48 lb Charlie's Shoulders, 13 x 30's - 39 lb 15 oz, 3 x 20's - 29 lb 15 oz, 2 cats - 48 lb 8 oz,
Only four fish were caugh at night,fish average was better then last year up 2 lb to 37 lb 9 oz.
Top Bait was Suttons Peachy Keen,Top swim 4,best rig was blow back rig.

Bob's all booked in for 2 weeks next year on the stocky that's going to be mad !

He keeps his title Sir Bob for sure,hats off to him,top bloke great angling like we said last year he always sharpens his hooks every time he recasts that's why he only lost the one fish over the 2 weeks.

Going to miss Bob and Tash they have become good friends to me and Ellen over the years.

Weather this week was hot again up to 39 degrees still no sign of any decent rain coming so the drought goes on !

Water temperature has slowly gone up this week now at 24 degrees since the rise in temperature the fish have slowed up Friday being his quietest.

One Pump is still running and will stay on Because of the hotter weather  again this week.

25th July 2015

Returning to us for the third time and with us again for 2 weeks its Bob aka Sir Bob and wife Tash from Surrey.
Starting off on swim 4 Moved to swim 10 at one point and moved back onto swim 4 Thursday.
Everyone who reads our catch reports will know how well Bob done last year catching many Big names in his haul,weather conditions were a lot different last year daytime temperatures in the mid 20's,cooler water temperatures,wetter,lower pressure,water levels were higher and we wont in a drought,so going into his first week temperatures were a lot lower even two nights temperatures dropped down to 8.1 degrees coldest since April water temperature over the week dropped right down now reading at 19.5 degrees down the dam end on Saturday morning.
It's was a steady week for Bob with a good mixed bag tripping up The Mole one day on the same bait And set up as last year @ 50 lb heavier then when he nailed him last year by nearly a couple of pounds,also a surprise Cat @ 48 lb 8 oz and only the one common @ 30 lb 14 oz.
Bob finished up with 1 x 50 4 x 40's 6 x 30's 1 x 20 and also a couple of cats to 48 lb 8 oz.
Top swim was 4, Top Bait was Suttons peachy keen boilie soaked in Peach Goo tipped with corn over our pellet,particle and our crushed up PRF boilie same as last year.

Weather was sun cloud most of the week some days was gusty with a little overnight rain which did nothing for the lake or streams,temperatures got upto just over 30 degrees.

Water temperature dropped fast over the week down to gusty winds cooler days and chilly nights 19.5 degrees.

One Pump is still running and will stay on just for now.

18th July 2015

It's that time of year again the ruffians from our home town Epping, Essex Shut up! Ellen's brother Jay and noddy John with special guest Holly John's daughter competing for their Noddy trophy, who will claim the title this year?  Fishing swims 9 and 10 and on the last night Jays on 7 and Johns on 4.  Baits being used are particle, pellet, Sutton's peachy keen boilies, Hybrid boilies with various pop ups.  John on swim 10 was off the mark first 30 lb 4 oz mirror also others @ 37, 26,8, 38,4, 35 lb and a new PB cat @ 57 lb 8 oz all on peachy keen boilie tipped with a white topper snowman style. John also lost a few this year not good during the week.  Jay swim 9 has also had a few hook pulls,banked a 35,8, 32,2, 38,4, 24,11, 7 and a 40 lb 8 oz all on Suttons peachy keen boilie tipped with corn,think the truths in the pudding there.

It's been very tough on the lake with temperatures hitting 37 degrees again Tuesday blazing sunshine and with only 2 of them on no pressure on one side of the lake it was always going to be difficult, but choice of bait worked for them for sure.  Me I didn't fish with them this year with the very hard conditions on the lake and lots of other work to be getting on with on the stock lake it will have to be another time.

John had the better fish average but the guys settle the trophy with the biggest fish and that went to Jay this year 2015 winner with the only 40 of the week.  So Top Rod goes to Jay Top swim 9 and Top Bait was our very own Sutton's Peachy Keen.

The weather was hot all week blazing sunshine mainly mid 30's all week up-to 37 degrees Tuesday.
Water temperature dropped off to 25 degrees mainly down to the gusty winds throughout the week.
Miss you guys already but wont be long and your be back here again next year before you know it and boy what a competition that's going to be fishing the newly face lifted stocky with all our big girls in there while the main lake gets a face lift its self!

11th July 2015

New group to us this week,Lee,Steve,Darren,Andy,Justin and Tom.Fishing same as last week 3,4,5,8,10 and 11.
Particle and pellet being used with various pop ups.
Some sad news this week Sir Bob has finally popped up after over a year of playing up when caught it all started with him after being snagged last year me and Ellen have given this fish alot of time and moving him at one point to the stock lake to help him,RIP Sir bob.
It's going to be a catch report about the weather more then fish being banked,let's start with the fish only the one fish was banked coming off swim 3 Tom's new PB 46 lb caught on a cream boilie pop up,now the weather well it's now officially a drought here after only a little rain over the last 3 months,average temperatures last week were 36 degrees and one day hit 41.3 degrees in the shade blazing sunshine the hardest conditions on the lake since we have owned it water temperatures are very high hitting 30 degrees some days with no sign of any big change yet,the lake is now down 14 inches on winter levels really need some rain now !
Fish still seem happy feeding heavy on naturals when they want it apart from that it's very hard to get them to pick anything else up .
Great bunch of guys who really tried everything and hopefully will return to us to one day to settle a few scores.

4th July 2015

Great bunch of lads from Newark,The 2 Matts,Carl,Andy,Gary, and Dave,fishing swims 3,4,5,8,10 and 11.
Baits being used are particle,pellet,various boilie baits Impulse chopped banana and tiger nut,bait works monster red,premonition baits liver, and a few others.
Very hard conditions on the lake again this week very high temperatures,fish have been on naturals all week not picking boilies up only a few fish banked only 2 x 40's up to 40 lb 8 oz which come off swim 11 on a pink pop up tipped with corn,Matt on swim 11 finished best off for the week.
Hats off to the guys they stuck at it trying different methods and baits throughout but they couldn't get the fish to pick up what they were offering just a quick take to find the fish had dropped it that was the story of the week.
Weather was blazing sunshine again temperatures up to 36.8 degrees through the week one cooler evening produced 3 fish.
Water temperature dropped off after the cool evening to 25 degrees.

27th June 2015

A returning group who have visited a number of times, but unfortunately due to their lack of respect to our property and the disgraceful state they kept and left the lodge in, will not be coming back.
It was an interesting one this week with a heat wave some swims produced in the heat and others didn't just the odd rogue fish caught.  Only 8 fish were banked up to 44 lb which came off swim 3 before the heatwave had kicked in on the first night they arrived.  We don't normally like having to report on people blanking on the lake but this week is an exception and we had 3 guys on a blank.
Weather throughout the week blazing sunshine temperatures up to 40 degrees.
Water temperature hit 30 degrees Friday afternoon.

20th June 2015

Returning group to us this week who was with us around about this time last year.
Rob,Rich,Dave,Jason aka Captain coypu,Graham aka Posh and Darren aka Billy from Oxon.
Fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and 11 same as before.
Baits being used are same as before Blakes snowberry,Bait works monster red various other boilie baits and pop ups,red maggots our particle and pellet also being used.
Guys have had a good few fish out this week making them top group thiss year, swim 11 by far the hot swim yet again Graham aka posh banked 2 named fish down on weight after the spawning Bricktop @ 48 lb 8 oz and The Mole @ 51 lb new PB for Posh,we also saw The Big Scale out again in less then a week also down on weight new PB for Dave on swim 2 @ 52 lb 8 oz,Rob on swim 10 also banked a 50 in the form of a cat @ 57 lb banked on swim 4 after a epic battle in the boat,the guys worked really hard this week in very trying conditions very hot sunshine and temperatures up to 36 degrees but they achieved what they aimed before they arrived Top group of 2015 so far with 37 carp well done guys,graham picked off his fish under the canopies of the island trees and bushes only certain times of the day/evening crushed boilie and maggot worked for him on the marks.
weather this week has been a sorcher boiling hot sunshine blue skies little wind.
water temperature has shot up taken from the dam end in front of swim 6/7 on the bottom 27 degrees Friday evening.
Top rod again Graham aka Posh,Top swim same as last year 11,Top bait red maggot.
2 x 50's to 52 lb 8 oz,7 x 40's to 48 lb 8 oz,20 x 30's to 39 lb 8 oz.7 x 20's to 29 lb and missed from the netting a single at 8 lb.

13th June 2015

Back to business this week returning group been with us since 2010,Dave jr,Dave snr,Dave aka nobby,Alan,Simon and Dusty from Eastbourne and London area.
Fishing swims 2,3,9,10,11 and 12 also mid week swim 1 and 4 was fished,no one fished Saturday night and they really didn't start fishing until sunday lunchtime Dave snr doesn't fish at night he sleeps up the lodge,this is not a full on fishing trip for these guys they treat it as a social get together and spend a lot of time away from there rods and had a day out on Friday which reflects the amount of fish caught.
Some good fish were still banked this week very changeable weather throughout the week and a big drop in water temperature at the start of the week after heavy rain for two days made the fish I think moody.
Even so we had 4 PB's Dave snr 45 lb 8 oz,Dusty 42 lb,Alan 54 lb and nobby with The Big Scale 53 lb 8 oz,
Weather was very wet at the start and very warm towards the end with temperatures reaching 30 degrees.
Water temperatures dropped right down to 18 degrees but has since recovered.
Top rod Dave aka nobby,Top swim 12,Top bait Hybrid.
2 x 50's to 54 lb,4 x 40's to 45 lb 12 oz,3 x 30's to 39 lb 8 oz,1 x 20 to 28 lb.