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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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18th August 2012

New group of lads Daz, Brett, Steve, Ray, Martin and Kie.  All the lads struggled and with the excessive temperatures that have been its hardly surprising.  They took 15 x 30's to 37lb, 4 x 40's to 48lb and taking a miserable total of 49 fish.  Top rod was Daz with 13 though amazingly top swim 4 and not 9.  Top bait was Cell.  Temps ranged from 34 - 41 degrees, water temp was 24 degrees.

11th August 2012

A new group of six guys this week the Welsh Wizards.  Group organizer Gareth had a blinding week on swim 9 with some of the other lads struggling due to the heatwave we are having at the moment with full sun and blue skies and temps of 30-38 degrees.  The water temp is a staggering 24 degrees.  They took 5 x 40's two of which were 47lb, one a common and the other a mirror, 28 x 30's - 38lb.  Total number of fish caught was 80.  They did 7 PB's in total.  They also caught a couple of Sturgeon to 33lb from the stock pond and a catfish of 29lb.  Top rod this week was Gareth with a total of 25 fish.  Top swim was no.9 and top bait was CC Moore Live System.  It was very nice meeting you all and look forward to seeing you all again this time next year.

4th August 2012

A lovely regular couple Martyn and Shelley from Suffolk whom booked the whole lake for themselves this week.  Martyn had an amazing time taking a staggering 584 Kg's of fish!  He took 15 x 30's to 38lb 5oz and 9 x 40's to 49lb 5oz which was Martyn's new PB and this was also our most famous fish Big Scale who has piled on the pounds since she was last caught.  He took a great 41 fish in total.  Martyn moved around the lake during the course of the week fishing swims 1, 2, 6 and 9.  The top swim this week was number 9 and all the fish were caught using Tails Up PRF.  The weather was stunning with blue skies and full sun with temps between 28-33 degrees and water temp at 23 degrees.  It's always a pleasure to have you both and we're glad you had such an amazing week.  We look forward to seeing you both next year.

28th July 2012

A regular family group this week but unfortunately only two were able to come due to pressing family circumstance, these were Reg who lives in France and his grandson Dan.  They were only able to fish during the day and not at all on Thursday, even so they still had a very good week with Reg coming out top rod with 24 fish.  Dan did his PB mirror and catfish and Reg did his PB common.  They took 16 x 30's to 37lb and 3 x 40's to 42lb.  Taking 39 fish in total.  The weather was fine and sunny with temps between 26 - 32 degrees, and water temp was 22 degrees.  Top swim was no.9.  Top bait was Suttons Peachy Keen on a bed of 4.5mm pellet.  Well done on a good week of fishing and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

21st July 2012

Another great new group this week and a fantastic weeks fishing.  Full group of 6 Essex lads Iain, Mick, Paul, Rich, Stephen and Tom.  They did 14 PB's in total Tom the youngest at 15 did his PB common, sturgeon and a lovely mirror of 43lb 4oz.  Rich did his PB mirror, common and catfish.  Stephen did his PB common, both Mick and Iain did their PB sturgeon.  They took 52 x 30's to 39lb 5oz, 5 x 40's - 45lb, taking a brilliant total of 120 fish.  Water temp was 20-22 Celsius.  The weather was mostly dry and sunny with a couple of storms overnight and temperatures ranged from 25-38 degrees.  Top rod this week was Mick with a total of 27 fish caught.  Top swim was no.9, and top bait was Cell.  Well done to you all and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

14th July 2012

No anglers on this week, so a little rest and maintenance ready for a full group next week.

7th July 2012

Great new group of 3 this week from Hertfordshire Matt, Zach and Rob all doing there pb's a total 9 times.  Matt with his mirror and grass, Zach with his mirror, grass and cat and Rob with his pb mirror.  Weather conditions were very unsettled and the group were using new baits to the lake and found it tough going temps 18c-25c with lots of heavy rain to the end, water temp 20c.  They took 11 x 30's to 37lb 8oz,5 x 40's to 45lb 3 of these fish being 45lb and different fish.  Total fish 37.  Top rod was Matt with 19 fish.  Top swim was 10. Top bait was Activ 8.  Glad you guys had a great week and hopefully Rob will catch a Sturgeon next year after trying so hard this week to get one.

30th June 2012

Two on this week Jay and John family members. They had a very hard week with pressure going up and down all week. The weather was hot at the start and very unsettled to the end temperatures 16c-29c.  They took 4 x 30's to 33lb, 2 x 40's to 41lb a total number of 25. Jay done his pb grass carp and catfish, and John done his pb sturgeon. Top rod was Jay, top swim was 9 and top bait was dyamite baits the source.  Missing you already and cant wait until October when your back.

23rd June 2012

Nice group of lads from Cambridgeshire Mark, Nick and James.  Top rod this week was James with 20 fish. The lads had a total of 20 PB's.  Nick did his PB mirror and cat, Mark did his PB mirror, grass, common and cat, and James did his PB mirror and common.  Top swim this week was no.8 and top bait was Cell closely followed by Ghost Cambridge carp bait,  The biggest fish this week was Bigscale weighing in at 48lb caught by Mark on swim no.5 using Cell.  They took 22 x 30's - 39lb, 4 x 40's - 48lb a total of 53 fish.  As much as they tried no sturgeon were caught from the stock lake this time, which is a first, better luck next year lads you did great.  Weather was very warm with temps between 27-36 degrees in full sun no rain with just a passing storm.