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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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28th April 2011

Two lads on this week. up to last night they have had 50 fish. Top rod is roger taking 33 fish so far. He has had his pb sturgeon at 42 lb pb leather at 31 lb and pb grassy at 35 lb 12 oz. He has taken 16 x 30s to 37 lb 4 oz and a cracking mirror at 48 lb. roger is fishing swim 9. Steve is well pleased doing 5 x 30s to 37 lb 2 oz and 3 x 40s to 42 lb 8 oz .he is on swim 10. This is a great week as the fish have been spawning hard this week and the conditions are very unsettled. I will update this weekend as usual. And put up this weeks photos

23rd April 2011

What a fantastic week! Five anglers on the lake with a total of 104 fish. A couple Mike and Gwen were top rods with a cracking 53 fish. They had 23x30 lb + fish to 39 lb 12 oz.6 x 40 lb + fish to 43 lb and Mikes new pb at 50 lb 2 oz. Gwen also had a brace of 30 lb + fish. The 3 lads from Guernsey said they had the best trip ever in France. Jim was top rod he also did his pb common. Paul was hot on his heals as was Steve. Paul also did his pb mirror. Common. Grass carp and catfish. Paul also did a brace of 30 lb fish. Steve did his pb common. Mirror.and sturgeon. The 3 lads did 51 fish between them. But agreed they also lost a few. Top swims this week were 9 and 10. Top bait was once again cell. Weather was a bit up and down and the fish are getting ready to spawn. I will update this report as soon as I have a few more pictures.

19th April 2011

Just wanted to give you all an update. We have a group of five on this week. Up to now they have had 51 fish 4 out of 5 doing their new pb's - 2 anglers doing there first brace of 30 lb + fish - 1 angler doing his pb common at 44 lb and mirror at 48 lb. Top swims this week are 9 and 10 but that could change by the end of the week. The top bait is cell. Conditions have now settled so I'm expecting a lot more fish by the end of the week I will update as usual this weekend.

10th April 2011

What a first week. Jay booked the lake to himself. He managed 18 fish and lost just as many. Jay had 12 x 30 lb + fish doing his pb no less than 16 times and 2 x 40 lb + fish. His top fish were at 36lb. 37 lb. 37 lb 12 oz. 38 lb 5 oz and a 42 lb 8 oz mirror topped by his new pb at an awesome 46 lb 1 oz. Jay also did 5 sturgeon to his new pb of 42 lb. Jay fished swim 3 and his bait was mainline source. Conditions were up and down making the fish switch on and off. The catfish also switched on this week Jay was smashed to pieces at least 4 times. Well done jay this week was a real pleasure see you soon buds.

25th September 2010

The lads this week did really well they took 73 fish between 5 of them. They had 27 thirtys & four fortys to 43lb 8oz doing no less than 18 pbs.  Top rod was Lance with 14 x 30lb plus fish and 3 x 40lb plus fish bringing him to his new pb of 43 lb 8 oz mirror, he had 2 other 40s which were 40lb 4oz and 42lb 8oz.  Dave the organiser was next up with 21 fish being 7 x 30lb plus fish and his new pb of 42lb 80z.  Mick was close behind with 14 fish doing 3 pbs his common at 33lb his new pb.  Craig tried every trick in the book but the fish stayed 1 step ahead he managed 7 fish to 33lb he has promised he will do better next year.  Terry had a hard session but still did his pb a lovely mirror of 38lb. The top swims were 3 , 5 & 10.  Top bait was cell and nashy ic1.
A really great group looking forward to seeing you all next year.

11th September 2010

Wot a week yet again. 4 lads on this week 2 lads Adam and Gareth said last Saturday there target was a ton of fish between them. I just looked and smiled. These lads really did there homework. They took 1358 lb of fish. Top rod was Gareth with 731 lb of fish .doing his pb no less than 21 times. He had 12 x 30 lb + fish and 4 x 40 lb + fish. His top 30s were at 36 lb 10 oz mirror. A 37 lb 5 oz mirror a39 lb 1 oz mirror .He topped these off with a 42 lb4oz mirror a 43 lb 4 oz mirror and a new pb at 44 lb 1 oz mirror. He finished off topping that with an amazing 45 lb 8 oz common which he named GI Jones .Gareth also took his pb sturgeon at 31 lb 11 oz .Next in line was Adam. H e took 627 lb of fish doing his pb 8 times taking 8 x 30 lb + fish. His top fish were  at 32 lb 5 oz a 33 lb 1 oz all mirrors .Adam also had commons of 25 lb 2 oz a 29 lb 12 oz and his new pb  at 37 lb 5 oz  .He also ripped the lake record sturgeon apart with a cracking fish of 39 lb 8 oz .Darren was next up he had 222 lb of fish  with 4 x 30 lb + fish  these were 2x 32 lb and 2 x 34 lb .Darren topped these off with his new pb a cracking 41 lb mirror Tim struggled taking fish to mid 20s .Top swims were 3 and 4 once again no top bait as the lads had on all sorts of bait this week .Well done lads look forward to seeing you next year

4th September 2010

Lincoln lads take the lake apart. This week was totally awesome.  A lake record number of fish total of 87. Lake record Sturgeon now at 36lb 5 oz. 34 fish over 30 lb and 27 pbs from just 5 lads. Chris was top rod this week taking 31 fish doing his pb 13 times. He had 10 x 30 lb + fish top fish were mirrors of 33lb 4 oz. 34lb 3 oz. 35lb 1 oz and his new pb of 35lb 9 oz.He also took his pb Sturgeon at 30 lb 4 oz and to top it off his pb common at 24lb 11 oz Marc was next in line taking 17 fish 5 being pbs. He took top mirrors of 31 lb a 33lb 4 oz a33 lb 4 oz and his new pb at 41 lb 6 oz . He also did his pb common at 24 lb followed by his pb catfish a small but still pb of 12 lb 6 oz. Gricey was hot on his heels with 16 fish 5 of which were pbs . He had the lake record Sturgeon at 36 lb 5 oz. Mirrors of  36 lb .A  37lb 4 oz with his new pb at 40 lb 4 oz .He also did his pb common at 20 lb 3 oz and his pb grass carp at 26 lb 4 oz. Treas had 12 fish which were all good sizes. He had a 31 lb 6 oz mirror a 33lb 4 oz mirror .Topped off by his new pb of 42 lb 5 oz .He followed that up with a pb common of 42 lb 8 oz and the icing on the cake his pb Sturgeon of 30 lb 4 oz .Rik took 11 fish top mirrors were 33 lb 4 oz and a 39 lb falling 8 oz bellow his pb . He did still do 1 pb with his sturgeon of 30 lb 4 oz.  Top swims this week were 3 and 4 .Treas took the 2 x 40s from swim 7 .There was no top bait as the lads used all different baits well done lads look forward to seeing you again

28th August 2010

The cats didnít play at all this week. But the carp did. The lads used just 1 rod each and fished only during the day. Tony was top rod this week taking 17 carp 3 zander 15 sturgeon and a pike. Tony had 7x 30 lb + carp to 36 lb .And a 41 lb mirror and a 41 lb 8 oz mirror. His top sturgeon was 35 lb 8 oz and pike was 11 lb .Tim did very well with 10 fish 6 over 30 lb to 37 lb 8 oz (mirrors) .He also had 2 cracking commons of 32 lb 12 oz and 41 lb 8 oz. Most of the fish were taken on active 8 and maple 8 using small pva bags of chopped boilie with single hook baits. Swims were 6 and 8 .Well done lads

21st August 2010

Just 2 lads on the lake for two weeks. They are just after the cat fish. Tim is top rod at the moment with cats to 53 lb. He has also had 12 sturgeons to 32 lb. He has had 8 x mirrors to 31 lb 4 oz .And his pb common at a cracking 44 lb 12 0z. Tony has had small cats .And mirrors to 35 lb .He has done well on the sturgeon .Taking 11 to 32 lb 8 oz .The lads are fishing from swims 6 and 8 giving them a clear run of both sides of the lake. Letís hope we see a ton plus cat by the end of this week.