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13th April 2013

More new blood with a group of guys from Blackpool and Bow in London Neil,Steve,Karl and Justin.  Weather was a bit more settled this week temperatures 10-29 degrees water temperature on the up 15-18 degrees.  The fishing was still very hard going compared to previous years they took 11 x 30's 39lb 12oz,4 x 40's 45lb, sturgeon from stock lake to 36lb, 2 cats from the main lake first of the year only small with 9 pb's.  Top swims 3 and 5.  Top rods Neil and Steve.  Top Bait Cell.See you all again same time next year!

6th April 2013

Another new group to us this year from Kent,Essex and London areas Alex, Big Andy, Little Andy, Ray, Robin, Peter and his son Charlie who fished the stock lake.  Again fish weren't showing anywhere and staying in the deeper water areas of the lake and weather was very unsettled temperatures 8-18 degrees water temp 9-12 degrees but they still managed fish to fifty pounds a new fifty to the lake.  They took 10 x 30's to 38lb 6oz, 4 x 40's to 41lb 6oz and 1 x 50lb bang on.  Charlie had a fantastic time fishing the stock lake taking 19 x 20's to 28lb 1 x 30 to 33lb and a 40lb 4oz common caught on his Dads rod in the main lake.  The group also had sturgeon from stock lake 35lb -42lb.  Top swim 9 -10.  Top rods Big Andy and Alex.  Top bait pop up cell white chocolate. You're all booked in for June and September 2014 see you then!

30th March 2013

New group of guys from Norfolk area Bert,Gary,Ryan,Josh,Matt and Dean.  Coming of the back of winter with no fish showing all being very good carp anglers found it very hard going with temperatures not going much above freezing in the day with the added wind chill and dropping way below at night water temp hovered about 7 degrees and only went up to 11 degrees.  They still managed a handful of thirties to 35lb 2oz which was Ryans pb and also sturgeon to 34lb 12oz from the stock lake.  Top swim 4.  Top rod Matt.  Top bait Cell.  Even with their poor result they are coming back in 2014.

27th October 2012

Suffolk boys Duncan and his father Charles had the lake to themselves.  Where do we start with the weather their first day on and had gale force winds followed by temperatures and wind chills dropping to - 4 degrees at night this then followed by seven inches of rain falling day and night.  Water temperature was 11 degrees.  The fish didn't want to know at first but after putting out a lot of bait out and the heavy rain helping to lift temperatures they were feeding fine.  Charles only fished a few days in the stock pond sleeping at the lodge at night Duncan didn't fish full time spending time off the rods to study.  They took 10 x 30's to 37lb 4oz, 2 x 40's to 43lb, taking a total of 18 and then 5 x Sturgeon to 36lb from the stock pond.  They did several PB's, one being Charles with his 36lb Sturgeon.  Top swim no.3.  Top bait was Suttons Peachy Keen.  Top rod was Duncan.  Was very nice seeing you both again as we haven't seen you for a couple of years hope its not as long til we see you again.  P.S.  Thanks Charles for your mini digger skills it was very much appreciated.

13th October 2012

Second time back this year Gavin who left his group behind and travelled over with his partner Lou this time, came for a chill out and some fishing.  After last weeks rain we thought we would get a break from it but couldn't have been more wrong, heavy rain most of the week with up to 5 inches falling in just a couple of days and temperatures were not too bad 15 - 21 degrees.  Gavin who is a very good angler had to work very hard at the beginning to get them going but it paid off.  Water temperature after the rain was 14 degrees.  They had 13 x 30's to 38lb, 3 x 40's to 45lb and a stunning 50lb 6oz common his new pb which believe it or not he caught twice over the week on the same rod,mark and bait, total fish 27.  They also took sturgeon to 34lb and had a small cat of 25lb.  Top swim was 9, top bait was maggots followed by Blakes baits Snowberry boilie new out this week.  Top rod of course was Gavin it was nice meeting you Lou and see you in May mate with your group bring it on. Also my Father in Law Bob Allen over from England fished for a few hours one day in the week and caught a Sturgeon from the stock pond which is his new PB 32lb 8oz and had a small carp.

6th October 2012

A nice couple this week who had the lake and lodge to themselves Malcolm and Kirsten.  What can I say about the weather apart from a total wash out they spent most their time in the bivvy or up at the lodge.  Weather was 15-23 degrees heavy rain with storms all week, water temperature 15 degrees.  They left a day early to break up there journey home and had time off the rods in the week to go into local town for the afternoon.  They did 5 pbs and took 2 x 40's to 44lb 12oz, 3 x 30's to 34lb, Sturgeon to 32lb.Top swim was 9, Top bait was Sutttons peachy keen tipped with fake yellow corn,Top rod was Malcolm, Kirsten did her pb twice in the stock pond and they had a small cat.  Malcolm dropped more fish than he caught but hey ho that's carp fishing.  I very much enjoyed meeting you both and yes see you next year.

29th September 2012

What a wicked group of guys this week James,Lee,Steve,Paul,Dale(Barrell)and Wayne(Squeak) all very experienced carp anglers who have fished france many times,the fishing this week was very hard with the fish biting very strange with not many screaming runs we normally have,but they still broke the common carp lake record,weather was sunshine and showers 17-25 degrees, water temperature 17 degrees,they took 5 x 40's to 42lb 8oz,15 x 30's to 39lb 12oz and a awesome 52lb 8oz common which was caught by Lee Thomas in swim 8 gz mate,total fish was 37,Top swim was 9,Top rod was Wayne,Top bait was cell with yellow sweetcorn,your all booked in for next year guys and cant wait to see you all again think you will smash it big time.

22nd September 2012

Great group of family and friends all the way from Hull.  During the start of the week the group had 5 inches of very heavy rain and strong winds topped with storms over the course of 4 days and they still managed to take fish, after the storms had passed temperatures were back up and sun was back out which raised the mood of the still wet group.  Cleeg the gunner had 2 forties,Dean had a 43lb, Gary group organiser had 2 forties,Darren had a 43lb, Phil had a 46lb mirror and sturgeon to 39lb, Tomo had a 43lb mirror and Alan had Big scale at 49lb 2oz and another at 45lb 15oz, Dave the sturgeon Marshall who only fished the stock pond had hundreds of carp to 20lb + and sturgeon up to 34lb.  They did 23 pbs and took 10 x 40's to 49lb 2oz, 22 x 30's to 39lb,total fish was 52.  Top swim 10.  Top rods were Gary and Darren.  Top bait was vortex and cell.  Water temperature was 16 degrees and weather was 16 - 21 degrees.  Hope to see you guys again perhaps not next year but the year after.

15th September 2012

Great new group of five guys fire fighters from West Sussex Dave,Paul,Jeff,Rob and Martin.  After still hot temperatures at the start of the week the group found it hard going but as the week went on the weather turned cooler and the fish starting having it.  Paul did his pb mirror and common, Martin did his pb mirror Hell yeah! Dave done his pb mirror and sturgeon, Rob did his pb leather,common and sturgeon.  Weather was hot then a lot cooler 28-20 degrees,water temperature 18 degrees.  The group did 11 pb's in total and they took 34 x 30's to 38lb 8oz, 5 x 40's to 43lb, 4 x sturgeon to 35lb totalling 63 fish.  Top rod was Paul with 21 fish. Top bait was Suttons Peachy Keen.  Top Swim was no.5.  It was great having you here guys see you all again soon.