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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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14th April 2012

A far better week this week.  Five lads on this week all doing pbs and taking 89 fish in total.  The lads had 10 x 40s to 48 lb 12 oz and a cracking 44 x 30s to 39 lb. Conditions were still very hard with the weather very unsettled. Top rod this week was Paul he took 22 fish with 3 x 40s at 40 lb 12 oz and 42 lb all topped with his new pb big scale at 48 lb 12 oz. Paul backed that up with 13 x 30s to 38 lb 12 oz top angling Paul well done. Terry was close behind his brother with 2 x 40s at 41 lb and 45 lb backed up with 1 x 30s to 36 lb. Terry also took cats to 30 + and sturgeon. Gavin had 20 fish these included 4 x 40s to 44 lb 9 x 30s to 39 lb. Gavin also took a few small cats. Pumer had a great time he took a 40 lb 8 oz mirror and 7 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz he also took 2 x grass carp at 25 lb and 28 lb 8 oz. Steve had a slower week taking 11 fish but still doing his pb. Steve managed 5x 30s to 37 lb.Top swims this week were number 5 and number 10. The top bait was split this week which was quite interesting the lads were trying out blakes baits nut boilies against the cell and results were 50 50.

7th April 2012

A group of 4 lads this week doing well considering weather conditions. The lads managed 51 fish. These included 27 x 30s to 39 lb 4 oz and 6 x 40s to a cracking 49 lb our very own big scale 1 pound up on this time last year. Top rod this week was level between Dave and Craig. Both taking 17 fish. Daves average was slightly higher he took 10 x 30s to 36 lb 12 oz he then smashed his pb with a cracking 48 lb common. Dave also took his pb grass carp of 16 lb. Craig had a great week he smashed his pb 5 times he had 9 x 30s to 39 lb 4 oz which he then backed up with his new pb a lovely mirror at 43 lb. Craig also did his new pb catfish a small girl at 19 lb .he also took 2 sturgeon to 35 lb 8 oz. lance struggled but stuck to his guns and took 3 x 40s over a couple of days before he moved swims. He then followed that up with 3 x 30s to 37 lb. lance also took his pb common at 26 lb and his new pb catfish another small fish at 16 lb 12 oz. Stuart had to shoot of back to the uk cutting his trip short but boy was he glad he come to Suttons doing his new pb big scale at 49 lb. Stuart also took 5 x 30s to 37 lb .top swims were 4 and 5 lance nailed the 3 x 40s from number 9 while Stuart fished in 10 top bait was once again cell and as I said conditions were very up and down

31st March 2012

A group of four lads on this week. The weather once again was very unsettled but the group still managed to take 79 fish. These included 35 x 30s to 39 lb and 8 x 40s to 47 lb 8 oz.  Top rod this week was Luke he managed 25 fish and did his new pb mirror common and catfish. He had 12 x 30s to 39 lb and 3 x 40s to his new pb common at 47 lb 8 oz he had a small catfish of 25 lb which was also his new pb. Dave took 21 fish with 9 x 30s to 36 lb and 3 x 40s to 45 lb. Dave also lost a few fish this would have put him a bit closer to Lukes number of fish. Ron had 17 fish with 9 x 30s and 2 x 40s. Steve had a great week he said taking 16 fish which included 7 x 30s to his new pb at 39 lb . Top swim this week was number four closely followed by number five. The top bait was a homemade peach used by both Dave and Luke and closely followed by cell.

24th March 2012

A great start to the new season. Martyn fished with his wife Shelley this week both taking new pbs. Martyn took 23 fish with no less than 8 x 30s to 35lb 12 oz and a cracking 47lb common. Martyns new pb the couple also took cats to 23lb 12oz. Shelley jumped in on the action to take her new pb at 23lb 3 oz.They moved around trying to sneak out fish which seemed to pay off. They fished numbers 9 12 5 and number 1. The top bait was prf by tails up. Martyn did fish this over a secret bed of freebees that worked very well. Weather was very hot all week with temperatures dropping overnight. Top swim this week was number 12. I was surprised bigger fish didnt appear this week but what I will say as a sneak preview for next week is 1 lad did 5 fish the first night this week including 2 x 40s to 47lb 8 oz both his new pbs.

29th October 2011

With the lake only being fished for a few days I was amazed with the results .jay troy and mike managed 15 fish with 6 x 30s to 39 lb 5 x 40s to 48 lb and 2 x 50s 1 at 50 lb and an awesome 56 lb mirror. With the time fishing jay was top rod he did a 48-hour session. Jay had his first fish before he finished setting all his rods up. And wot a way to start with a cracking 44 lb mirror, jay then took a 23 lb 8 oz common a 29 lb mirror a 39 lb mirror .jay was well happy and well shocked at his next fish an amazing mirror at 56 lb totally smashing his old pb. Well-done jay top angling. Troy once again did very well taking 7 fish with 4 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz   2 x 40s at 40 lb and 43 lb he then backed them up with yet another 50 lb fish. Troy’s second 50 lb fish this season . Mike only took 3 fish but they were very good sizes. Mike had a 39 lb mirror backed up by a 44 lb common mikes new pb and then took a cracking 48 lb mirror .top bait was once again our very own prf by tails up top swims were 5 and 9 conditions were cold but settled

15th October 2011

A group of 6 lads on this week .89 fish which included 55 x 30s to 39 lb 10 oz and 6 x 40s to 47 lb 12 oz. Top rod this week was slick he managed 24 fish with 14 x 30s to 37 lb. slick also had his pb catfish which wasn’t a monster but at 12 lb it was still his pb. Slick did get smashed up by two big cats in the main lake and by a big cat in the stock pond. Slick managed to retrieve his line in the stock pond and then fell in the lake and lost the cat unlucky mate. matty was next in line with 2o fish which included 12 x 30s to 36 lb which he then topped with a cracking 46 lb mirror . matty also did his pb sturgeon  at 32 lb well done matty .Brian senior had a cracking week this was his first trip to France and with a pb of about 24 lb in the uk he had a field day. Brian managed 16 fish with 7 x 30s to 39 lb 12 oz and 3 x 40s which were 43 lb 8 oz mirror a 45 lb 2 oz mirror his new pb and a lovely 47 lb 12 oz common also his new pb . Brian junior was chasing his dad all week but just couldn’t catch him he managed 14 fish with 9 x 30s to 38 lb, which he then topped with his new pb a 40 lb mirror. John had 8 fish he had 4 x 30s to 36 lb 10 oz and rounded that off with a 42 lb mirror. Jeff had a great week this was also his first trip to France he managed 7 fish with 4 x 30s to 37 lb his new pb

9th October 2011

Individuals on this week 2 couples with a slow start to the week things soon came together. The total this week was 48 fish with 21 x 30s to 39 lb and 6 x 40s to 47 lb 7 oz and 2 x 50s at 50 lb and 53 lb. top rod this week was mike he managed 13 fish with 5 x 30s to 37 lb 7 oz and 3 x 40s to his new pb a lovely common at 47 lb 7 oz. mike had to use every trick in the book as the fish were feeding very shyly this week. Gwen, Mikes partner was close behind him with 12 fish, which included 6 x 30s to 32 lb, topped by a cracking 41 lb 5 oz mirror. On Wednesday the other couple had to return to the uk for work commitments. The other couple on the lake Martyn and Shelley they managed 5 fish to mid 30s  it was a shame they had to return to the uk mid week as im sure Martyn would have smashed his pb. Top swims this week were 5 and 4 with the bigger fish coming off 9 top bait was cell but all the big fish were nailed on prf by tails up conditions were good.

1st October 2011

Only 2 lads on the lake this week. they managed 27 fish which included 14 x 30s to 39 lb 4 oz and 3 x 40s to 43 lb . Mark was top rod this week .after a ten year break from the carp scene mark took a few days to shake off the cobwebs and away he went taking 14 fish with 7 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz common his new pb . mark also managed a brace at 31 lb 8 oz and 33 lb 4 oz he also had cats to 24 lb which was taken on a zig rig .which im sure was taken on the drop. Phil had a great time at the lake he managed 13 fish with 7 x 30s to 39 lb 4 oz and 3 x 40s which were 40 lb 41 lb 12 oz and his new pb at 43 lb. Phil did his old pb 5 times on this trip well done buds . he also had sturgeon to 31 lb and cats to 31 lb top swim was number 5 and 4 top bait was close this week with cell and squid and octopus conditions were very unsettled the beginning of the week and settled down from midweek onwards

24th September 2011

Four lads on this week they managed to take 80 fish between them which included 29 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz and 1 x 40lb fish.  Rene was top rod this week taking 22 fish he took 9 x 30s to 37 lb 7 oz. Rene also took sturgeon and small cats to 32 lb 6 oz.  Next was Michael he managed 21 fish with 7 x 30s to 35 lb 7 oz.  Michael then topped that with a cracking 40 lb 1 oz mirror he also took commons to 28 lb 2 oz. Michael also had sturgeon to 30 lb 8 oz.  Kim had 19 fish with 8 x 30s to 37 lb 8 oz he also took his pb common at 37 lb.  Kim also took sturgeon to 33 lb 6 oz and grass carp to 26 lb 4 oz.  Lasse had 18 fish which included 5 x 30s to 35 lb 2 oz he also had sturgeon to33 lb.  Top swim this week was number 9 top bait was live system and weather conditions were very hot.