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19th October 2013

New group of 6 lads to us this week from Lancashire,
Paul,Lee,Vinny,Kevin,Obby and Marty.
These guys have been here before but not under our ownership that was back in 2006 so its going to be good to see how we have changed the place especially over the last year ! Testimonials say it all. Fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 11 vinny hasnt fished this week ,Been very slow on the lake this week think we can put a lot of it down to weather, even so guys have enjoyed the week with lots of pbs,only 3 x 40's out this week up to 45 lb also lots of small cats and small Zander,most of the guys did there pb sturgeons the biggest being banked by Lee on the stock lake @ 39 lb. Top rod Paul, Top bait Cell, Top swim 2.
Weather after the weekend storms and 4 - 5 inches of rain the week stayed settled 16 - 23 degrees, Water temperature 14 - 16 degrees.



12th October 2013

Returning group to us this week who were with us back in July 2012 from mine and Ellen's home county of Essex. Iain,Mick,Tom,Rich,Paul,Stephen and Johnathan.Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10 and 11 and Rich is on the stock lake and from Wednesday swim 12.
Guys are using mainline cell and Hybrid, What a week we had started slow but they ended it off very well, Amber the common came out again @ 50 lb 8 oz caught on swim 9 by Iain check out his video on you tube link,Richy Rich who fished the stock pond first part of the week banked his new pb mirror on swim 12 with the one and only out again The big scale @ 50 lb 8 oz check out his video link on you tube, All the other guys had a wicked week with 9 x 40's up to 47 lb 8 oz which was Brick Top down on weight from her 50 lb 2 oz, jonathan done his pb sturgeon @ 34 lb 4 oz and pb mirror and common @ 44 lb and 40 lb 4 oz,Top swim so far 9, Top rod once again this year was mick.Top bait Cell beat hybrid hands down.    
Weather 11 - 22 degrees week started cold and ended very warm bright sunshine, water temperature 14 - 16 degrees.

These guys have already secured there date for 2014 and now 2 dates for 2015 Greedy ? Nah !



5th October 2013

Returning group of 7 this week who were with us this time last year from Wolverhampton and Birmingham area. James,Lee,Steve,Dale,Paul,Wayne(Squeak), and Tony looking to smash it this year and they have definitely done that with a total weight over 1250 KGS for the week , fishing swims 1,3,5,8,9,10 and 11 half the group are using mainline Cell the others are using mainlines new boilie bait not even out yet still being tested  Essential cell in pink and looks so far very positive. All swims produced 40's this week 16 in total four of these were banked from swim 8 and 3 of the total were 48 lb, 16 x fish were between 37 lb - 40 lb, 37 x 30's in total,total fish 76, Congrats to Paul what a week on swim 11 been coming to France since 1996 hoping to get a fifty pounder  his dream came true on Tuesday afternoon catching Amber at 50 lb and on Wednesday afternoon Big scale @ 50 lb 10 oz and Friday afternoon he caught The Mole @ 48 lb 12 oz also two other forties and 7 other fish in his week, but Top rod has to go to Dale he banked 22 fish his best trip to France ever catching his Pb mirror,common and sturgeon from stock lake,Top bait Essential cell in pink and Banoffee, Top swim 5.
Great group of guys top anglers.
Weather 11 - 21 degrees much colder chilly sunny intervals, water temperature 16 - 20 degrees.
Guys have now secured there dates for October 2014 and 2015.



28th September 2013

This is our 26th group of the year with still more to come another new group of 4 to us this week booking the whole lake to themselves Gareth,Anthony,Paul and Dave from Borehamwood,Herts fishing swims 3,4,9,and 11.  Well what can you say they had it all this week weather wise with hot sunshine storms and heavy rain not forgetting the gales just to rub salt in there wounds they had 75mm rain on their last night Paul was flat rodded by a cat, Gareth lost a lumb, and swims 3 and 4 lost 8 fish between them. They all had lots of pbs between them mirror, leather, common and sturgeon.  The fish played hard to get and stayed down in the shallows some of the week but Gareth on swim 11 spent 24 hours in swim 1 and had fish to 43 lb before moving back to his main swim top angling he also banked the biggest fish of the week Amber @ 50 lb. best looking fish goes to Paul who banked a 13lb mirror god knows where that has been hiding check out the carp gallery to see pics. Top swim 11. Top bait cell based opal essence homemade boilie. Top rod Gareth. Weather unsettled, stormy with sunshine at times 20 - 27 degrees, water temperature 20 - 21.
Great bunch of guys who had a wicked week they are booking for 2015 and having the meal deal next time after tasting our food on the last night.

21st September 2013

New group of 6 to us this week from Kent,
Roger,Mick,Neil,Simon,Malcolm and Mick.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10 and 11.  Well what can you say about this week you would have thought these guys would have carried on where last weeks group finished off but couldn't have been more wrong with the weather being a major factor in this.  The pressure has been up and down and high temperatures with hot sunshine after last weeks heavy rain and low temperatures.  Best fish of the week so far came to group organizer Roger @ 40 lb from swim 9 on cell but Top rod goes to Mick. Top swim 11. Top bait catcher baits with peach essence.  All the guys loved there holiday and we had many sturgeon pbs from the stock lake the guys are booked on another lake next year and we are fully booked anyway so they are booked for in for 2015 and are very welcome back what a great bunch of guys!  

Weather 22 - 30 degrees hot sunshine with cloud at times, water temperature 18 - 20 degrees,

14th September 2013

Group of 4 lads on this week Steve,Tony,Paul and Dan from Bromley and Orpington area fishing swims 3,5,9 and 10. The Guys had a excellent week considering the bad weather we had 5 inches of rain over the course of the week strong winds and the occasional bit of sun,the average weight for the week was a wicked 36 lb, Paul did his Pb mirror@ 45 lb,common @ 26 lb,grassy @ 34 lb and sturgeon @ 33 lb,Dan did his pb mirror @ 47 lb 8 oz,Ant on swim 9 did 3 x 40's @ 41,48 and 49 lb and his pb common @ 33 lb 10 oz, Steve  had the biggest fish of the week his new pb mirror @ 50 lb 2 oz on a maple and butterscotch boilie also a pb sturgeon @ 35 lb from stock lake, looks like another high forty has joined the 50's club so he has named it Brick Top,, Top rod Paul, Top swim 3, Top bait Banoffee dyed Pink, Weather unsettled cloudy heavy rain on and off,Temperature 12 - 22 degrees, water temperature 16 - 18.
Top group of guys who hung in there when the weather was tough and paid off for them taking some fantastic fish and lots of pbs.

7th September 2013

Group on this week are regulars to us and in the past helped out with stocking of fish in the lake,
Haven't been back since May 2012 so they are going to be well up for it, Xavier,Jon,Les,Steve,Ricky and Jack from the Herts and Essex areas,fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10,11 and Jon fished swim 1 from Wednesday , weather unsettled 18 - 24 degrees, water temperature 20 - 22, Guys had a good week on the lake as they always do, Jon did his pb many times on this trip and ended up banking a 47 lb mirror on swim 1,Xavier banked a 49 lb 8 oz common also off swim 1 the day before Jon moved from swim 11,there was also more 40's banked by Les on swim 9 up to 46 lb and Ricky on swim 10 up to 42 lb, guys also had sturgeon out the stock lake up to 33 lb,Top rod this week was Les, Top swim was 9, Top bait was different boilies tipped with orange corn, this group are a pleasure to have on the lake and are welcome back here anytime and me and Ellen are so sorry we cant get you on next year because we are fully booked but you are on the top of the cancellation list and booked in for August 2015,

31st August 2013

Jamie,Dan,Justin and Michael from South London on the lake this week Dan and Justin were here back in June and Jamie has fished here before in 2011,they are booked in for 2014 already,they are fishing swims 3,5,9 and 10,these guys done very well this week with only 4 of them on the lake using our prf and suttons peachy keen boilies and cell with 4.5 mm pellet and sweetcorn, ending up with 13 x 40's to 49 lb and a 50 lb 8 oz banked by Dan on swim 10 half the other fish caught this week were between 37 lb to 39 lb. Top rod was Michael, Top swim 3, Top bait was our own prf boilies , Weather 18 - 34 degrees sunny with a unsettled day with a morning thunderstorm and heavy rain,water temperature 21 - 25.

24th August 2013

Reg,Dan,Mark,Mikey and Alan fishing swims 4,5,9 and 10 this family have been fishing here for many years much before we owned it and always had a great time here treating it as a holiday more then a full on fishing trip ,they have already secured there date for 2014 so they are not disappointed,Guys have only fished one night this week that being Monday and they didn't fish Thursday because of family commitments,with the sudden drop in water temperature on sunday because of heavy rain the lake has fished very hard many of the fish have been in the shallows but they still managed lots of pbs and some nice forties grandad Reg caught Amber the common or should we start calling her the mug after being caught again so quickly :) @ 49 lb 12 oz on swim 9 from mid water Dan and mikey finished the holiday well with new pbs Dan with a 43 lb and mikey a 35 lb mirror not bad for a fourteen year old Dan also had a 25 lb mirror all fish are being caught on our PRF and suttons peachy keen boilies 14mm cut in half's , Top swim 10, Top rod Dan, Top bait suttons peachy keen and PRF 14mm,with 11 coypu now shot this and last week we hope that's the end of them for a 18 - 27 degrees,water temperature 20 - 22.