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2nd May 2015

New group of 4 guys this week from Cambridgeshire area,
David,Steve,Kevin and Keith.
Fishing swims 5,9,10 and of course had to be 11.
Never nice when this happens but 4 have now become 3 Kevin had to leave today Monday due to a family emergency and left with a 16 hour drive ahead of him to Poland,Me and Ellen wish him and his family our best wishes,and hope one day he can return and bank a few lumps.
What a great group these guys are everything is spot on with them from fish care to there pictures if only every week was like this, Respect Guys !
So it ended up Keith on 5,David on 9 and Steve on 11.
Couldn't have been more right this week wouldn't be long before one or two big girls tripped up and look what happened Boom !
These guys have now caught the most fish in a week this season (28) remember there was only 3 of them with a average weight of 41 lb 9 oz,1200 lb amazing,fish numbers have gone down here at Sutton's but the quality is now bang on our future plans for the fishery are working just fine all the work back in the winter was well worth it.
What a Wednesday morning these guys had 2 x 50's being caught and landed at the same time at 7am from swims 5 and 9 father and son what's the odds Keith and David both on same bait and set up savory cream snowman boilie Daisy all spawned out 55 lb 4 oz so happy with that been so worried whether they would spawn after a big change in weather and pressure the other week and The Mole for David @ 53 lb 4 oz bruised,red and sore the marks of a strong male fish after spawning,Thank god that's done with phew ! This is how they finished up Keith 44,4 39,4 44,0 55,4 and 45,David 37,12 50,4 45,0 46,8 46,4 53,4 38,0 38,0 45,4,40,8 41,12 and finished on a 44 lb 8 oz ,Steve 37,12 common 44,4 common 44,2 40,4 35,8 43,0 35,0 32,0 29,0 42,12,34,8 three of his 40's were in hour and half of each other.But in the end David swim 9 nicked it on the last night.
Using our particle,pellet various hookbaits and boilies to name a few Cell,Hybrid,Krill,David's using our boilie PRF and magnum baits savoury cream along with Keith.
Weather well couldn't have asked for anything better good wind blowing from the south most of the week not too high temperatures upto 24 degrees the rain at the beginning was all forgotten.
Water temperature 18.5 degrees after the heavy rain not bad really.
3 x 50's to 55 lb 4 oz ,15 x 40's to 46 lb 8 oz, 9 x 30's to 39 lb 4 oz and the 1 x 20 29 lb.
Top Rod David,Swim 11 only lost by the one fish so for a change,Top swim 9,Top bait savory cream boilie Magnum Baits.

25th April 2015

Only the two guys this week booking the whole lake to themselves,Steve and Roger from North Lincolnshire,they were with us back in 2011 banking among others The Big Scale when he only weighed 47 lb, they just couldnt believe how nice the fishery is looking now a few years on,still very quiet on the lake fish still haven't spawned 100% No pressure for the fish this week with only 2 anglers fishing.Roger swim 11 banked all the fish this week he did it again banked The Big Scale new PB mirror and his best weight yet 54 lb 8 oz epic run and fight a very hard fighting male fish and to add to that he banked Amber the common on our PRF boilie tipped with a white pop up snow style @ 54 lb nailing 3 more fish on his last night,Steve moved about on swims 2,4 and 10 but failed to get a bite on Cell and T1 various other baits.
Weather finished very wet didn't stop raining for over 24 hours over 2 inches falling on Thursday night complete wash out for the guys.
Water temperature hovering above 16 degrees.
2 x 50's to 54 lb 8 oz ,3 x 40's to 41 lb,3 x 30's to 38 lb 2 x 20's.
Top Rod Roger,Top Swim 11 Again ! Top bait Savoy Salmon boilie

18th April 2015

Another new group to us this week Roger,John,Gaz and Dave from Essex,Suffolk and Norfolk,fishing swims 3,4 10 and 11.
Guys are using some particle,pellet,peachy keen and various other boilie baits from Nash and Pursuit baits.
What a struggle this week has been and a huge test for all the guys on the lake,warm water temperatures moody fish clear skies at night and boiling hot sunshine with high pressure all week hats off to them all they have stuck to there guns and tried everything ! fish were definitely on there baits everyday they have raked there spots and not even a piece of corn was left,some fish last week were following each other arounnd maybe some did spawn and the others are yet to go seen no signs of it this week they seem very moody.
Roger banked a 29 lb mirror on peachy keen swim 10 fishing into 9 and Dave on swim 4 banked a new PB @ 44 lb 8 oz on maggots which we gave him as a last resort on Friday morning Phew !
Top rod has to be Dave on swim 4.
Weather very warm again upto 27 degrees.
Water temperature finished with 18 and a half degrees.
Gutted for these guys such a lovely group of lads.

11th April 2015

New group of lads to us this week from Wolverhampton and The valleys in Wales, Tom,Gareth,(Carl Aka Beef) and James.Great bunch of lads good anglers on a very hard week.
Fishing swims 4,5,9 and 11.
Guys are using our particle,pellet,peachy keen,cell,maggots and various pop ups and wafters.Cell still not doing it anymore.
It was always going to be a very hard week for all high pressure dominating blue skies hot sunshine evenings were warmer which is when the fish will feed who will we see this week ? there we go last night this morning Tuesday swim 11 Carl banked The Sub @ 49 lb 6 oz on maggot smashed his PB also lost one and banked a small cat pervious day also a 38 lb mirror on maggot rig,Swim 4 James Banked 31 lb 8 oz and Gareth on swim 5 banked a 37 lb common on 2 bits of fake corn.
1.30 am Wednesday swim 11 Daisy tripped up again new PB for Carl caught on peachy keen tipped with corn 57 lb 10 oz followed by a 46 lb 10 oz on a maggot rig Carl also missed one,Gareth on swim 5 banked a 41 lb 2 oz on tiger tipped with corn and James lost one on swim 4.
Thursday has produced more fish since the temperature and pressure has dropped only down to 24 from 29 but much fresher and overcast swim 11 Carl's on fire another 40 @ 45 lb on maggot rig and a 39 lb on peachy keen boilie,swim 4 James banked a 40 lb on sweetcorn and finally Tom on swim 9 banked a 37 lb cat and a 41 lb 12 oz mirror on peachy keen tipped with corn that rod had been out over 10 hours that's everyone with a 40 now mine and Ellen's goal after the netting for everyone in the group to catch a 40 each week,think there's still more to come ! Into Friday just as I was saying Carl on swim 11 isn't on fire he is melting Amber the Common @ 53 lb down a bit after we nearly lost her last season another @ 45 lb 6 oz now named Beef both on peachy keen and a small male fish @ 22 lb on a tiger,James banked yet another 40 @ 43 lb on peachy keen and a 28 lb 10 oz common on sweetcorn,last knocking produced more fish again for Carl swim 11 39 lb 8 oz on peachy keen,and James on swim 4 banked some late fish another 40 @ 40 lb 10 oz,38 lb common and a new PB grass carp @ 45 lb 8 oz all on sweetcorn
Weather very warm upto 29 degrees two days
Water temperature 16 - 18 degrees.
Another wicked week for us 2 x 50's to 57 lb 10 oz,10 x 40's to 49 lb 6 oz,7 x 30's to 39 lb 8 oz,2 x 20's and 4 cats to 37 lb 6 oz.
Top rod Beef,Top swim 11 again,Top Bait peachy keen boilie/Maggot.

4th April 2015

Returning group to us from last year and still lake record holders for the most 40's in one week (19),Craig,Dave,Matt,Gary,Cookie and Scott from Devon. We can't believe it they have only gone and done it again but this time with 50's with a new lake record (5) in total.
Fishing swims 2,3,5,9,10 and 11.
Good start to our season Scott swim 11 had 3 fish on the first night a new 50 to the lake @ 50 lb 8 oz now named C J also a 39 and a 33 on peachy keen,credence fake corn with tiger. Gary swim 5 banked a 40 lb and Craig swim 3 a 38 lb.  Cookie swim 10 banked a 47 lb 6 oz on tiger tipped with corn over particle Monday lunchtime. Tuesday at Midday saw another 50 grace the bank Daisy @ 57 lb 14 oz new lake mirror carp record under our ownership. Swim 9 Dave smashed his old Pb on tiger over maggot near side margin.  Tuesday evening straight after dinner saw Matt swim 2 bank a 45 lb 4 oz mirror on single tiger over particle and pellet.  Wednesday morning saw Dave on swim 9 bank another lump @ 47 lb on Suttons peachy keen and straight after dinner Matt did it again banking his PB mirror The Mole @ 53 lb 8 oz again on our peachy keen boilie he is ecstatic after many trips to France trying to bank a 50.  Another 2 fish for Dave on swim 9 both on our peachy keen boilie with maggot 27 and a 48 lb.  Craig banked another on swim 3 @ 47 lb 4 oz just on maggot going into Thursday evening Craig banked a pb cat on pellet @ 37 lb 4 oz.  Friday afternoon saw  another named fish on the bank Bricktop new high @ 51 lb 14 oz swim 10 cookie on peachy keen.  Scott banked a 41 lb mirror swim 11 last knocking's followed by Cookie banking The Mole @ 53 lb swim 10 second time out this week and the same as last year.
Guys used Sutton's peachy keen, particle and pellets with tiger hook baits.
Weather at the beginning was very testing strong north easterly big wind chill killed it changing on Thursday to blue skies and sunshine very warm 9 - 24 degrees
Water temperature on the up  10 - 16 degrees.
Guys ended up with 5 x 50's to 57 lb 14 oz,7 x 40's 48 lb,5 x 30's 39 lb 4 oz,1 x 20 27 lb and 1 x cat @ 37 lb 4 oz,
Top Rod Scott, Top swim 11,Top Bait tiger hook-bait and suttons peachy keen.
Delight meeting up with this group again top anglers always a pleasure.

25th October 2014

Returning group of 5 guys from Manchester,
Marc,the 2 Johns,Paul and Roger.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 10 Roger on swim 9 didn't fish at night slept up the lodge, Johns fishing from swim 10 into 11 just like Sir Bob did.
Guys are using various boilies they brought with them.
Good start to the week John swim 10 fishing down into 11 banked new PB mirror @ 50 lb new fish coming through the ranks just after 5 am on a single beep and drop back on cell tipped with corn he also banked 2 x 40 lb mirrors,I wish it could have carried on where we started but with stupid temperatures fish feeding heavy on naturals not much wind over the water it was never going to kick off with the guys just nicking the odd fish here and there even the stock lake was quiet only several good carp caught and a couple of sturgeon and a small cat.
Could have ended our season better but that's fishing.
Guys left the Friday afternoon after giving everything all week.
Great bunch of guys second time back with us who have invented a wicked way of landing and handling fish after they are caught check out there website that's explains it all   I now use one !
Top rod John,Top swim 10,Top bait cell.
High pressure dominated the week bright hot sunshine temperatures going over 24 degrees.
Water temperature 16 - 15 degrees.

18th October 2014

Returning for the third time group of 7 lads this week all top anglers from Wolverhampton and Birmingham areas.
James,Lee,Dale,Steve,Paul,(Squeak) and Wayne.
Fishing swims 2,3,4,5,8,9 and 11.
With high pressure dominating all week again up to 1032 Tuesday this was never going to be an easy weeks fishing and it wasn't with one of the group blanking on swim 9 of all places but they still banked 8 x 40  's to 45 lb 12 oz  and 1 x 50 to 54 lb 3 oz several other fish in the 30's and a couple of mid 20's.
Guys used Mainline Hybrid ! Cell ! And various other boilies they brought with,Paul swim 8 Hybrid wafter and Hybrid bottom bait tipped with white corn nailed him 4 x 40's @ 45.12,44,43 and a 40.8 common 37.4 and a 27 lb,Wayne swim 11 banked 2 x 40's a 44 lb and 43 lb 8 oz a 38,32.8 also on Hybrid,Squeak swim 3 banked a 36 lb on Hybrid,James swim 4 also banked 2 x 40's 41 lb 8 oz on sweetcorn a 40 lb 8 oz on a cell dumbell and a 27 lb,Lee swim 2 banked a 22 lb,Dad Steve on swim 5 banked new PB The Big Scale on sweet corn at a all time best weight for us 54 lb 3 oz could this be the last time we see her this season who knows he has also had a 28 lb common,how things can change in a week Dale on swim 9 nothing all week.
Top rod goes to Paul who finished fishing Friday, Top bait Hybrid,Top swim 8, only Dale swim 9,Lee moved to swim 6/7,and Wayne swim 11 stayed out Friday the others slept in the lodge.
Weather sun cloud nights have been colder 15  - 26 degrees high pressure still dominating all week
Water temperature started the week at 21 dropped off to 15 degrees.

11th October 2014

Returning Group of lads this week,lost count how many times they have been here now,Les,Steve,Jack,Jon and Xavier form Essex and Herts.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 11.
Guys used Salmon and crab,Mint and garlic boilies! various other boilies they brought with them ! and some sweetcorn.
This was by far a very hard and challenging week for the guys but they hung in there and had a few lumps between them.
Firstly what a change around from last week very warm temperatures blue skies bright sunshine not good and high pressure dominating for most of the week this has really switched fish off Thursday night produced the most fish after heavy evening rain and a drop in pressure,never the less Xavier swim 9 banked a new PB Daisy @ 56 lb 8 oz on a stiff rig over 5 kgs of freebie salmon and crab boilies an epic battle lasting 20 minutes.Les started in swim 3 and fished the stock lake and banked a sturgeon 30 lb + and a mid 20 carp on salmon and crab he then moved to swim 10 taking only one more fish,Jon started on swim 11 with no results he then moved to swim  2 for the last night still nothing but he had sturgeon from stock lake over 30 lb + also caught a small Zander from the main lake on live bait,Jack banked a few on swim 5 up to 36 lb 8 oz,But Top Rod goes to Steve who stuck with sweet corn all week which paid off,Top swim is 4 also no change for Top Bait which was sweetcorn again by far,he caught carp to 43 lb and had a small cat around 15 lb which is now in the stock lake.
See you guys next year !

Weather very warm sun cloud up to 23 degrees rain Thursday night apart from that dry.
Water temperature 20 - 16 degrees after the rain.

4th October 2014

After a very long change over day 6 off 7 on returning for the third time and booked in for 2 weeks next year the lads from mine and Ellen's home county Essex.
Shut Up !
Iain,Mick,Rich,Paul,Stephen,Johnathan and Alan.
Fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10,11 and Alan is on the stock lake.
Guys are using cell ! krill ! various other baits including maggot and sweetcorn.After Saturday nights welcomed rain guys started well fish wont on the boilie 100 % only taking sweetcorn and maggot for most of the week a couple were caught on cell,Krill well leave it at home done nothing yet again Fact ! Guys banked 16 x 40's 2 of these were over 48 and half, Well Gel ! which left them 3 short of the lake record but they were so close with 4 other fish coming in at over 39 lb and 3 fish at 38 lb and Numerous other 30's and a couple of mid to high 20's.
Mick on swim 9 who always does well had a great week with 7 x 40's to 46 lb 5 oz which he caught last year at 43 lb so he has now named this Rosie,Jonathan swim 4 banked his PB common and mirror again @ 48 lb 12 oz biggest fish of the week and a common Named Scar ! @ 42 lb which he caught last year on the same spot and snagged him again in the same spot Shut Up ! Paul swim 11 banked 3 x 40's one of these being his new PB Small Scar @ 48 lb 8 oz caught on cell tipped off with a white topper,Rich swim 2 banked a 40 @ 42 lb 2 oz on bloodworm he fished on swim 12 for last couple of days to see if he could do a repeat performance of last year catching The Big Scale,Rich found it a bit nippy one night in the week after being woken by 5 crayfish sharing his sleeping bag one hanging off his big toe lol,Alan was on the stock lake he had carp to 24 lb and sturgeon to 35 lb new PB.
Ian swim 5 done the most fish of the week up to 46 lb 8 oz on sweetcorn he won the day with his watercraft casting on to feeding fish half way across,Top Rod Ian,Top Swim 5,Top Bait Sweetcorn.
Fish average for the group this week 38 lb 8 oz.
Over 700 kgs of fish from Main lake,not forgetting what Alan banked from the stock lake think he lost count !
Great bunch of lads who are always welcome here if only every groups fish care was like these guys me and Ellen would never have to worry !

Weather a few nights through the week we had much needed heavy rain hardcore then the weather was settled sun cloud warm again Friday.  
water temperature down to 17 - 16 degrees.