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7th June 2014

These guys this week have been coming here since 2010 since we have owned it from Eastbourne and London,Dave jnr,Dave snr,Dave aka nobby,John Aka captain kirk,Alan and Simon and have booked already for 2015.
Fishing swims 3,4,9,10,11 and 12.
Still no signs of anymore spawning and fish being caught are empty.
None of the guys fished Saturday night just as well another huge thunder,lighting storm hit us at midnight with over an inch of rain and hale with it.Guys are using nutcracker this week and white cell wafters from me. Alan on swim 10 has just come back from Cuba and was saying Monday on the lake was hotter then the 2 weeks when he was away,telling me this morning on the thermometer on the lodge at one point Monday afternoon was 34 degrees in the shade PHEW !
Dave snr on swim 3 only fishes daytime and some of the evening he sleeps up at the lodge has had fish up to 42 lb 8oz on visual baits pink hybrid wafter and yellow pineapple pop up, nobby on swim 12 has had a good year fish up to 41 lb on nutcraker and bright yellow corn but since Wednesday morning he didn't fish he put his back out lifting a fish.Captain Kirk on swim 9 has banked several fish only up to the mid 30's,Alan on swim 9 banked a 45 lb 8 oz full of spawn and some mid 30's on white cell wafter and nutcracker and a cat @ 31 lb,What a difference a week makes Simon on swim 11  only 4 fish on various baits mid 30 his biggest,Dave jnr is using normal cell bottom bait had a 43 lb mirror and a couple of mid 30's and a 36 lb cat.
Normal cell doesn't seem to be doing very well on the lake anymore do seem to think its blown out now as Dave jnr has found out this year compared to other years here,lets face it 5 seasons its been used now.
weather this week was hot sunshine temperatures 30 - 34 degrees a couple of distance storms.
Water temperature 26.
Top rods this week nobby and Dave snr
Top Bait various different baits nutcracker visual wafters and pop ups.
Top swim 3 and 12
Great bunch of guys always welcome see you in June 2015 !
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2nd June 2014

Congratulations To Andy Clark on swim 11 for smashing the Common Carp lake record catching Amber just as it got dark @ 57 lb 8 oz she tripped up on a IQ rig size 8 hook Northern Monkey specialist hookbaits white cell wafter over our prepared particle all spawned out as well completely empty.

31st May 2014

Group of 6 this week from Hull,three are returning anglers from September 2012,Alan (Tabby),Andy(Cleggy),Tomo,Steve,Chris and Dave,fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and Cleggy is back in 11 just like 2012.
Andy (cleggy) on swim 11 Monday night smashed the common carp lake record catching Amber @ 57 lb 8 oz and then another huge common @ 55 lb 8 oz on friday morning known as GI jones he also smashed it with a pb mirror @ 45 lb and pb cat @ 33 lb he had several other fish all in the mid 30's throughout the week all on northern monkey baits white cell wafter and halo, Andy packed up on friday morning after catching yet another mid 30 mirror saying that was enough for him job done sleeping up at the lodge for the last night resting his back :),Chris on swim 5 has banked a new pb @ 36 lb, Alan on swim 9 banked a pb cat and pb common @ 35 lb also several other fish to 41 lb,Steve on swim 4 banked a new pb mirror @ 43 lb and several other fish,Dave swim 2 broke his pb mirror twice now 38 lb,Tomo didnt get a pb this time but banked mirrors to 29 lb on swim 10,These guys all used bait boats this week !
Fish started spawning again heavy friday morning with air temperature of 31 and water temperature of 22 not surprising.None of the guys really fished on last night all reeled in.
Top rod Andy.
Top swim 11.
Top bait white cell wafter.
Damage was done on a IQ rig size 8 hook.
Weather hot sunshine and cloud a few showers throughout the week.
Temperature   18 - 31 degrees.
Water temperature 20 - 22 degrees.
See you guys in 2016.
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24th May 2014

Group of 4 guys this week 2 of these are returning from last year,Alan,Mark,Ernie and Andy from the Reading area.
Fishing swims 2,4,5,9,11 and 12.
Its been very slow on the lake this week big drop in water temperature from last week 5 degrees after all that rain,these guys had it very hard and had to work for their fish.
Alan on swim 4 then on swim 2 last couple of nights nicked a 43 lb mirror and several other fish including a 38 lb cat his last fish were caught on nutcracker boilie.
Ernie couldn't seem to get the fish interested in swim 12 then moved to 9 and still struggled but banked a 41 lb mirror and some late mid 30's.
Andy on swim 11 nicked a fish here and there he didnt get a 40 but had a few mid 30's.
Same as last year Mark on swim 5 this time fished one rod in the margins and come up trumps again taking fish from the spot two of these were 44 lb take note to others who are coming out to us.
Top rod goes to mark again,Top swim was 5,Top bait was suttons peachy keen.
These guys didn't use bait boats !  
Great bunch these guys they are coming back to us again next year in August and hiring bait boats next time :)

Weather sun and cloud settled.
Temperature 15 - 26 degrees.
Water temperature 15 - 20 degrees

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17th May 2014

Another new group to us this week from Oxon.
Jason aka Captain Coypu,Darren aka Billy,Rob,Rich, Dave and Graham aka Posh.Fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and 11,
Some of these guys are friends of Pete from Blakes Baits who was Top rod about a year ago on swim 10 with 24 fish and catching Amber @ over 53 lb he did very well on his own baits specially Snowberry boilie which the guys have with them and other boilie baits from Bait Works Monster Red one of them.Let me start by saying what a great bunch of lads this group was and they are all top anglers 5 star !!
Well they wont wrong about the weather warning over 7 inches of rain fell Wednesday night and as many of you have probably seen the videos on our Facebook page what a wash out the worst storms me and Ellen have ever seen here never the less spirits have been high all week and the guys have now booked for next year.
Rob on swim 9 caught steady throughout the week then on Thursday morning he banked his new Pb mirror @ 55 lb a new 50 to the lake which he has named Daisy after one of his children,Billy caught his Pb common @ 39 lb,Graham had a steady week catching his Pb mirror @ 42 lb,Jason aka Captain Coypu started slow but ended up with a cracking new Pb Mirror @ 48 lb 8 oz which had one eye he has named it Nelson he also had a 47 lb 8 oz during the week,Rich had a great week flying off at the start doing his Pb sturgeon and catching Brick Top @ 48 lb 12 oz his new Pb and 3 other 40's,Dave done his pb mirror twice both dead on 45 lb and pb sturgeon from stock lake,Hats off to these guys the worst conditions ever the group still had a fish total of a fantastic (64) the best so far this year and a total weight of 1,1 tons of fish, 10 x 40's 2 of these were over 48 lb and of course 1 x 50 @ 55 lb.Average fish weight for the week was 34 lb 6 oz.
Top rod this week with 16 fish was Graham,Top swim was 11,Top Bait was Monster Red Bait Works.

Weather worst storms we have seen rain,thunder,lighting,storm force winds oh and sun.Temperatures 15 - 24 degrees.
Water temperature 20 to start then after the rain 16 degrees.

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10th May 2014

Another new group to us this week,from Kent,
Pat,Phil,Glen and Dave only 4 in the group should have been 5 but Phil s brother put his back out Friday afternoon and cant travel :(
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
What can you say really :( always feel for guys who arrive when the fish are spawning,well just as i thought its been slow to say the least and so hard for the guys after the heavy spawning at the weekend and into the beginning of the week to my surprise we had our first fish out on Tuesday since Friday afternoon from swim 5 a one toner @ 11 pm banked Glen a 45 lb mirror a new pb for him caught on double halibut boilie what was supposed to be for a cat sods law he has also had another 40 during the week so he is made up,more fish came  throughout the week for the guys Dave on swim 11 a new pb @ 42 lb 4 oz on suttons peachy keen and another friday morning @ 36 lb and Pat on swim 9 had a mirror @ 29 lb and then moved to swim 1 for last night and banked his new pb @ 36 lb 12 oz on PRF and lost another,Phil's enjoyed himself with a rod in the stock lake he has had mirrors of 16,20,22 and 24 lb which was a new pb at the time and sturgeons at 35 and 36 and some small cats and lots of small carp and banked his Pb mirror from the main lake in the very last hours on swim 3.

Top Rod Glen
Top bait PRF
Top swim 5
Great bunch of guys who learnt a lot from this and are coming back to us not next year but the year after and hopefully we will see Phil's brother next time as well.Oh and Dave them (MICE) are going to miss you :)

Water temperature rising 16 - 19 degrees,
Weather sunshine and showers 15 - 21 degrees towards end of the week very windy.

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3rd May 2014

New group to us this week from Devon,
Craig,Dave,Cookie,Matt,Scot and Gary fishing swims 2,3,5,9,10 and 11.
Guys broke lake record Whilst me and Ellen have been running the lake full time for the most 40's out in a week which stood at 18 from last year and now stands at 19 thanks to Dave on swim 5 banking 7 of them followed by son Craig and Cookie both banking 4 each,then Matt with 3 and Gary on swim 10 had one, only one who missed out was Scott on swim 2 losing a 40 at the net.Craig caught his target fish a sturgeon @ 35 lb from the stock lake and also had the biggest fish of the week @ 45 lb 8 oz,Scott caught a fish called Smudge down a bit on weight but Dave caught Scar the common up on weight 2 lb,Matt did his pb common on swim 11, total fish for the week out the main lake was 56, The lake was dead last night the fish were spawning heavily.
Top rod Dave,Top swim 5,
Average fish weight for the week was 36 lb 1 oz.
Top baits,various being used this week our own suttons peachy keen out fished the other boilie baits what the guys brought with them,they are also using our pellet and some particle we prepared for them they just wished that they ordered more particle as this is doing the trick for sure with tigers in it.
All these guys are top anglers with very good pbs under their belts but they had a great week, me and Ellen were so pleased to have met them and look forward to seeing them again.

Fish started spawning Thursday Heavily.

Water temperature 16 - 18 degrees.
Weather warm settled a few showers throughout the week 16 - 24 degrees.

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26th April 2014

Two non exclusive groups this week.  David and Peter from Cheshire and returning group from last year Steve,Justin,Neil and Karl from Blackpool and Bow London.
Fishing swims 3,4,5,9,10,11 and throughout the week changes to swim 1 and 8.
What a week this turned into with 4 x 50's 2 going to the same angler 16 x 40's up to 48 lb 8oz Peter on swim 9 was still catching 40's right up to his very last rod was in the water and that ripped away at 10.45am another @ 43 lb,so 3 anglers now have been awarded Sutton's limited sports grey 50 lb + hoodies.  Saturday evening Karl on swim 5 banked his new pb common Amber @ 52lb 3oz and just like last year she's done it again and come out twice in a week she doesn't learn.  Neil's right hand rod caught her again Tuesday morning on swim 3 @ 53lb 12oz problem is he was at the loo and Justin in swim 4 landed her, Amber is definitely on track to break the common carp lake record again.Peter on swim 9 banked his new pb mirror The Mole @ 50lb 12oz first time out at 50 up 3 lb in weight,during the week he caught a 35 lb 2 oz mirror while he was on the phone being told he had just become a grandfather whats the odds :) Neil is now made up with believe it or not banking The Mole which is amazing going on last year only coming out 3 times all year,he banked it again @ 51 lb swim 3 just as the light faded Tuesday night so he is a very happy man and no he don't get another hoodie lol.Steve on swim 11 had 4 x 40's in a day 3 of these were pbs up to 47 lb and 2 other 40's one @ 46 lb 8 oz on the last morning at 6am,David banked fish up to 46 lb on swim 10 and Justin didnt get his pb this year had fish up to 37 lb swim 1,
Top rod goes to Peter with amazing 1 x 50, 9 x 40's and several other fish,
Top swim 9,
Top bait our very own PRF and Suttons Peachy Keen.

Average fish weight for the week was 39 lb 6oz.
Water Temperature 13 - 15 degrees,
Weather very wet heavy rain some sun in between the showers temperatures 14 - 20

More updates throughout the week.

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19th April 2014

New exclusive group of three Rob, Colin and Andrew this week from the Portsmouth area. They will be moving around the lake during course of the week. Only 2 of the group will be fishing at night fulltime.
All the guys did pbs several times over, Andrew fished swims 4,5 and 12 over the week and left with 3 x 40's a pb mirror @ 46 lb and pb common @ 41 lb 8 oz and several other fish including a cat @ 39 lb,Colin did his pb mirror and sturgeon, Rob who mainly fished swim 10 took 3 x 40's to 48 lb 8 oz a fish called The sub,11 other fish of which 3 were 39 lb,these guys had to work for there fish which was a hard week with a big drop in water temperature at the start which come back up 2 degrees over the week.
Average fish weight for the week was 36 lb 1 oz.
Top rod Rob, Top swim 10, Top Bait Suttons Peachy Keen.  
Only our third group of the season and already we have had 15 different 40's up to 48 lb 8 oz and half a dozen fish @ 39 lb.  

These guys booked 2 dates for this year and are coming back in September :)

Water temp 14 - 16 degrees.  Weather 16 - 23 degrees, changeable winds throughout the week.

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