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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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16th June 2012

Three on this week a lovely couple Mike & Gwen who have been to the lake many times now, and our very own Andy Sutton who didn't fish full time and didn't fish the full week.  Top rod this week was Andy with a total of 20 fish.  Top swim was no.4 and top bait was Suttons Peachy Keen followed by Cell. Everyone done their pb's.  Gwen with a 48lb 3oz mirror, Mike with a 40lb 4oz grass carp and Andy with a 45lb mirror.  They took 19 x 30's to 38lb 5oz, 5 x 40's to 48lb 3oz and 4 cats to 38lb 5oz making a total of 52 fish.  Weather was very stormy at night with 3 big storms during the week and some very heavy rain.  Considering how much fresh water went into the lake this week it still fished very well.

9th June 2012

Once again due to the Euro we had another free week, but it does give the fish a breather and gives us time for lake maintenance.  The weather has been quite unsettled this week but temps still managing mid 20's and above.  The fish are now jumping all over the lake so next week should make for a good weeks fishing.

2nd June 2012

No anglers on this week thanks to euro 2012 kicking off,not so bad for the fish gives them a rest and we can get on with some lake maintenance,weathers been unsettled 17c - 26c a few storms buckets of rain lake is full to the top,fish are moving around well and Ive spotted a few big cats,hopefully now fish are all spawned out and we can move on and have another brilliant year.

26th May 2012

Group of six this week.  A brilliant group of regulars Xavier, Josh, Les, Jon, Jack and Steve.  Top rod this week was Steve catching a total of 17 fish.  He did his PB common twice, one of which was a new lake record common at 52lb.  Xavier and Les both done their PB sturgeon and Jack did his PB common twice and mirror once.  Top swim was again number 10.  Top baits were Pulse and PRF.  They took 22 x 20's to 28lb2oz, 24 x 30's to 38lb, 6 x 40s to 47lb4oz, and 1 x 50 to 52lb being the lake record common.  They also took a couple of sturgeon to 37lb and a couple of small cats bringing the total fish caught to 62.  The weather has been pretty good on the whole with a couple of heavy down poor's and storms with Temps ranging 23 to 31 degrees.  Considering the fish were still coming off the back of spawning fishing was very hard but the guys still managed to have an amazing week.  Very well done!

19th May 2012

A group of four this week regular visitors from Denmark Rene,Kim, Lasse and Michael.  Top rod this week was Michael on swim 10.  Top bait was Tails Up PRF closely followed by Nash Amber Strawberry.  Rene did his PB mirror. Lasse did his PB mirror, common, sturgeon and catfish.  Michael did his PB mirror and common.  The weather was unsettled with heavy rain during the first part of the week and too much fresh water didn't really help them, but the weather changed for the best mid week with Temps up to 30 degrees.  They took 24 x 20's to 29lbs, 35 x 30's to 39lb 5oz, 10 x 40's to 48lb 8oz which was bigscale caught by Rene and they also caught a couple of small cats and sturgeon to 38lb caught by Lasse also his PB.  Even after the heavy rain and the fish still spawning at the beginning they did very well taking a total of 76 fish.  Well done the Vikings!

12th May 2012

A great week with a group of five lads Joe,Craig,Kirk,Rob,Nick.  All the lads done their pb's smashing 17 in total.  Top Rod this week was Rob with a total of 21 fish.  Top swim was 9.  Top baits were sweetcorn and cell.  The weather was mostly settled with few showers temps were up and down ranging 14c-26c with some pretty cool evenings.  The guys left day early due to fish spawning and pressing family commitments.  They took 15 x 20's to 29lb, 25 x 30's to 38lb, 8 x  40's to 48lb, 1 x 50 which was a 51lb common and the new lake common record, 1 x catfish 31lb, 2 x sturgeon to 36lb making a great total of 57 fish well done lads!

5th May 2012

A far better week this week.  Five lads in total and only three fishing at night for most of the week with one lad not fishing from Wednesday on.  Taking 62 fish in total with a cracking 31 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz and 7 x 40s to 46 lb 4 oz and our very own big scale at a lovely 51 lb 12 oz. Top rod this week was John who took 20 fish with 9 x 30s to 38 lb and did very well with 4 x 40s to 46 lb 4 oz. alan had a great week with 15 fish 9 x 30s to 39 lb and 1 x 40 at 41 lb he then smashed his pb with big scale at 51 lb 12 oz. Dave senior was next up with 9 fish he did well as he only fished from 9 till about 6 then slept in the cabin at night. Dave had 6 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz and 1 at 40 lb. Dave junior had a great time taking 9 fish with 3 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz and a lovely 41 lb 12 oz mirror. Dave also only fished days from Wednesday on. Simon did well taking 9 fish with 3 x 30s to 36 lb. Top swim this week was number 9 and 10 top bait was once again cell. Weather conditions were very settled.

28th April 2012

With Saturday and Sunday being another wash out I thought here we go again but the weather broke and away the lads went.  Five lads in total a group of three non-exclusive plus two of our own taking 60 fish with 22x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz and a cracking 12 x 40s to 49 lb 5 oz. Top rod this week was Dale he took 21 fish with 8 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz and 2 x 40s at42 lb and 45 lb 2 oz dale topped that with his pb sturgeon our small girl finny at 35 lb 8 oz .kiz and our very own Andy Sutton were level with 12 fish.  Andy at last got on the rods after nearly 2 years he had 6 x 30s to 36 lb 6 oz and 2 x 40s a new pb common at 42 lb and his new pb mirror a lovely fish at 40 lb he also smashed the sturgeon record with light line.  Andy was trying to catch stock fish when a sturgeon picked up his gear with a match rod and 6 lb line he had a battle on his hands but he landed it at 35lb a massive achievement by any angling standards.  Kizza was making his first trip to France and went away chuffed to bits he had 3 x 30s to 35 lb 5 oz his new pb mirror and he backed that up with his new pb common a stunning49lb 5 oz fish .kizza also did his pb sturgeon .john was well happy doing his pb mirror common catfish he took 9 fish with 3 x 30s to 37lb 8 oz and 4 x 40s to 47 lb 8 oz.  Troy had only 6 fish but did well on the 40s he had 2 x 30s to 32 lb 8 oz and 4 x 40s to42 lb.  Top swim this week was number 9 and top bait was a nashy peach that was tried by Andy and when he started to catch well on it all the lads soon switched bait.  Weather conditions were settled after Sunday.

21st April 2012

This week is by far the worst week I have seen at Suttons. Two years as lake manager and I have never seen so much rain in France. The lake rising an amazing 10 inches. This totally switched the fish right off. The group of 5 including Troy took 39 fish 19 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz and 2 x 40s to 41 lb. Aaron was top rod this week taking 7 fish this included 4 x 30s to 35 lb and 1 x 40lb fish this was Aaron’s new pb. Aaron also took his new pb sturgeon. Steve Troy and Bean all had 7 fish each. Steve had 5 x 30s to 36 lb and also took his new pb sturgeon bean had 4 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz and had cats to 24 lb. Troy fished mainly in the morning and had 5 x 30s to 39 lb 8 oz. James had a very hard week he managed only 4 fish but 3 of these were new pbs. Steve took his pb common at 26lb 6 oz his sturgeon at 36 lb and a lovely mirror at 41 lb.  The top swim was number 5 then 1, 4 and number 10.  Top bait was cell as I said this was the worst weather I have seen so conditions were extreme to say the least.  To finish this report I would like to say a massive hats off to the lads. What a hard week it was!