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7th September 2019

Individuals this week local guy Pete is on swim 5 next to him swim 4 is Neil returning for his second trip of the year and over the other side is Martyn and his partner Shelly on swim 9.

We were so sorry that Neil had to leave us early Wednesday morning due to a family bereavement, we are truly sorry for your loss Neil,our thoughts are with you and your family.

Baits used were freshly cooked particles/pellet various boilies Peachy keen Pink and normal, Martyn is using the boilie that used to be fished on the lake when we took over PRF peach red fish Ash @tailsupbait made him a patch up for his trip, everyone is using bait boats.

Weather throughout the week got hotter and hotter 32 degrees Friday pressure also climbed higher and higher winds were towards the end of the week north easterly not the best with only Pete fishing from Friday it was going to be hard for him after Martyn and Shelly left early to break there journey up home.

My feelings before the week started with positive everything ticked the boxes I was sure some of the A team were going to show themselves, I won't wrong split tail,Jess and forest graced the bank, before Neil had to leave early he banked Jess new PB 43 lb 12 oz,Pete tripped up a few including Split Tail 47 lb 14 oz, Martyn banked Forest 44 lb 8 oz and new PB Small Scar @ 54 lb everyone had a 40 but as the week went on and the pressure went up the fishing slowed down,the fish came off white pop ups,peachy keen PacMan style and maize fished over particles and pellet.

Some of the fish are still down in weight but gaining a bit since last captures even though this has been a very hot long dry summer the fish that come out this week were all in mint condition.

See you guys same time next year your spots have been saved !

31st August 2019

This week is a rest week, but we do have a local guy over fishing for a couple of nights so watch this space !

Tonys on swim 9 using our freshly cooked particles/pellet and some boilie baits from UK bait company he is using a bait boat.
Here we go Tony has had a red letter mini session tripping up Stallone @ 52 lb 3 oz and another earlier in the day Monday 30 lb 2 oz stockie common stocked from Feb 17 both from the same spot and on a FiX -8 uk bait company snowman on a Ronnie rig,then Wednesday morning before leaving to go home double take Boom! new PB Dasiy @ 61 lb 9 oz and Tash has showed up again @ 41 lb made up, since Tash's last capture she has received a tail fin injury losing the top section it's all treated and hopefully this will heal up, so Tony's had his second mini session with us now and a very memorable one too !

We are then back next week with individuals on the lake so keep upto date with the latest pictures and live videos on our Facebook/Instagram pages.  

Still some very late weeks Available for this season catch them while the are pigs ! Lots of Availability for next season !

24th August 2019

First time these guys have been to us Rob,Mark,Jason,Jamie and Tony from the Kent area.

Guys are fishing swims 3,4,5,9 and 11 all spaced out to keep the fish moving.
Bait being used is particle,pellet various different boilies a lot of fish meal Krill and DNA S7,Revolution boilie baits various pop ups from the same bait company, some peachy Keens (seed boilie) interesting to see as the week went on how the fish react to fish meal boilies in the pass they havnt really produced as all you guys who follow us know !
Bait boats are being used.

More extreme heat soaring temperatures upto 37 degrees over the week has made this extremely hard fishing again changeable winds, the pressure has been very high it's all been about one swim 11 and one spot early hours around the same time Rob has banked multiple PB's over the week common and mirror all on same bait S7 tipped with a yellow cell topper 46 lb 14 oz Katie PB mirror,44 lb 12 oz common PB also others @ 45.10,40.4,39 lb The Barrel, 35 lb H and 31 lb 8 oz common,Mark on swim 9 tripped up Tash @ 41 lb new PB  first morning while spinning Tadpole @ 19 lb several other small carp from blue lagoon,leaving it late Friday evening Jason swim 5 40 lb 4 oz, swims 4 one run but it was lost swim 3 didn't produce anything this week but its not like these guys havent given there heart and soul for it from one week to another it's never the same this season.

Great bunch of guys was lovely meeting them all and having them on the lake this week.

23rd August 2019

Sad day here Minnie lost her battle against heart failure and passed away in Ellen's arms this morning.

RIP Minnie Moo 25/6/2012 - 23/8/2019

17th August 2019

Sir Bob and Ashley's second week all change, Bob's on his favourite swim 4 and Ashley is on swim 9,

Same set ups and baits being used as last week.

Well what should have carried on into this week with the guys banking fish daily turned into an even harder week then there first week.
A wind change to very strong gusty north easterly killed the fishing Ashley on swim 9 only managed 2 fish one on the Sunday and he then had to wait until late Friday afternoon for another Blondie a touch off 40 lb and a repeat William from the week before @ 44 lb.

Sir Bob still pulled the rabbit out the hat and banked 9 fish 5 X 40's Coup,Orangina,Jenny and a couple of our Feb 17 stockies coming up nicely in weight, He is also our new catfish lake record holder banking Pug II @ 90 lb 14 oz which took an hour to get around 4am on the last night all on 15 lb carp gear.

A sum up this year for Bob very hard fishing unusual changeable winds for the time of year killed the fishing in the second week but he still managed to catch the biggest carp in the lake at present setting a new PB for himself and banking a new PB catfish singlehanded on 15 lb carp gear @ 90 lb 14 oz a new lake record !
His average for second week was down a touch on last year's @ 39 lb 8 oz cat not included only carp.

Always a pleasure having Bob on the lake until next time guys see you in May !

10th August 2019

Sir Bob and Ash are here exclusively booked for the next 2 weeks the guys arrived friday night, lovely catching up with them over a pizza dinner washed down with cold beers, fishing started Saturday afternoon !

Bobs on swim 9 Ash is on swim 3 baits being used are our freshly cooked particles/pellet and peachy keen boilies normal and pink our rest bait for next season both are using bait boats.

Just as a guideline of the amount of bait used this week 8 X large buckets of particles around around 120 kgs 2 X sacks of pellet 50 kgs, 10 kgs of peachy keen boilie plus other boilies Bob and Ash brought with them !

Weather over the week was changeable rain,sun,cloud top temp was 30.4 degrees winds were all over the place changing several times over the week.

The fish are tripping up on the peachy keen bottom baits tipped with cell toppers/corn the pink doing very well,everything was on blow back rigs,as always Bob always brings a different boilie to try and has had a couple on it the PacMan working well bottom bait with a barrel cut into it.

Bob's finished first week ahead of Ashley with 12 fish, Daisy the biggest 61 lb 10 oz followed by Small scar,Tyla,Nobby,Sylvia,Nemo,Adrien,Stretch the common and the ghost 2 faces which hasn't been out for nearly two years and another mid 30,early hours Saturday banked two in darkness 43.7 and 35.8,He lost three fish which is unheard of normally one of the big cats for sure was one.
Oh and I nearly forgot he done his PB Zander which was caught reeling in !

Fish average weight for Bob just up on last year 41 lb 10 oz, and for Ashley 41 lb.

Ashley done well and is made up, 8 fish 6 of these are 40's one a new PB @ 49 lb 14 oz included Friday morning brace of 40's 43 and 41lb 10 oz also Emily,William,Jayden 2 X 30's one of these was stocked in Feb 17 at 10 kgs he also has lost two fish off the same spot.

No real pattern to bite times it was a very hard week a lot of the fish following the winds which were all over the place, 25 runs 20 fish landed.

High light of the week was Thursday morning Bob caught Daisy only two anglers have ever done this twice new PB @ 61 lb 10 oz up from last year's summer weight by 1 lb 6 oz and Bob's fishing earlier into August then last year she is going to be a big girl later into the season and also Ashley jumping out his skin after I put the fake viper snake in his sleeping bag lol.

27th July 2019

What a great shame that we didn't fill this week it would have been great fishing for a group low pressure much cooler temperatures and the fish are deffo on it last weeks group banked 4 fish in their last 12 hours once the temperatures dropped the rain come in which lowered the water temperature.

So we will be back in two weeks because the week after is a rest week. You guys who follow us know by now it's August which means only one thing Sir Bob !

Yes Bob's here then for the next two weeks fishing with Ashley his nephew!

20th July 2019

New group of 3 from Cornwall,
Chris,Jim and Justin fishing swims 4,9 and 11.
All the guys are using bait boats, baits being used are freshly cooked particles, pellet Peachy Keen boilies with matching glug,pop ups and wafters, and towards going home time tried a few of our test boilie baits peachy keen pink which had some good results yet again.

Reflecting on the week we think the guys did extremely well after yet another week where we hit the 40's,when the guys arrived Saturday the pressure was good and it was pleasant around around 35 degrees then it followed by 39,39,42.5,40,42 and then Friday much cooler 23 degrees with rain and low pressure.

Only on Friday we did see some fish out in the day other wise it was early doors or in darkness, peachy keen bottom baits PacMan style,maize peachy keen pink doing the damage, pb's all around some of the A team being tripped up many of the fish we see out on the bank have massive weight loses putting this down to the very unusual year we are having with the fish spawning heavy 5 times.

Jim on swim 11 banked 3 X 40's Jenny,Emily and Nobby and a 31lb stockie, Chris on swim 9 banked The Mole @ 56 lb 8 oz a slim Blondie and a late Friday stockie, Justin on swim 4 banked Stallone @ 51 lb 6 oz a slender H and yet another stockie @ 31 lb showing up he also had two lumps hook pull on him,the guys had a go on the blue lagoon cabin end in the shade during the hottest times of the day and had a couple out.

It was a pleasure meeting up with these guys and it's great they have choosen to come back next year and try to catch some more of our A Team !

13th July 2019

Family group this week Simon,Matt,Paul,Tom and Daisy,
From Swansea,Brentwood Essex Shut up and Spain.

Fishing swims 6/7,9,10 and 11, Matt,Daisy and Tom Fished the shallows Monday,Tom was back on swim 1 Thursday.

Baits being used Sticky baits Krill,homemade and some Peachy Keen boilies,our freshly cooked particles, pellet.

A lot different tacts to the norm this week no bait boats were used only our row boats were used for baiting and the placing of rigs etc

Going into the start of the week I thought it was going to be a good week coming off a rest week but I couldn't have been more wrong. The fish started spawning again midnight Monday for the fourth time, heavy spawning went on through the night into early morning destroying the lake once more.

Once we had calm the guys did manage to trip a few up William was banked by Tom on swim 1 a good move for the day down over 12 lb @ 43 lb 12 oz Big Al also down in weight was tripped up by Matt @ 37 lb Tom banked Thumbprint common on his swim and grandad Paul banked a few finishing on a well spawned out Tyla @ 46 lb 8 oz on the last night, Daisy caught the biggest mirror from the Blue Lagoon @ 24 lb, the highlight of the families days on the Blue Lagoon was Tom catching the big cat while spinning for Zander a new record for the lake @ 87 lb 4 oz what a catch !
The weather was very warm again upto the mid 30's very hot sunshine with most the week on a northerly wind finishing the week with an early morning storm

It was a pleasure looking after these guys over the week and we know how much they enjoyed the family meals at the clubhouse every night and we can't wait for their return next year.