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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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8th September 2011

Once again another great week five lads taking 138 fish 43 x 30s and 7 x 40s.  Top rod this week was Paul he took 46 fish 14 x 30s to 38 lb14oz mirror .  Paul also took cats to 25 lb and sturgeon to 33 lb 4 oz.  Paul was constantly trying to stay ahead of the fish he changed tactics and set traps ready to nail the fish well done Paul top angling buds. Alan was next in line another good angler and manager of the well known ash mead lake in the uk. Alan took 27 fish 5 x 30s to 39 lb 2 oz and 2 x 40s a 44 lb 10 oz mirror and his new pb a cracking 46 lb 8 oz common. Alan also had catfish to 25 lb and sturgeon he was also smashed up by big cats.  Joe did very well taking 24 fish 9 x 30s to 38 lb 15 oz and 2 x 40s a 41 lb 14 oz mirror and his new pb common at 43 lb 6 oz.  I was on the bank with Joe when he hooked a big cat after a battle the fish smashed him up going through the cuts in the lake unlucky Joe for a moment I thought you had her.  Anthony did well taking 22 fish with 6 x 30s to 35 lb topped off with his new pb mirror at 40 lb and a lovely pb common at 45 lb.  Steve also had a great trip taking 19 fish with 9 x 30s to 36 lb 8 oz and a cracking mirror at 44 lb 8 oz.  Top swims were 3 and 5 and the top bait was a plum and pepper.  Conditions once again were very unsettled .  These lads once again broke the old record of 107 fish and they had a day off the lake and had long dinner breaks. I think they would have been very close to the new lake record had they fished full time well done lads and thanks for a great week!

25th August 2011

Where do you start? To say this group were nailing is a total understatement. They totally smashed lake records. Six anglers 197 fish smashing the old 107 fish record. Total weight 6540lb of fish . 125 x 30s  24 x 40s and a 50+ fish. Another long-standing record of 1 man 1 week 56 fish was smashed by our new record holder Gareth 1 man 1 week 69 fish.  This is amazing!  Gareth fished swim 5 and took 69 fish he had 47 x 30s to 39 lb 9 oz and 8 x 40s to 45 lb 10 oz.  Gareth also took his new pb grassy at 30 lb 2 oz. He also took 23 fish in 1 day which im sure must be another record .Next in line and also smashing the old record was Nigel he took 63 fish which included 39 x 30s to 39 lb 12oz and 10 x 40s to 48 lb 04 oz. Nigel then topped that with a cracking mirror at 51 lb his pb mirror and he smashed his previous pb on every fish giving him 63 pbs his pb common came in at 41 lb 4 oz. Nigel was on swim 9. Adam the organiser came back this year with his son Ben as a family holiday. Adam still nailed 34 fish with 21 x 30s to 38 lb 10 oz and 6 x 40s to his new pb at 44 lb 1 oz. Adam smashed his pb 13 times he was fishing swim 4.  Ben one of our two youngsters was next he managed 11 fish with 3 x 30s to 36lb 8 oz his new pb mirror and also did his pb common at 28 lb 12 oz. Ben had 11 pbs.  Josh had 10 fish with 8 x 30s to his new pb common at 39 lb 12 oz he smashed his pb mirror with a cracking fish at 39 lb 8 oz.All fish were once again caught on cell.  The weather was up and down with a lot of storms.

20th August 2011

With the mid season break over the new group turned up and what they caught was totally awesome! The Grimmett family of only four anglers totally took the place apart and with only three of them fishing most nights and not fishing at all between 2am and 7am and even having a day away from the lake they still totalled 101 fish only 6 fish away from the lake record of 107 fish in a week. Im sure all of our site readers will agree this is truly an amazing record all of its own and never done by only 4 anglers. Top rod was Alan with 7 years experience of fishing France he could not get above 33 lb but boy did that change when he did his pb 10 x taking 38 fish total weight 1058.5 lb which included 19 x 30s to his new pb mirror at 39 lb.  Alan also had 2 x braces at 23lb and 29 lb and 22 lb and 29 lb then topped this off while I was stood watching with a trio at 33 lb 35 lb and 37 lb to say the cat that got the cream was an understatement.  Alan then rounded off the week with his pb common at a cracking 43 lb.  Next in line was Reg the smaller he had 22 fish total weight 576 lb he had 7 x 30s to 37 lb and commons to his new pb at 22 lb.  Mark was also there with 22 fish totalling 573 lb he took 6 x 30s to 35 lb he had 2 x braces topped off with 2 x 40s at 40 lb and 40 lb 5 oz. Vicky the young lady of the group did amazing doing her pb 9 times she had 19 fish totalling 524.25 lb with 6 x 30s to her new pb mirror at 36 lb a pb cat a pb sturgeon a cracking new pb common at 46 lb.  This group have stayed loyal to the lake for 7 years and have said since it was taken over Andy and Ellen Sutton they cant believe how well the place is looking and how much difference there is in the stamp of fish.  Top swims were 3 4 and 5 followed by 9 and top bait was our own tails up prf.  Conditions were hard with pressure up and down throughout the week.

16th July 2011

A great week this was .5 lads taking 90 fish to just over a total weight of a ton. they had 26 x 30s and 6 x 40s .top rod this week was Brian he took 30 fish in total with 9 x 30s to 39lb 6oz and 2 x 40s both his new pbs he had a lovely 42 lb 3 oz followed by big scale at 46 lb. lasse was close behind doing an amazing 23 fish with 6 x 30s to 38 lb 12 oz and his new pb mirror at 42 lb 3 oz and his new pb common a cracker at 45lb. Brian and lasse had a cracking brace at 45lb and 42lb 3oz . lars did well with 14 fish but just couldn’t nail his pb he was 2 oz under .he had 3 x 30s to 37 lb 4 oz . Brian and Simon listened to my every word .after lars decided to move on Tuesday the 2 lads moved from swim 11 to 10 and fished long distance to in front of number 8. Simon took 12 fish with 5 x 30s which included his new pb common at 30 lb 2 oz and then smashed his pb mirror with a lovely 40 lb 3 oz .Brian had a trip of a lifetime he said doing 11 fish with 2 x 30 s to his new pb mirror of 37 lb 4 oz and topped that with his new pb common a stunner at 46 lb 8 oz. The conditions were very wet this week .top swims were 4 and 5 and the bait this week was an assortment of cc Moore baits including live system

1st July 2011

Wot a fantastic week .4 lads on this week doing over a ton of fish.81 fish in total with 22 x 30 lb+ fish to 39 lb 8 oz. and  3 x 40 lb + fish to 46 lb .the lads did 12 x pbs between them . They had cats to 54 lb there total weight of fish was 2280 lb . Mick was top rod this week taking 30 fish which included 3 x braces and since team Sutton took over our first triple at 25 lb  29 lb topped off with a 31 lb . Mick had 7 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz. Mick then smashed his pb common at 32 lb he then rounded it off with his pb mirror at 41 lb 8 oz . This morning Mick was about to wind his gear in when he hit another lump his new pb big scale at 46 lb. nick micks son was chasing his dad and took 21 fish . Nick had 7 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz he followed that up with a 54 lb catfish then took a pb sturgeon at 36 lb. nick was well happy with a 24 lb grass carp to end the trip . Jim was next in line with 18 fish 4 x 30s to 37 lb and 1 x 40 lb + fish his new pb at 41 lb 8 oz .Jim also had his pb sturgeon at 36 lb in total he managed to do his pb 6 times. James did well he had 12 fish 4 x 30s to 34 lb .James did his pb leather at 27 lb and his pb  sturgeon at 34 lb . Weather was settled and the top swims were 9 and 10. The other lads fished 3 and 5. Top bait was once again cell

25th June 2011

A great week for the 5 lads.65 fish in total with 24 x 30s to 39 lb .10 x 40s to 49 lb and a cracking 51 lb mirror. top rod this week was Dan he had 21 fish which included 7 x 30s to39 lb .and 4 x 40s at 41 lb  43 lb  a sturgeon at 43 lb and a cracking 48 lb mirror. Dan topped these off with a lovely 51 lb mirror dans new pb .next was Gary he took 15 fish with 6 x 30s to 38 lb and4 x 40s to his new pb at a cracking 49 lb mirror. Gary also took commons to 33 lb .Jamie a newcomer to France was thinking of moving swims by Monday as he had taken only 1 fish a 34 lb sturgeon. I spent a while with him tying rigs and sorting his traces. Jamie took 13 fish with 4 x 30s to 38 lb and 2 x 40s  at 45 lb and his new pb at 46 lb . Jesse another newcomer to France had a great week he had 10 fish with 2 x 30s to 37 lb and 2 x 40s a 44 lb mirror and a 47 lb mirror his new pb. Daniel had 5 x 30s to 38 lb .the lads this week broke there pbs 20 times .top swims were 5 and 9. Top bait was cell .conditions have still been up and down .thanks for listening lads a great group

22nd June 2011

news flash . with the big catfish smashing up the lads again this week. the lake owners andy and ellen have now put up a reward.anyone catching the 150 lb + catfish will win the new nashy bivvy. good luck

18th June 2011

Feed that horse trim kept saying. Feed it they did and wot a week they had.67 fish 24x 30s to 39 lb.4 x 40s to 45 lb. and an amazing 45 pbs between them. Michael was top rod with 18 fish which included 9 x 30s to 38 lb topped off with his new pb at 42 lb a lovely mirror. He also did his pb sturgeon at 33 lb and his pb catfish at 22 lb. next inline was Luke who by the Monday with no fish was ready to give in. im not surprised as this was his fourth French trip and yet he has never caught in France. After a good chat and a look at the rigs together away he went. He had 14 fish .6 x 30s to 38 lb and a cracking new pb mirror at 41 lb. Luke had a new pb sturgeon at 44 lb and 4 x 30s to 33 lb. he also had a lovely 30 lb common. The trimester was next after feeding that horse big time as he says he had a lovely brace. A sturgeon and a mirror. He topped that off with a cracking 45 lb common. Kevin had 11 fish with 3 x 30 s to 32 lb and his pb sturgeon at 33 lb he finished that with his new pb a lovely41 lb mirror. Adam struggled this week but he still managed his pb .he had 2 x 30s to 39 lb .all the lads did pbs this week top swims were 4 . 5 . 11 . top bait was once again the cell . Weather was very unsettled. I would like to say thanks to the lads for a great week and for listening to my advice

11th June 2011

The lads managed 33 fish by the end of the 2 weeks. Taking14 x 30s to 37 lb 6 oz.and 2 x 40s one at 41 lb 10 and big scale at 48 lb 6 oz both fish were totally empty after spawning. Most of the fish were caught on the new grange. Ken was top rod with 29 fish his son sleepy Shane only did 4 .he never fished overnight and a few days I walked around his rods were in .top swim this week was 9 .the conditions were very hard .The lads that turned up yesterday have already done 2 pbs out of 6 lads with 5 x 30s to 34 lb the first night