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6th April 2020

So I decided to fish swim 9 and my target fish was going to be no not Daisy but The Mole a fish Ive caught in the 30s,40s twice in the 50s and now in the 60s yep I tripped him up first fish of this session at 64 lb 4 oz the best weight for the fish and not being caught since last July.
Cell pop up 15 mm, ridgemonkey rock bottom semi stiff hook length 5 inches long,Korda size 4 spinner crank, 4 oz lead on a Nash lead clip,1 meter Nash camo rig tube and ridgemonkey 20 lb fluorocarbon mainline.
Well it was a lot harder then I thought so the last 24 hours I made up some new rigs IQ D rigs fishing with cell 15 mm wafters my theory was maybe they were really digging the bottom up and maybe a wafter would trip one up I was right finished on a 47 lb,just to keep you updated with what I use when fishing hook length was 6 inches size 4 Korda curve shank xx 4 oz lead 1 meter camo rig tube all on a lead clip system nice and simple.

Weather has been very warm over 27 degrees blue skies sunshine, surface water temperature around 16.5 degrees the pressure around 1012 winds from the south.

So while this nightmare carries on with the virus I will be back out again next week for another go helping to keep the fish moving and hopefully tripping up a few more lumps.

28th March 2020

Hi Guys,

A quick update on the coronavirus and the bookings situation.  The groups so far affected have all now moved their dates to later in the year and we will do the same with forthcoming bookings as and when as this goes on.

We have now been on lockdown for nearly 2 weeks and its now been extended to the 15 April which will most likely carry onto May.

Stay Safe and Stay home, this way we can all get back to living our lives as usual.

I will be fishing on and off hopefully posting some pics of some lumps on here, FB and Instagram pages.

7th March 2020

We have Pete on this week he just cant stay away, fishing swim 4 and I will be on swim 5, Pete and Tony were both over helping me with the netting of the house stock which was a good success moving 128 mature carp over to the blue lagoon to grow on,also Tony helped with the removal of two trees blown down in the storms right into the lake he will be returning at the end of the week to wet a few lines.
Pete started with singles where I left off last month,but Pete had no luck so added some pellet to fish over and come up trumps banking Castle Al @ 51 lb its best weight on 2 x 15 mm scopex squid white pop ups on a crank Korda spinner hook size 4 with a 6 inch fluorocarbon hooklink this is Petes third 50 of 2020.Next fish out tripped up by me a nice slate grey 42 lb mirror tripped up on salty squid pop up fishing over pellet, it was then very quiet for over the next 24 hours then another for me Tash at 45 lb on white scopes squid.
Then finally after catching countless 49 lb commons over the years one of these just a month ago at 49 lb 12 oz I banked the perfect common at its best weight @ 51 lb on white scopex squid over pellet sadly this was the last fish out for us guys with some colder nights I think the fish then grouped up somewhere and stopped moving around the lake.

A winter boilie feed this year instead of maize looks like it's paid off with most of the fish coming off the back of winter at there best weights.

Weather was changeable one warm day with sunshine but with a couple of frosty mornings winds were all over the place mainly from the south the pressure stayed around 1020 and the water temperature was 7.5 when we started but did get to 11 degrees when we pulled off.

25th January 2020

After failing last session a couple of weeks ago to trip one of the residents up,battling against high pressure and very cold weather I see a window when the pressure was going to drop bringing with it unsettled weather so the rods were out.

Well I was not wrong about the weather the worst I have ever fished in and Ive been fishing 40 years, storm force winds torrential rain/hail but the pressure was lower.
Overall it was mild it did not stop raining storm come from the west apart from that it was a strong south westerly blowing down to us,water temperature was 8 degrees,the pressure was around 1011-1019.

Someone was going to have fish but who was it going to be this time around?

Tony joined me for a couple of nights but didnt have a result this time around on the main lake but shared a rod with me on the blue lagoon one afternoon and caught a mint 18 lb 8 oz common I only managed a mirror around 6 lb,Pete then joined me and fished until Friday when I also was packing up, now Petes normally the dark horse but also failed this time around.

We tried a different approach to last time then I tripped my first fish of 2020 up not a monster but a start 35 lb 8 oz, I had an hospital appointment the following day so I didnt fish so the rods were out late into the afternoon.
Fishing just singles white pop ups on a spinner Korda Kurv size 4 hook,Nash 5 inches long combilink hooklength with a Nash lead system 1 meter of tubing on a 4 oz lead, another fish for me took it on the drop the fish is my PB mirror William @ 54 lb but to my disappointment went 53 lb 14 oz Boom ! Another for me 4.20 am The Barrel its best weight @ 49 lb 6 oz I was made up,another 50 lb common in the lake for this season we now have a good head of 50+ commons to get your teeth into and a few knocking on the door.
Just as I was getting my stuff together two beeps massive drop back I was in lively 38 lb 8 oz same spot as the others Result !

So a very good session for me this time around am sure Tony will be over again before the season starts maybe March after we have been to the carp show over here and I know we be seeing Pete soon he is booked on as always April and September on our individual weeks for 2020.

4th January 2020

Happy New Year to you all,
Me and local guys Pete and Tony are doing a few nights to get some big girls out while the weather is still mild,
Well that didnt take long first fish of 2020 and first 50 Boom !
Pete tripped up Katie best weight 58 lb on peachy keen bottom bait swim 4 and a new Pb for him,more to come me thinks lets hope but it wasnt to be.

Weather was mild in the day but very cold at night water temperature 6.5 degrees pressure was against us sky high 1039 winds were light changing to the worst a north easterly.

14th December 2019

Local friend Tony and myself yes I am fishing !
Jumped onto swims 4-5 for a few nights fishing before the years out, Non stop rain the last few weeks and very mild temperatures gave both of us a good chance of banking a fish or two.

Well I started straight off with a very special fish for me my first fish of 2019 I just have not had the time this year to fish and also after having major surgery back in January made it near impossible, so a 37 lb 8 oz for me on a Ronnie rig banaoffe pop up, also Marley the near leather @ 47 lb early doors another @ 43 lb 4 oz both on scopex squid white pop up both fish over peachy keen boilies.

Tony followed this up on his last morning with a new PB common one that I dont know @ 52 lb 8 oz on a 18 mm peachy keen bottom bait, which is now named between us White Tip because of its very distinctive white tip on its tail fin this fish also has 3 orange scales on one side.

Weather was very mild but very windy on a couple of nights water temperature is 7 degrees.

7th November 2019

In the next couple of weeks Autumn/winter feeding will start with a big change this winter no more maize will be added to the lake only a feed boilie made up for us by tails up bait our supplier of peachy keen and when water temperatures are right also pellet will be added weekly.
Hopefully our fish will gain weight and good growth over the winter it will be very exciting for the start of 2020 season when the big girls start tripping up.

Remember guys also new rule changes to bait only boilie fresh frozen not shelf life and pellet only our own will be allowed on the lake, also no more use of plastic/fake baits, so no more particles,tinned sweetcorn,tiger nuts,chick peas etc etc ..............

This will all be live on our website for 2020 season.

30th October 2019

We had some good friends over all anglers who fish here helping out with some works on the lake fishing the nights trying to trip a few up

Sir Bob on swim 9,Tony on swim 5 and Josh who now lives locally to us won't be fishing this time around he will be back some time in November with Tony.

Sir Bob as always tripped up a couple on the first night Big Al @ 43 lb 9 oz and a common which could have only been a stockie @ 27 lb 8 oz both on peachy keen PacMan style, Tony tripped up Small Scar @ 56 lb 8 oz Friday morning, just before I took dinner down Friday evening Bob tripped up a  very unique looking hybrid common @ 27 lb 6 oz one we have no record of something to keep an eye on !

Early hours that Saturday Bob did a brace of 40's 41 lb 14 oz and 40 lb 8 oz on peachy keen and citrus PacMan style, Tony left that Saturday morning but is only local to us he will return later in the month to fish with Josh.
Early Saturday evening it was horrible conditions gales heavy rain Sir Bob tripped up the perfect common best weight 49 lb 14 oz where has this fish been the last couple of years it's month was perfect !
Another one around same time as the night before Nobby at his best weight 46 lb 12 oz.

Gales torrential rain again overnight did put the lake up a few inches stream is now running Sunday morning early doors a fish that's come onto my radar recently has just broke the 50 @ 50 lb 6 oz Sir Bob's 8 th fish now named Amy again on the peachy keen !
Sunday night fish Number 9 and second 50 of the day Tyla best weight @ 52 lb 2 oz on a he peachy keen pink !
Didn't take long Monday evening fish number 10 rods hadn't been out long Adrian @ 44 lb 15 oz on the peachy keen pink again !
Fishing did slow down a touch water temperature dropped a few degrees with all the fresh water coming in first light 34 lb 6 oz, 35 lb that's fish number 11 and 12 Both feb17 stockies one on peachy keen normal and the other on the pink !

Average weight dropped a bit after last couple of stockies but still ended up around 42 lb !

The weather was awful this week gales storms heavy rain low pressure stayed with us and the water temperature dropped to 12 degrees.
Considering the weather we got the jobs done hats off to the guys working in horrible conditions it means a lot and we still got a few out on the bank inbetween would have been nice to see The Mole or even maybe Daisy but she never shows her face late in the season .
Massive thank you to Sir Bob #goodfriend

19th October 2019

Only the two guys on the lake this week which they booked out exclusively to themselves.
Steve and Kevin from our home county Essex Shut Up !

Our last group of the season not the norm but this could be down to bretix !

Guys are fishing swims 5 and 9 using there own baits from DT baits,no pellet or particle used this week.

In the following weeks we have work going on around the lake some netting and moving of the mature fish from the blue lagoon to the main lake,house stock fish to the blue,Sir Bob's over along with other anglers Tony and Josh always great to have helping hands.

We have seen guys struggle time and time again when different boilie baits are used on the lake it takes time for the fish to switch over sometimes days maybe a week the weather hasn't been great changeable winds a north easterly for couple of days which isn't great rain sometimes heavy sunshine and a few cooler nights.

Friday it was warmer and brighter we also saw our first fish out off swim 9 for Steve 49 lb 12 oz and a 35 lb 8 oz,with an hours fishing left Kevin saved a blank on swim 5 tripping up Stallone @ 57 lb 6 oz on peaches and cream snowman best weight for this fish and its got him on the wall of the clubhouse !

Lovely meeting up with these guys I was hoping for a better result but we finished on a very good fish a 60 in the making !

See you next year please keep upto date on our Facebook and Instagram pages over the winter always something happening !