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28th April 2021

Always nice to see Pete on the lake living local is a big bonus for him what a great friend he has been while I get over my illness which is still on going and approaching 5 months.

No lake records for Pete this time but an enjoyable time all the same banking 6 fish upto 41 lb which was Nemo at his best weight.

Pete fished swim 11 fishing over Archiepeachy boilies on bottom baits and pop ups !
The weather was unkind with heavy showers and winds from north and south.

3rd March 2021

Hi guys, its been a while I havent been on the bank since December having a right result catching split tail @ 52 lb 10 oz and Tyla @ 52 lb 8 oz off swim 5, since that day Ive been under going treatment which is still on going after nearly 3 months which has kept me indoors hence the no fishing from me, Spencer done a quick 24 hours back in Feb and caught one of our newly stocked fish a 24 lb common.
Next up was My winter fishing buddy Pete he has done a couple of sessions but blanked due to cold weather and a horrible north easterly, but today Wednesday he was back over until Friday and tripped up Daisy and has become King of the Archipelagos new lake mirror record @ 73 lb 14 oz caught on a Archipeachy snowman rig fishing off swim 9 in beautiful sunshine 19 degrees and a lovely south westerly, late morning Thursday he has tripped up an unknown common at 47 lb on a pink blackcurrant/scopex pop up well done mate lets hope we can get another one much cooler today !

28th November 2020

We drained down the Blue Lagoon and carried out a stock check removing nuissance fish to make more space for the carp, PIT tagging the bigger carp for our reference so we can monitor the weight gains, 8 large catfish were removed the biggest being 104 lbs so now there isnt any catfish remaining in the lake, 15 mirrors and 15 commons were stocked into the main lake upto 30 lbs, the stock after this netting is now around 350 carp 75 % are mint commons 200 + of these are 14 - 18 lbs and will be netted again in late 2022 where hopefully a good head of these will be stocked into the main lake.

The Blue lagoon is now considered a pleasure lake with carp to 20 lb + and all changes in stock have been adjusted on the site.

Also i would like to thank a great team of people for helping out great friends some who have not done this before but truly enjoyed the experience,

George, Ryan, Henry, Spencer, Pete, Sir Bob, John, Gwen, Antony and of course Me and Ellen not forgetting Bear and Giz !

Thank You Guys !

24th October 2020

Group of 5 this week Lee, James and Paul who have been here before several times and new additions Andy and Josh form Bury St Edmunds.

Guys fished swims 3,5,9,10 and 11 Josh moved to swim 1 mid week from swim 10 link, cell, essential cell and some Archipeachy boilies and some pellet was used all the guys are using bait boats.

Weather throughout the week mixed bag showers/sun/cloud strong southerly for most of it, pressure was high.

Very tricky conditions a lot of fresh water in the lake water levels up by several inches, no big girl this week but we did see Smudge the common trip up @ 56 lb 4 oz setting a new common carp lake record !

As always a pleasure having these guys on the lake.

17th October 2020

Due to the uk 14 day quarantine we have yet another cancellation.

Always jobs to be done when no anglers are on.

This weeks weather is looking much kinder back to average temperatures after a very chilly week !
Back to a very gusty southerly by Wednesday looking at 21 degrees pressure has also dropped slightly to what it was today Saturday 1016.

We are back next week with a group of 5 guys some have been with us before.

10th October 2020

Another gutter this week due to the uk Restrictions our group had to cancel,

So we had Peter back fishing on his own with the whole lake to himself until Friday when a local guy will join him for a quick 24 hour session, Peter was with us back at the beginning of September on an individual week with son Simon and they are also back here in April.

Peter fished swim 4 with rods spread out up into 5 down to swim 3.

He is used B5, Cell and Archiepeachy with our pellet he used a bait boat.

It took until Wednesday late morning right hand rod down to the shallows to trip a fish up Archie out 1 lb up @ 36 lb 14 oz on a Archiepeachy bottom bait, sadly this was the only fish for peter with everything against him a north easterly high pressure a massive temperature drop some nights as low as 4 degrees Thursday/Friday not going above 9 degrees in the daytime well below our normal average temperature, the fish deffo stressed out by this for sure, alot of fish crashing both sides of the lake over the week but always in the shallows.

As always i was on call via walkie talkie 24/7 for Pictures and the handling of big fish a quiet week for me because we dont allow anyone to fish unattended anymore !

As always a pleasure to have Peter back on the lake and was great to meet local lad George who only done 24 hours on swim 11 just wasnt to be this week !

3rd October 2020

This week we have a creepy sick group from mine and Ellen's home town Epping, Essex Shut Up !

Grant, Gary, Martin, Dan and Chris.
Guys should have been with us back in June but because of covid lockdown they rescheduled to now.

They fished swims 3,4,5,9 and Grant was on 10 but moved to 11 Friday because thats where his fish come from, baits used were Archiepeachy, Cell/Hybrid with our pellet, everyone used boat boat.

What a Brutal change over torrential rain gale force winds making it an unpleasant set up, Storm Alex hit us hard Saturday night causing some damage a lot of clearing up for me Sunday morning.

All things considered the Groups average was an amazing 46 lb 4 oz, Chris who was on swim 9 what a session he had 52 lb 8 oz average weight pb after pb Daisy @ 69 lb 4 oz, 50 lb 8 oz Rosie, Blondie 49 lb 4 oz, The Barrel and Chunk both commons.

Grant tripped up Orangina @ 49 lb 8 oz and named a up and coming mirror Archie, Gary was Struggling until he put a rod down into the shallows and tripped up Katie @ 55 lb 8 oz PB next morning he did PB common with White Tip @ 50 lb 14 oz also a 31.10, Martin fishing swim 5 did 2 PBs Ambler first followed by Rumble @ 46 lb.

A massive rise in pressure from Wednesday to 1023 slowed down the fishing when the guys arrived we were at the lowest since April 987,a very unsettled week showers and heavy rain for most of it water temperature dropped to 14 degrees dissolved oxygen and PH levels were good !

Hats off to the guys who battled the weather Saturday and Sunday we never heard once anyone moan, see you guys soon hopefully next year !

26th September 2020

Well to be honest me and Ellen are gutted that because of the UK 14 quarantine our group cancelled and we were unable to fill the date.

With the fish clearly now on the bait it would have been another epic week.

So i now have a Jobs list for the week and cant wait for our next group to arrive next Saturday its looks on the long range forecast its going to be a very wet one which is already ticking all the boxes again for some big fish to trip up !

As always follow us on FB or Instagram or both for the latest !

19th September 2020

Returning group with one man down due to the virus and uk 14 day quarantine, they all should have been here in April but lockdown prevented this.
Guys havnt been back since we did all the changes back in 2016.
So we have Jason aka nutty/captain coypu, Darren aka Billy, Richard and Bill,
Fishing swims 4,5,9 and 11.
Guys are using baits brought with them fen spice and Blakes
baits and some Archiepeachy all are using our pellet and bait boats.

Right from the start the weather was ticking all the right boxes and was looking spot on for the guys all week, colder nights much cooler day time temperatures lower water temperature and most important a gusty south easterly.

It was just going to be a waiting game for the fish to on their baits.

As the wind blew down the lake and the pressure dropped the fish came.

Everyone did a PB nutty on swim 11 did both mirror/common, 54 lb 8 oz, 44 lb everyone did a 50 wow !
Billy did 2 x 50s on swim 5.
All swims did well swim 4 5 fish, swim 5 6 fish, swim 9 was top with 11 fish a touch different to the week before when Simon had a north easterly and swim 11 did 6 fish a total for the group of 28 fish 5 x 50s amongst these upto 54 lb 12 oz Small Scar.

Small Scar, Castle Al, Broken Tail, Shoulder Scale, Sir Bob ll, William, Sylvia, Tash, Tyla, My Jenny, Conky, The Barrel and a newly named fish One Man Down after the missing group member this year, some fish did their best weights some we have not seen for over a year, No Daisy or Mole this week dont think the guys were too bothered to be honest !

Guys had a great week as always we had some laughs great bunch top anglers hopefully we see them all again soon with the full group next time around !

Weather for the week was very gusty with heavy downpours stormy much cooler daytime temperatures 11 on friday, pressure was falling all week we ended at 1004 water temperature was around 17 degrees PH levels and dissolved oxygen was excellant !