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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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18th June 2011

Feed that horse trim kept saying. Feed it they did and wot a week they had.67 fish 24x 30s to 39 lb.4 x 40s to 45 lb. and an amazing 45 pbs between them. Michael was top rod with 18 fish which included 9 x 30s to 38 lb topped off with his new pb at 42 lb a lovely mirror. He also did his pb sturgeon at 33 lb and his pb catfish at 22 lb. next inline was Luke who by the Monday with no fish was ready to give in. im not surprised as this was his fourth French trip and yet he has never caught in France. After a good chat and a look at the rigs together away he went. He had 14 fish .6 x 30s to 38 lb and a cracking new pb mirror at 41 lb. Luke had a new pb sturgeon at 44 lb and 4 x 30s to 33 lb. he also had a lovely 30 lb common. The trimester was next after feeding that horse big time as he says he had a lovely brace. A sturgeon and a mirror. He topped that off with a cracking 45 lb common. Kevin had 11 fish with 3 x 30 s to 32 lb and his pb sturgeon at 33 lb he finished that with his new pb a lovely41 lb mirror. Adam struggled this week but he still managed his pb .he had 2 x 30s to 39 lb .all the lads did pbs this week top swims were 4 . 5 . 11 . top bait was once again the cell . Weather was very unsettled. I would like to say thanks to the lads for a great week and for listening to my advice

11th June 2011

The lads managed 33 fish by the end of the 2 weeks. Taking14 x 30s to 37 lb 6 oz.and 2 x 40s one at 41 lb 10 and big scale at 48 lb 6 oz both fish were totally empty after spawning. Most of the fish were caught on the new grange. Ken was top rod with 29 fish his son sleepy Shane only did 4 .he never fished overnight and a few days I walked around his rods were in .top swim this week was 9 .the conditions were very hard .The lads that turned up yesterday have already done 2 pbs out of 6 lads with 5 x 30s to 34 lb the first night

4th June 2011

With the fish finishing spawning early this week .the 2 individuals we have for 2 weeks just had to wait for the fish to switch on. a father and son team the dad said he wanted to fish the cabin swim. I told him he would shut the lake down with to many lines across the cuts. But he said he wanted to fish with his son due to little experience in carping on his son’s part. The lads also wanted to use the new grange bait, which I also told them they would have to wait for the fish to switch to. They struggled up until they eventually moved on Friday and have since taken 18 fish which included 10 x 30s to 37 lb 6 oz. ken the father has done his pb common at 35 lb 11 oz.  father and son are now in 9 conditions have been very unsettled but the fish are now moving around well .top bait the grange top swim number 9

28th May 2011

With the fish spawning hard again this week the numbers of fish landed were well down. Total fish this week was 34 with 14 x 30 lb + fish to 36 lb. john was top rod he did well with 22 fish .he had 8 x 30s to 36 lb and also did his pb sturgeon at 37 lb. bob was next in line with his pb sturgeon going twice with 1 at 35 lb and the second his new pb at 38 lb. Andy had 4 fish with mirrors to 33 lb and his new pb sturgeon at 39 lb .Mickey was happy doing his pb twice with his new pb mirror at 34 lb 8 oz and his pb sturgeon at 34 lb 4 oz .top swim was number 4 and the top bait this week was active 8 and cell  the whether was also very unsettled with the pressure up and down

21st May 2011

Yet another fantastic week. 5 lads on this week doing a cracking 101 fish. These included 35 x 30s to 39 lb 2 oz and 7 x 40s to 47 lb 10 oz  .all the lads doing pbs of one fish or another. for quality of fish top rod this week must be Dave .he had 17 fish which included 8 x 30s to 39 lb 2 oz and 5 x 40s . They were 40 lb 9 oz a 41 lb 11 oz a 41 lb 13 oz these were different fish. And a 44 lb 5 oz topped by a cracker at 47 lb 10 oz. Dave also did his pb sturgeon at 34 lb 5 oz. Brian had a great time doing 26 fish .he had 7 x 30s to 37 lb 2 oz and 2 x 40s at 40 lb 8 and his new pb at 44 lb. Lloyd had a cracking week taking 13 fish 8 of which were 30 lb + . He took his pb mirror at 36 lb then did it again at 36 lb 8 oz .he then took his new pb common at 35 lb and topped it off with his pb grassy at 21 lb. Colin was well happy taking 7 x 30s to 35 lb 10 oz and then took his new pb sturgeon at 36 lb. John struggled a bit in the beginning of the week and showed me an idea he had. And boy did it work. He had 9 fish in a short time up to 38 lb 3 oz and his new pb grassy at 35 lb 14 oz. I told john I wont tell anyone his secret. Lets just call it the tipper klip.alan had a hard time but still managed 3 x 30s to 35 lb 9 and his new pb sturgeon at 36 lb 5 oz. weather was 30 + degrees all week and the top swims were 9 and 2 top bait was cell and homemade baits taking a lot of fish

14th May 2011

Another good week at the lake. conditions were very hard with 34 degrees and blazing sunshine. The lads still did well with 55 fish .3 x 40s a 45 lb mirror and a 45 lb 4 oz common. They had 22 x 30s to 39 lb. Sturgeon to 38 lb 8 oz and a few small cats to 22 lb .the lads were also smashed up a few times by the big cats. Top rod this week was Alan with 13 fish which included 6 x 30s to 38 lb and a cracking common at 45 lb 4 oz .he also took sturgeon to 38 lb 8 oz. John and David were close behind both taking 11 fish. David had 3 x 30s to 36 lb 4 oz and his new pb at 45 lb he also had 2 grassy to 25 lb 8 oz. john had 7 x 30s to 39 lb and a lovely 42 lb mirror .he also had a 22 lb catfish. Simon did his pb at 36 lb a lovely mirror. And young David 3 x 30s to 33 lb 8 oz and commons to 28 lb 8 oz .top swim was 10 and top bait was ic1 and cell. These lads told me they were hear for a holiday and not fanatical about there fishing. They have been fishing France for 20 years and we have had a testimonial saying they rank Suttons carp fishing France as the best place they have ever been to

8th May 2011

The lads did very well this week considering conditions with weather up and down and fish spawning. They managed 58 fish. With 21 x 30s and 7 x 40s. Craig was top rod with 18 fish he had 5 x 30s to his new pb of 36 lb 4 oz and a lovely 30 lb leather also his new pb. Dave was hot on his heals with 17 fish he had 5 x 30s to 39 lb and smashed his pb common with a cracker at 44 lb 10 oz. Lance had by far the best weights he had 16 fish with 8 x 30s to 37 lb 12 oz and a brilliant 4 x 40s to his new pb at 44 lb 6 oz. lance also did his pb grassy at 38 lb and sturgeon at 38 lb 8 oz .jay a newcomer to France did his pb many times with 2 x 40s to 41 lb 10 oz he also had some cracking 30s. Top swims were 3 and 4. Top bait was cell and ic1. Temperatures were between 25 and 32 degrees.

5th May 2011

Four lads on this week fishing has been harder with the fish spawning last week and the weather is unsettled. They have still managed up to yesterday 41 fish. Which included 15 x 30 lb + fish to 39 lb 8 oz and 4 x 40 lb + fish to 44 lb 10 oz. They are all well happy doing a fantastic 9 x pbs I will give you a full update this weekend.

1st May 2011

Another cracking week two lads 67 fish to 48 lb. 30x 30 lb + fish to38 lb 8 oz and  5 x 40lb + fish to 48 lb. Top rod was Roger with 41 fish he had 21 x 30lb + fish to 38lb 8 oz and big scale at 48lb she was totally spawned out a great weight for an empty fish. Roger did his pb sturgeon at 35 lb pb grassy at 35lb 12 oz and pb leather at 31lb 1 oz. Steve had a great week taking 26 fish which included 9 x 30lb + fish to 38lb 8 oz and 4 x 40lb fish to 44lb 4 oz. Steve was on swim 10 and Roger was on 9. Top bait was baitcrafts T1 they also had fish on cell. Both lads said they could only imagine how many fish they would have had if the fish were not spawning and what the weights would have been.