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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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15th June 2013

Group of 6 guys this week from Bromley,Kent. Dan S, James, Dan B, Turkish, Justin and Dan H.  Some of the group have been to us before,fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 10,Well lets start with the weather what a wash out its been the lakes overflowing again and the guys have spent most of there time locked up in there bivvies heavy rain,showers and thunderstorms most of the week just a tiny bit of sun,Think fish have been pushed down on the bottom again, Temperatures 20 - 28 degrees,Water temperature 20 - 21,great group of guys they dug in and all swims had fish,it was very hard going over the forest side of the lake still producing some nice fish a couple of these forties,but swim 5 had the best runs producing Amber @ 54lb Justins new PB common,Top rod Justin,Top swim 5, Top bait Cell,Stock lake fished well with some good carp and sturgeon coming out,hats off to you guys and good angling under testing conditions,see you all July 2014 your all booked in.

8th June 2013

Group of 4 this week Dale,John,Bacon and Andy,two of the group have been before from Leicester,Bury and Bolton area,fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11,this was a very hard week for the guys arriving just as they were finishing spawning,All swims had fish from 28lb to 51lb from swim 5 Dales new PB and a new fifty to the lake no pbs for john this time but Bacon and Andy both did Pbs,Temperature 17 - 29 degrees, water temperature 19 - 21,Top rod Dale,Top swim 5,Top bait Cell,Top angling from them all and your all booked for July 2014.

1st June 2013

New group of 7 this week from the Bedfordshire area Paul,Steve,Chris,Ben,Adam,Ian and Mark fishing swims 2,3,5,9,11,12 and Mark on stock lake.  Fish did come out on all swims,30's to 39lb 8oz and 40's to 46lb guys had it very hard after the heavy rain from the week before the lake water colour still not back to normal heavy spawning the last 3 days of there week didn't help matters but they stuck at it.  Mark on the stock lake ended up with 873 lb of carp and sturgeon.  Top rod was Chris.  Top swim was 11.  Top Bait was Cell dumbell.  Temperature 17 - 32 degrees with water temperature 16 - 21.  These guys were a great group and even with a not so good result they still had many PB's and could see how good a venue this is they have booked again already for 2014.  Thanks guys from Me and Ellen.

25th May 2013

New group to us 6 guys this week one of them returning next year 2014 with our group from last year the West Sussex fire fighters who was with us in September 2012,Tim,Tommy,Tony,Mick,Jason and Tom,with only 2 fishing at night theirs not going to be any records broke this week they are also having a day trip out to oradour sur glane,3 of the group left one day early after the shocking heavy rain and fish not feeding,water temperature 14-16 degrees,weather 11 -21 degrees,they took a handful of thirties to 38lb 8oz, 2 x 40's, 1 x 50lb ,sturgeon to  36lb and carp to 22lb from stock lake,Top swim 5, Top rod J, Top bait suttons peachy keen,Lovely group of guys if only we could control the weather in with the price of your holiday  see you next June.

18th May 2013

Guys on this week all the way from Denmark been coming here since 2007 even before we owned it Rene,Kim,Michael and Verner fishing swims 3,5,9,11 and of course after last week 10.  Kim on swim 3 has had the best trip here ever catching his PB mirror 45lb 1oz and not just one 20 kg + fish which has been a goal of his for years but 4.  Michael became the new common carp lake record holder catching Amber at 54lb, and also caught Bigscale at 50lb off swim 10.  Weather was terrible with the lake rising 5 inches over the week very cold at night turning the fish off mid way through the week.  They took 18 x 30's to 39lb 5oz, 14 x 40's to 47lb 8oz , 2 x 50's to 54lb with a total fish of 57.  Top swim 3.  Top rod Kim with 27 fish.  Top bait Amber strawberry.  Temperature 11 - 19 degrees, water temperature now only 12 degrees no chance of them spawning for a while yet.  See you all next year.

11th May 2013

New group on four guys, 2 which have been before.This group had a amazing week breaking the lake record for the most forties out in one week for a group of 4 anglers a total of 18 whoop whoop!
Gavin group leader started well first cast first fish 42lb 4oz on swim 9,Pete on swim 10 caught Amber 53lb 12oz making her the new common lake record caught on snowberry Blakes Baits,also showing her face first time this year was Bigscale caught by Barry with maggots on swim 3 50lb 4oz,Steve on swim 5 had an amazing 6 x 40's to 47lb 4oz all PB's,weather was unsettled temperatures 12 - 23 degrees,water temperature 15 - 17 degrees,Top swim was 10,Top bait was a mixture of different boilies form Blakes Baits snowberry,nutmix and crab and cranberry,also maggots,Top rod was Pete with 24 fish, They took 3 x 50's to 53lb 12oz, 18 x 40's to 47lb 4oz, 35 x 30's to 39lb 2oz,lots of new PB's,Total fish was 68,they also had cats to 19lb and sturgeon and double figure carp from stock lake,Well done guys amazing angling,see you hopefully in December for drain down Gavin and Baz dont forget your winter woolies.

4th May 2013

Nice group of guys third time back and booked again already for 2014.  Dave Jr,Dave Sr, Nobby, Mick, Simon and Alan they enjoy this holiday not just for the fishing but as a social event for them all to get together with two of the group not fishing at night and taking a lot of time away from there swims, they still did very well.  Weather was very unsettled with lots of heavy rain temperatures 14 - 23 degrees and water temperature was up and down 16 - 19 degrees.  They took 22 x 30's to 39lb 4oz, 6 x 40's to 49lb, 3 cats only small, sturgeon from stock lake to 30lb taking a total of 40 fish with 5 PB's.  Top swim 3. Top bait Cell.  Top rod Dave Jr with 12 fish 4 of these being 40's 40,43,47 and 49lb.  See you all in June 2014.

27th April 2013

New group of 3 guys from the Stoke area Ian Smith who is a Nash angler, Andrew and first time to France Jon.  Weather once again being very unsettled with the lake rising 4 inches over night followed by bright sunshine and temperatures up to 25 degrees, water temperatures 14 -17 degrees.  Even for top anglers Ian found this first part of the week very hard going but as the week went on the fish started to come with them using loads of 10mm pellet which is there natural feed we use on them building landmarks for them to find and feed on.  Taking the fish on Cell and 16mm pellet tipped with corn they took 31 x 30's to 39lb 12oz, 5 x 40's to 46lb 8oz, 7 fish between 28lb - 30lb, 7 fish between 38lb - 40lb.  Total fish 50 this included a fantastic 39lb 12oz grass carp, and 2 different braces of thirties from swim 4 for Andrew and a brace of forties swim 5 for Ian.  Top swim 4.  Top rod Andrew.  Top bait Cell.  Well done guys see you soon if not later this year sometime in 2014!

20th April 2013

Due to a very late cancellation and not being able to give this date away to anyone at short notice we had no anglers on.  I managed a couple of hours in between jobs and had a 37lb 8oz mirror from swim 9 on a 18mm pop up PRF boilie bait.