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3rd May 2014

New group to us this week from Devon,
Craig,Dave,Cookie,Matt,Scot and Gary fishing swims 2,3,5,9,10 and 11.
Guys broke lake record Whilst me and Ellen have been running the lake full time for the most 40's out in a week which stood at 18 from last year and now stands at 19 thanks to Dave on swim 5 banking 7 of them followed by son Craig and Cookie both banking 4 each,then Matt with 3 and Gary on swim 10 had one, only one who missed out was Scott on swim 2 losing a 40 at the net.Craig caught his target fish a sturgeon @ 35 lb from the stock lake and also had the biggest fish of the week @ 45 lb 8 oz,Scott caught a fish called Smudge down a bit on weight but Dave caught Scar the common up on weight 2 lb,Matt did his pb common on swim 11, total fish for the week out the main lake was 56, The lake was dead last night the fish were spawning heavily.
Top rod Dave,Top swim 5,
Average fish weight for the week was 36 lb 1 oz.
Top baits,various being used this week our own suttons peachy keen out fished the other boilie baits what the guys brought with them,they are also using our pellet and some particle we prepared for them they just wished that they ordered more particle as this is doing the trick for sure with tigers in it.
All these guys are top anglers with very good pbs under their belts but they had a great week, me and Ellen were so pleased to have met them and look forward to seeing them again.

Fish started spawning Thursday Heavily.

Water temperature 16 - 18 degrees.
Weather warm settled a few showers throughout the week 16 - 24 degrees.

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26th April 2014

Two non exclusive groups this week.  David and Peter from Cheshire and returning group from last year Steve,Justin,Neil and Karl from Blackpool and Bow London.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10,11 and throughout the week changes to swim 1 and 8.
What a week this turned into with 4 x 50's 2 going to the same angler 16 x 40's up to 48 lb 8oz Peter on swim 9 was still catching 40's right up to his very last rod was in the water and that ripped away at 10.45am another @ 43 lb,so 3 anglers now have been awarded Sutton's limited sports grey 50 lb + hoodies.  Saturday evening Karl on swim 5 banked his new pb common Amber @ 52lb 3oz and just like last year she's done it again and come out twice in a week she doesn't learn.  Neil's right hand rod caught her again Tuesday morning on swim 3 @ 53lb 12oz problem is he was at the loo and Justin in swim 4 landed her, Amber is definitely on track to break the common carp lake record again.Peter on swim 9 banked his new pb mirror The Mole @ 50lb 12oz first time out at 50 up 3 lb in weight,during the week he caught a 35 lb 2 oz mirror while he was on the phone being told he had just become a grandfather whats the odds :) Neil is now made up with believe it or not banking The Mole which is amazing going on last year only coming out 3 times all year,he banked it again @ 51 lb swim 3 just as the light faded Tuesday night so he is a very happy man and no he don't get another hoodie lol.Steve on swim 11 had 4 x 40's in a day 3 of these were pbs up to 47 lb and 2 other 40's one @ 46 lb 8 oz on the last morning at 6am,David banked fish up to 46 lb on swim 10 and Justin didnt get his pb this year had fish up to 37 lb swim 1,
Top rod goes to Peter with amazing 1 x 50, 9 x 40's and several other fish,
Top swim 9,
Top bait our very own PRF and Suttons Peachy Keen.

Average fish weight for the week was 39 lb 6oz.
Water Temperature 13 - 15 degrees,
Weather very wet heavy rain some sun in between the showers temperatures 14 - 20

More updates throughout the week.

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19th April 2014

New exclusive group of three Rob, Colin and Andrew this week from the Portsmouth area. They will be moving around the lake during course of the week. Only 2 of the group will be fishing at night fulltime.
All the guys did pbs several times over, Andrew fished swims 4,5 and 12 over the week and left with 3 x 40's a pb mirror @ 46 lb and pb common @ 41 lb 8 oz and several other fish including a cat @ 39 lb,Colin did his pb mirror and sturgeon, Rob who mainly fished swim 10 took 3 x 40's to 48 lb 8 oz a fish called The sub,11 other fish of which 3 were 39 lb,these guys had to work for there fish which was a hard week with a big drop in water temperature at the start which come back up 2 degrees over the week.
Average fish weight for the week was 36 lb 1 oz.
Top rod Rob, Top swim 10, Top Bait Suttons Peachy Keen.  
Only our third group of the season and already we have had 15 different 40's up to 48 lb 8 oz and half a dozen fish @ 39 lb.  

These guys booked 2 dates for this year and are coming back in September :)

Water temp 14 - 16 degrees.  Weather 16 - 23 degrees, changeable winds throughout the week.

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12th April 2014

No catch report this week due to messers who strung us along for their balance that never came and so instead of just saying they no longer wanted the date they ignored us and so it was too late to re-sell.  As no effort was made by any of the group to communicate all on the booking form now have a life ban.

We would like to send our apologies to all who had tried to book this date last year.  

Average weather this week 18-21 degrees blue skies sunny.  Water Temperature 18 degrees.  Very gusty east wind.

5th April 2014

New group of 6 Lads this week first time to France from Huddersfield,Dale,Ryan,Rossy,Gibby,Chris and Beefy after a change around in the week they ended up fishing swims 4,3,2,1,11 and 10.  What a week these guys had all doing PB's many times over with a average fish weight of 38 lb 8 oz for the week and 9 x 40 's up to 46lb banked by Gibby on swim 4 and also sturgeon up to 39lb banked by Rossy on swim 3 which is now in the stock lake.  Dale group leader lost 8 fish over the week including a big cat but claimed his PB on the last night @ 36lb swim 2 no pressure Dale!  Top rods goes to Beefy on swim 11 which included 3 x 40's up to 44lb and Rossy on swim 3 with fish up to 43lb 8oz a new PB and also a new PB grass carp @ 34 lb.  Top Bait Suttons Peachy Keen boilies 18 mm.  Weather was much more settled this week temperatures 17 - 25 degrees.  Water temperature was 15 - 17 degrees after some lovely sunshine but also some very cold starts.  Great group of Lads who respected our fishery and property and are welcome back anytime, oh and that's a great Testimonial Thank you :)

See you next year guys!

29th March 2014

Our first group of the year on the lake was From south London Dan,Dave and Darren fishing all together on the same side of the lake swims 3,4 and 5,not our best start to the season with only several fish being banked from the main lake up to 39 lb by Darren on swim 5 also a sturgeon @ 39lb from swim 4 caught by Dave,
weather was unsettled temperatures 16 - 25 degrees,
water temperature started the week at 13 degrees and ended up 15 degrees by Saturday,
Top Rod was Darren,Top Swim was 5,Top Bait was both of our own Prf and suttons peachy keen boilies,Hopefully we will see you again in the future to finish of some unsettled scores.

9th November 2013

Water temperature 12 degrees.
Fish up to 37 lb 13 oz.
PRF 18 mm boilie.

We are now closed until March to get ready for our first group then it all starts again :)



2nd November 2013

Water temperature 13 degrees,
Fish out up to 46 lb 12 oz,
PRF 18 mm boilie.

We are now closed until March to get ready for our first group then it all starts again :)



26th October 2013

Only one angler fishing the lake this week and he has got it all to himself :)
John from Peterborough.He going to fish different swims starting with swim 4.What a nightmare the weather, with the big storm hitting for most of the day on Sunday,i was very surprised John even caught anything but he still did his pb mirror caught on suttons Peachy  Keen 18 mm with Korda White fake corn.
Now the weather has got much colder fish numbers are slowing down but the bigger girls are coming out in there glory.
weather 12 - 16 degrees settled after the storm but much colder, water temperature 12 - 13 degrees.