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30th August 2014

Got our Welsh lads this week the Welsh Wizards returning for the 3rd time Gareth,Jamie,Ryan,Andrew,Matt and Scott(Batman) fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and 11.Ryan moved to swim 3 on Wednesday, what a good move and 2 x PB's !
Firstly Thank you guys for the wicked Birthday present i will wear it with pride :)) I am sure Ellen will enjoy her wine Too !
The lads arrived Friday evening and bivvied up in the padlock so they were on the lake nice and early and Fresh,the other group left at 4.30 am Saturday morning to get an earlier ferry.
This week has continued with not the greatest of weather conditions for carp fishing clear blue skies,bright hot sunshine and much cooler nights.Even so a good productive first night Matt swim 2 lost a lump straight off then banked a 38 and 40 lb,swim 4 Ryan banked a 36 lb,Jamie swim 5 lost 4 fish but banked a sturgeon from stock lake @ 28 lb,Scott swim 11 banked a 39 lb common and a 42 lb mirror,Its been tough for the guys throughout the week strong north easterly wind hasn't helped fish are Mainly coming at night in the hours of darkness.Thursday Night/Friday Morning/afternoon produced some more good fish guys finished on 10 x 40's up to 48 lb 8 oz which was Ryan's PB known fish The Sub,Friday morning 9 am saw Amber grace the bank again @ 53 lb 8 oz swim 9 Andrew's new PB caught on a cell plus wafter Northern monkey Hook-baits he has also had 4 x 40's his best trip to France ever wasnt enough for Top Rod which goes to Matt, Top Swim 2,Top Bait wafters and Peachy keen.
Guys used our particle,Peachy keen,PRF,our pellet and various other boilies they have brought with them.

These guys are priceless and will be a shame we wont see them next year but they are returning after, Take care guys until the next time !

Weather was settled all week 24 - 29 degrees,gusty north east wind some days cooler nights.
Water temperature 22 - 24 degrees.

Only one date left for 2015 the very first week of the year !
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23rd August 2014

Returning group to us this week from West Yorkshire,Mark,Malcolm,Liam,Dale,Shaun and Mum June.
Fishing swims 4,5,9,10,11 main lake but more so the stock lake(Kids Lake).These guys treat this as a Holiday with fishing not just fishing !  
Liam started well Saturday night woken at 2.30 am with a unknown 49 lb mirror new PB he also had another @ 46 lb swim 9 he also had sturgeons at 34 and 37 lb,Dale banked a new PB mirror on swim 10,Malc banked sturgeons up to 38 lb new PB and a PB cat @ 46 lb caught on halibut pellet and garlic sausage ,Mark banked fish up to 38 lb from main lake and a couple of small cats ,Shaun banked his pb mirror @ 48 lb swim 11 and a few sturgeon from the stock lake.Guys didn't fish every night all night and left for home at 4.30 am Saturday to catch an earlier ferry.
We don't count stock lake for Top rod and as most of this weeks fish came from the stock lake they don't count,so best fish goes to Liam swim 9 @ 49 lb on suttons peachy keen.
Guys were using our particle,Suttons Peachy Keen and some PRF boilies also halibut pellets they brought with them.

Weather was unsettled beginning of the week with heavy rain some evenings but got much better as the week went on up to 29 degrees Thursday sunny hot.
Water temperature gone up again 23 degrees.

Only two  dates left for 2015 !
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16th August 2014

Part two Bob and Tash from Surrey, fishing swim 10 up to 9 and down to 11 to start.
No fishing Saturday shopping for Tash and some sightseeing and chill out before he is back on the rods,Happy birthday to Tash for Wednesday glad you had a nice day out and more shopping lol.
Bob finished with 23 fish for his second week ending up with 1470 lb total weight for his holiday,3 x 50's to 53 lb 14 oz,11 x 40's to 48 lb 6 oz,19 x 30's to 39 lb 8 oz,8 x 20's to 28 lb only 3 fish lost over the week.What a good start they had to their second week 6 fish Saturday last night 44,40,37.14,30.08,26.14 and a red faced little common @ 20 lb 8 oz, Sunday night produced another 6 fish one lost possible big cat, another 40 to the collection 43.8,39.8 common,37.6,28 mirror,28 common and a little 21.6 mirror,slowed right down last couple of days could be the colder nights or more activity on naturals even so another 3 fish 45 lb 14 oz ,37 lb 6 oz and a 36 lb 6 oz,back on the marks last night Wednesday after a nice day out with Tash another 4 fish 38.14,34,34.14 and a 35 lb 8 oz,what a eventful evening Thursday was me and Bob in the boat pitch black head torches equipped successfully freeing a 46 lb mirror carp that was badly snagged she is now in the little stock lake recovering from a bad tear in her mouth reason why this happened was because Bob had Amber on the other rod which is yet another PB @ 53 lb 14 oz caught on maggot,also in the night he banked another two @ 39.8 and 42 lb 14 oz on peachy keen boilie over particle,pellet and crushed up PRF boilies with hemp.Bob finished fishing the main lake Friday morning and spent the night in the lodge with Tash.
Over the course of the 2 weeks Bob's fish mainly were caught at night.
Top bait Sutton's Peachy Keen,Top swim 10, Top rod Sir Bob.
What a lovely couple these guys are we have made good friends with them and will miss having them around roll on next year, Top angling Bob !

Average fish weight for Bob this week 36 lb 5 oz.

Weather was cool throughout the week compared to normal some evenings were very chilly 19 - 23 degrees sun cloud.
Water temperature 19.

Only two main dates left now for 2015.
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9th August 2014

Returning couple from Surrey who fished last year Bob and Tash this time just on there own staying with us this time for 2 weeks and have already booked for another 2 weeks in 2015.
Fished swim 3 at the start of the week.
They moved Wednesday on to swim 10 fishing up to 9 and down to 11 a wise move !
Me and Ellen couldnt be more pleased and excited for Bob this week he has smashed it with 5 named fish which is a record for one man GI Jones 52 lb 6 oz,The Big scale 51 lb 8 oz,The Mole 48 lb 6 oz,Bricktop 47 lb 6 oz and Nelson @ 44 lb 8 oz also 3 other 40's which was a total of 18 fish 2 lost, on suttons peachy keen,a couple on maggot and one fish on krill,The Big Scale was nailed on his last night of his first week with us in the same spot us GI Jones days earlier,he knew a fish was about with single beeps four in total over a space of 10 mins then one toner and she was hooked.Damage was done with simple blow back rig,Just a little tip, Bob has nailed these fish because his hooks are always bloody sharp makes a big difference to your catch no more striking into fresh air ! Bob's fish care and approach is just fault less that pleases us as fishery owners knowing the fish are returned safely every-time which should be done week in week out,Thank you Bob :)  
Tash banked lots of fish from the stock lake when they were over that side and a 28 lb 2 oz common on swim 4 on nash coconut boilie.
They used our particle some PRF and peachy keen boilies various other baits Bob brought with him.
Average fish weight for the week 37 lb 1 oz.
Weather  22 - 25 stormy week lots of heavy thundery showers changeable winds.
Water temperature 22 - 25.

Only two main dates left now for 2015.
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2nd August 2014

New group of 4 lads this week first time to France from the Norfolk Area,
Gavin,Ashley,Tom and Mark fishing swims 3,4,9 and 11
After a very long and tedious drive down on the busiest day in France for travelling the guys arrived here very tried and drained it wasnt long before Mark on swim 11 banked a PB mirror,,Ashley and Gavin took advantage of swim 3 and fished the stock lake as well catching some good doubles to 22 lb.Tom on swim 9 has also dropped onto the stock lake for a bit during the week catching a few out.
Mark carried on banking fish throughout the week before the other guys had anything on a maggot rig and caught his pb mirror @ 41 lb and several other carp also a couple of cats up to 30 lb,Gavin had it very quiet on swim 4 but still managed a pb mirror @ 39 lb on PRF boilie,Ashley on swim 3 also struggled through the week but done his pb mirror @ 41 lb on Suttons peachy keen boilie,Tom on swim 9 had a blinder catching several carp up to 33 lb 8 oz but left the best to last just before packing up he banked a new pb 50 lb mirror on single tiger with fake corn over our particle,    
Guys at first tried using homemade baits with no luck really,maggots our prepared particle peachy keen and towards the end of the week prf boilies that we gave the lads which paid off for them.
Top rod was Mark,Top swim 11,Top bait maggot.
Very nice group of lads who all did pb's many times,hopefully if you twist a few arms we will see you next year on one of the last dates we have left lol !

Weather was settled in between a few isolated thunder storms 21 - 32 degrees.
Water temperature 22 - 25.

Only two main dates left now for 2015.
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26th July 2014

Returning for the third time Ellen's Brother Jay and noddy John fighting it out for their trophy for the biggest fish what Jay has won every year
Fishing swims 1,2,3,4 and 9 Jay moved from swim 3 to 9 Thursday morning.
Jay had a very hard week going on previous years on swim 3 only fish to 33 lb 4 oz compared to 51 lb last year and dozens of fish from the stock lake to 23 lb,once on swim 9 he only had one carp and 9 cats on the last evening he had all 4 rods go at the same time at 4 am but only managed to land two of them,John had the Banner placed at his swim for the biggest fish right from the start with a 31 lb finishing with a 44 lb 12 oz so he will keep hold of the banner till next year and has won the trophy for the first time,I fished on swim 11 for an afternoon and a couple of evenings which was nice 6 bites 5 fish one being a PB but you wont see any pictures i don't count thats just cheating guys ^_^. Late arrival to the week was our friend John he fished from Thursday night on swim 12 and done his PB mirror @ 36 lb 8 oz on PRF boilie.
Top rod Noddy John,Top Bait Suttons Peachy Keen topped with a white cell pop up,Top swim 2.
Weather was very changeable as were the winds temperatures 21 - 32 degrees.
Water temperature 26 - 28.

Miss you already guys see you next year !

Only two main dates left now for 2015.
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19th July 2014

Returning group of 7 to us this week some of them 4th time back from Bromley, Kent. Dan S,Dan B,Justin,Rob,Joe,Nick and Turkish.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10 and 11 and stock lake.
Various baits being used hybrid,cell and sweet corn,all using bait boats.
Guys have all had a great week has been slow for some swims surprisingly 3,9 and 10 being the slowest,Justin swim 5 has had a right mixed bag of cats from 3 lb to 30+lb which are now in the stock lake also carp to 42 lb this being Scar the common,Dan S swim 3 landed a big cat around 60 lb mark,Dan B swim 4 had some nice fish up to 40 lb,Rob and Joe on 9 and 10 had a quiet week Joe hang it out and nicked a 42 lb mirror 5am last morning, but the week goes to Nick on swim 11 landing The big Scale @ 52 lb one month to the day after she last come out after a epic battle and having to go out in the boat with Joe to get her back he has also had a 40 and is Top Rod,Top Bait Hybrid wafter over large beds of pellet,Top swim 11.
Well done Nick wear our Hoodie with pride and enjoy your winnings for most fish and biggest fish.Guys are booked up and returning in October 2015 see you then !  
Weather started off stormy with heavy showers then we had hot sunshine the rest of the week up to 33 degrees,finished with a storm again friday night with more rain.
Water temperature 26 - 28 degrees.

Only very few main dates left now for 2015.
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12th July 2014

3rd time back to us great bunch of lads Dale,John aka catfish,Andrew and Bacon from Leicester,Bury and Bolton.
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.John and son Dale changed around mid week because swim 5 was roasting.
Guys were using Peachy Keen and various other boilie baits cell,krill,prf and hemp,3 are using bait boats.
Much better start this week John swim 5 banked several carp to 37 lb on krill boilies in the first few days all casted and many kittens and a 19 lb-er which are all now in the stock lake,Andrew had 2 x 44 lb mirrors and his first cat and several other carp, Bacon had carp to 42 lb and a 32 lb cat,Dale had a very slow week with us this year only banking a few carp losing a few too.The guys had a crack on the stock lake this week with a sturgeon @ 32 lb and low double carp.
Top Bait Suttons Peachy Keen,Top Swim 11,Top Rod John.
As we stated a couple of weeks ago Cell has blown on the lake for now ! watch this space.

Weather very hot sunshine some cloud and rain 19 - 36 degrees tip for others you dont want to be on swim 5 when its this hot !
water temperature 19 - 28.

Very few dates left now for 2015.
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5th July 2014

New exclusive group of 3 lads to us this week from Manchester area,Marc,John B,and John C.
After another busy Saturday change over i must say these guys made my day what a wicked bunch of guys these are i can see already this is going to be a great week, I wasn't wrong by that just a shame the fishing in the main lake could have been just the same as the laughs we had with the lads.
Definitely our worst week of the season with the fish feeding on naturals all week fry,bloodworm bugs whatever it was they didn't want to know about what the guys had to offer,big drop in water temperature 6 degrees because of all the night time rain,Thursday was 15 degrees difference to last week daytime temperature all of this also didn't help,Loads of fish topping and crashing on the marks but that was it,to say that they did have fish out a few cats and carp to 32 lb 2 oz caught by John C on swim 11.The guys were glad of the stock lake and had plenty out all doing PB sturgeons up to 38 lb 6 oz caught by marc on french sausage soaked in Hinders tuna oil, and PB cats up to 54 lb caught by John B on the sausage,also carp up to 31 lb 8 oz caught by marc, the cat and carp are now both in the main lake now we also moved a 19 lb cat into stock lake from swim 11 caught by John C.
Weather heavy rain most nights big drop in day time temperature from last week sun and cloud changeable winds 19 - 23 degrees.
Water temperature big drop from last week 19 degrees.
Top rods goes to all of them because of how hard it was,Various baits and swims.
Check out their testimonial in their own words how it was written in our book how their week went.
Wicked group see you guys soon !

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