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16th October 2021

Hi guys,
We have Dan & Tom who have fished here b4 and newbies Dale and Alun, fishing swims 3,4,9 and 11.

Guys are using Archiepeachy red/white and pellet.

Omg what a quiet week it was only a handful of fish came out several stockies all mint, Dan on swim 11 tripped up a 41 lb over the other side Dale swim 5 blew his PB out the water tripping William up @ 57 lb 8 oz a best weight for this fish !

Weather was a mixed bag with a southerly for most of it high pressure dominiting still chilly nights

9th October 2021

Hi Guys, we are back for the next 5 weeks unless someone books the later dates left in November.

This week we have 6 on the lake they are all mainly from the Essex area Shut Up.

Adrian,Tony,Rob,Rod,Jeff and Deri fishing swims 2,4,5,9,10 and 11 it was a hard one to call a lot of fish were sitting on the front of the cold north easterly but when the guys arrived a big group of fish were in swim 5.
Right so i was bang on swim 11 holding fish again sitting on the front of the cold north easterly in the shallows, first Jeff tripped up Daisy 68 lb Boom ! on a Archie pop up then followed by sunday morning Amy best weight 53 lb 2 oz on a Archie wafter followed by william @ 54 lb 12 oz fishing over pellet Archiepeachy white/red boilies.

Deri swim 2 a stockie and grass carp 41 lb 9 oz, Scar the Common @ 45 lb 8 oz followed by chunky Lumpy 37 lb, Broken Tail best weight 49 lb 8 oz he stayed on for top rod
, Adrian was on a very slow swim 9 tripped up Bacon tail @ 36 lb 12 oz and a 37 lb 12 oz, Rods on swim 10 tripped up Small Scar @ 55 lb 8 oz and a stockie Finally Tony swim 4 last knockings had a stocke out.

All the guys used  Archiepeachy white/red and pelllet various wafters and pop ups.

Chilly nights and bright blue sky sunny days not forgetting that cold north easterly with morning temperatures dropping to 1 degree.

25th September 2021

Hi guys,

We are now on a 2 week break no thanks to Covid cancellations but will be back on the 9th October right through to Mid November with our last groups of 2021 !

18th September 2021

Oh my god !

What a week the last guys had Boom !

Right now onto this weeks group another amazing week double Boom 1 x 60 67.10, 8 x 50s to 59.8, numerous 40s,30s and stockies PBs done both common and mirror !

Rich, Billy, Jason aka Captain Coypu and Grahams back aka Posh this time around after he missed out last year due to covid ! the guys even named a fish for him One Man Down lol how funny would it have been if Posh caught it, but he didnt.

The guys know the score so are fishing 3,5,9 of course and 11, billy jumped on 2 and Jason 12 for last night.

Well it didnt take long Billy swim 5 was off the mark just b4 dinner Saturday tripping up Blondie @ 49 lb excellent weight.

Jason swim 9 banked 3 fish Rumble @ 45 lb and 2 stockies, Rich got off the mark with a 30lb 4 oz Billy banked another @ 31 lb so its just Posh to get on the board and it was only Sunday !

Weather for the week was a mixed bag it didnt stop raining Saturday but the guys arrived Friday night and bivved up on the paddock missing most of it, the wind turned around Sunday from south to north which turned out to be deadly for Rich and helpful for Posh on swims 11/3 with the fish following the wind and shoaling up down in the shallows !

So then the fish kept coming for Rich on swim 11 several stockies then a  39, 40.4, 54.8 william, 50.4 pb common white tip, 67 lb 10 oz pb mirror Daisy, 52.8 small scar, 47.8 China plate, 35.4 common, 56.8 stallone and 56.6 sid no less then 5 x 50s.

Graham on swim 3 pushed the rods down into the shallows tripping up 2 x 50s @ 59 lb 8 oz Katie & 50 lb 6 oz followed by 44.8, 40.12, 44.8 coup the common, 44 lb ambler and several stockies.

Jason also tripped a 50 up @ 52 lb 14 oz Jayden best weight for this fish caught from swim 11 also and a up and coming stock fish from 12.

The wind turned around again on Friday this time southerly moving the fish away from swim 11 on Friday so no more fish for Richard,
Billy moved to swim 2 for the last night and caught the last fish of the guys trip Castle Al @ 49 lb 2 oz so a result !

These guys dont mess about they had already booked for 2022 before they arrived for this trip.

April will soon come around and hopefully Covid will be gone, so guys no more tests and phone app scan codes to do lol !

11th September 2021

Hi Guys,
This week we have two brothers Dave and Keith originally from North London both now living in Essex Shut Up !

Fishing swims 9/10 always hard fishing when theres only 2 and fishing together but after a chat I told them to sit tight stay on the spots keep the bait going in when they are hungry they will come which they did.

A couple out on pop ups then most fish then come on Archiepeachy White bottom baits over pellet and boilies boy they went through 100 kgs of pellet between them over the week.

What a week 6 x 50s to 57 lb 14 oz which was Sid no big girl this week but who cares when youre tripping fish up left, right and centre.

The Barrel, Sid, Shoulder Scale, Jess, China Plate, some of the names showing their faces, over 850 lb of fish 22 in total some at their best weights also several stockies all doing really well on weight gains, Which kept them busy uncaught fish we stocked from the blue lagoon back in November.

The weather could have been kinder to them up to 30 degrees some days winds all over the place and some heavy heavy rain at night just ask Keith he was playing 50s in it with just his pants on !

What can we say about these guys what a laugh we had they are booked already for 2022 cant wait to see them already, lovely lovely guys !

The write up on our Testimonials page on this site speaks for itself !

28th August 2021

We have George and Pete over fishing swims 3/5 and 9, guys are using both Archiepeachy white and redfish.
Pete started on swim 3 his usual swim but moved early on because of the very gusty north easterly making it fill chilly swim 5 had calm water no wind with sunshine what a good move it turned out to be later in the week.
The guys had it tough fishing was really hard going but we still had PBs starting with Pete a new Pb common @ 52 lb 2 oz on the new redfish boilie after his move and a couple of stockies upto 29 lb a linear, then George done a 48 lb 8 oz common barrel followed by new PB mirror 53 lb William and Amy at best weight 52 lb 14 oz then after a quiet spell a 38 lb mirror also a stockie a Pb roach pink pop ups working well for George.

Weather was warm hottest day Friday at 30.9 degrees wind was very gusty until Thursday night mainly coming from north then turning around to south

10th August 2021

Lets start by congratulating Pete fishing swim 10 for a change only for a couple of nights tripping up Daisy this time at her spawned out weight of 67 lb 8 oz up 4 lb on last years weight she just keeps growing caught on a pink pop up he also banked 2 mid 20 mint common stockies we stocked back in November from the blue lagoon.

Still we wait for anglers to come out to us many worrying about rules changing while they are here, so its now looking like September before we see anglers fishing cant wait what a year its been again our last group was here back in October 2020 seems so long ago !

3rd July 2021

Spencer was back over for a quick 48 hour session a change of swim from last fishing 4, no PBs this time around but he did trip up 4 Fish.

Broken Tail at its best weight @ 49 lb followed by 3 x 39s @ 39.8 39.8 and 39.2, a average of nearly 42 lb !

Fishing pink pop ups over our very own Archiepeachy boilies/chops and crumb.

Weather was showery but warm very weird for this time of year on a southerly, lake is full a first for July water temperature 26.5 degrees.

We are getting closer to our first anglers to arrive tick tok !

11th May 2021

Its another trying year getting anglers on fishing, but if you live local like Spencer does what a result, he had fished a couple of times during the winter after helping out with the netting of the Blue lagoon but had not been very successful.

Until this mini session smashing PBs both common and mirror.
Katie 59.10, Smudge the common 56.2, china plate 50.2, The Barrel 49.14, 48.8, Coup the common 45.8, Archie 39.4 and 36.

Spencer fished swim 3 using simple rigs fishing over Archiepeachy boilies on washed out pink and white pop ups !

Weather was horrible alot of rain and strong winds coming from the south below average temperatures and around the 1000 mark pressure !