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The catch report will keep you up to date with the fish coming out of the lake, weather conditions, hot swims and more importantly what is and isn’t working.
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14th August 2010

This week was amazing. The most fish landed since Andy and Ellen took over the lake. 77 fish in total 25 x 30 lb + fish and 8 over 40 lb. The lads took over a ton of fish between 5 of them. Using just 2 rods each. Top rod this week was John he landed 24 fish. He had 9x 30 lb + mirrors and a 40 lb. 42 lb a 44 lb  and his new pb at 47 lb 7 oz Slick was close behind .With 22 fish his top fish were 38 lb 7 oz  40 lb  and his new pb at 41 lb 4 oz . Brian was next in line with 14 fish. He had a modest pb from the uk which he smashed to bits. He had his pb mirror at 36 lb pb common at 26 lb his pb catfish at 15 lb and pb sturgeon at 31 lb 1 oz .Pat had a great time taking 11 fish. His pb mirror of  47 lb 7 oz was the same fish as johns .He also had a 40 lb mirror and 7 fish of 30 lb + . His new pb sturgeon was 34 lb 4 oz which he said give him a real hard fight. Dave had 6 fish which im sure he could have doubled if he stuck to 1 swim. He was still very pleased with his 2 pbs a mirror at 37 lb and a common at 23 lb 6 oz. Top swims this week were 3 .4 .and 10 .Top bait was mainline cell which I was told was specially made with a little twist. Thanks lads for a top week .Look forward to seeing you next year.

31st July 2010

A great week for the group of six lads. The weeks top rod was Turv with 15 fish, doing his pb twice with mirrors of 34 lb 12 oz and 36 lb, plus commons to 22 lb and a few small cats. Next was young Tom who, being new to carp angling, did very well and listened to every word of advice. He did his pb 4 times taking mirrors to 35 lb. Steve took 10 fish which included commons to 20 lb, and Dean was just one fish behind, with mirrors to 33 lb 8 oz . Dale took mirrors to 25 lb and was smashed up 4 times by the big cats he was chasing  Unlucky  bud. He did however do his pb with 1 of our 5 new sturgeon at 32 lb. John had the quietest week with 4 fish but they were all pbs. He had mirrors at 26 lb and 34 lb 14 oz and managed to pick up 2 of the new sturgeon at 31 lb and 32 lb. John stated that both fish gave him an amazing battle. Total fish this week 56, with best swims 3 and 4. Top bait our own PRF boilies which both top rods were using .Well done lads and thanks for a great week. Photos of the sturgeon are temporarily on the catfish gallery

24th July 2010

Six lads on this week.Fishing was hard up to wednesdaywith the temperature in the mid 30s.Then conditions changed and so did the fishing.Top rod was colin taking 9 fish .With commons to 23lb and mirrors to 33 lb 13 oz .He also lost about 8 fish .Darren had a great week being a newcomer to french fishing his pb in the uk was 21 lb. He did his pb 4 times in 3 days with mirrors of 24 lb 4 oz 31 lb 37 lb and his new pb of 37 lb 8 oz . He never stopped trying even though fishing was hard a big well done buddy. Mike the organizer did mirrors to 34 lb 10 oz.And max did mirrors to 24 lb .Paul had mirrors to 26 lb A total of 26 fish .Top swims were 10 and 11. Top bait was Colins homemade boilies which im sure would have taken the lake apart if the fish were having it .Well done to a great group of lads.

17th July 2010

A really laid back group of lads this week. With 1 exception Kevin who was on the rods full on. He was top rod with 11 fish. His pb grass carp or 22 lb give him a real hard time on the bank. He had mirrors to 29 lb and commons to 30 lb. Keith moved around the lake taking mirrors to 27 lb . While mike managed to take mirrors to 28 lb 8 oz .Bill was after the cats and only  had a small cat of 18 lb but lost a few big fish which went through the cuts. Top swims this week were 11 and 5 .Kevin used our own particle which was chilled up which gave him the results well done Kevin. Total fish this week 25. A great group once again.

10th July 2010

The week was split into two.3 anglers on until thursday then 2 others arrived.The fishing was hard with the weather up and down.This changed from thursday onwards.3 out of 5 doing there pbs.Dan did his pb twice with a 31 lb mirror and a 36 lb 8 oz mirror.Jason had a 21 lb 8 oz mirror and a 32 lb 8 oz mirror both pbs.Alan did his pb common with a fish of 41 lb 8 oz.  Reg had a 45 lb mirror.The mirror and common over 40 lb are the new fish we put into the lake .Both in great swims this week were 4 and 5 .Top bait was our own prf bt tails up. Pics to follow

5th July 2010

Exciting week with a new stock of 40 fish, 21 fish from 25lb to 45lb 4oz going into the main lake and 19 x 20lb plus fish into the stock pond, supplied by Simon Horton one of france's best fish suppliers. A big thankyou to the lads fishing this week for all your help with stocking.  Our next stock will arrive in October with fish ranging from 40lb to mid 50's. We will keep you informed of growth rates and any changes to stock program.  To view some photo's of our new stock please look at our carp gallery.
Happy Angling.

3rd July 2010

A great group of lads this week 4 out of 5 doing pbs. Biggest fish Big Scale at 44lb 12 oz going to Xavier his fifteen year previous pb was 41 lb. He also took two others over 30lb. Les took 6 over 30lb to 37lb 8 oz. Steve took his pb a cracking mirror of 37lb 7oz and a pb grasscarp of 38lb he also took 4 more over 30lb. John had his pb mirror of 30lb, and John B did his pb of 3llb 12 oz .Top swims this week were 3. 4. And 9. Total fish landed 42 well done lads a real pleasure.

19th June 2010

Andy Sutton the owner, and a close friend managed to put in a few 24hr sessions. In one session Andy done his pb 4 times with mirror carp of 26lb 8oz, 27lb 11oz, 30lb 12oz and a 37lb 5oz . All fish were caught on peach and red fish boilies over a bed of pellet fishing from the cabin swim towards the cut's in the island .Total fish landed 26.

5th June 2010

Three anglers from kent having the whole lake to themselves landed 37 fish this week.They all done pb's.
Alan the organiser had his pb common of 26lb 12oz with catfish to 46lb 12oz and mirrors to 32lb.  Nigel had his pb mirror of 40lb 2oz also taking another 4 mirrors over 30lb. Nigel also done his pb catfish twice with a 46lb and a 47lb 8oz.  Phil had a cracking week for pb's doing no less than five. Phil had a 23lb common, 49lb 8oz catfish and 2 x 29lb 8oz mirrors. The group all lost big catfish and a nice carp at the net.
Top swims this week were 4 and 5.