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9th July 2019

The fish started spawning again early this morning only small groups but some big girls amongst these groups,explains why it's been so quiet last couple of weeks some of the bigger fish were hanging on for a weather change and a drop in water temperature.
Well their prays were answered last night massive storm dropping 40 mm of rain has now dropped the water temperature down to 28 degrees and changed our weather from high 30s down to a more fresher 31 degrees today with a gusty north easterly blowing down the lake.
It's got to be only positives for our forthcoming groups.

6th July 2019

Very hot change over 37 degrees in the shade a wind change to south westerly after the early morning storm.

It's a well deserved rest week but we will be back next week with a group of 5 !

29th June 2019

Jonathan,Jack,Josh and Andy from Shropshire,
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
Guys are using freshly cooked particles,pellet and peachy keen boilies.

What a mission it was to get these guys on 42 degrees shade temperature boiling sunshine Saturday yet another day of this heatwave, it was that hot Andy shaved his beard off inbetween getting his rods out lol.
The weather stayed hot all week Thursday,Friday 38 degrees the pressure stayed around 1017.0 winds were from the north east changing Saturday on change over after a storm to south westerly.

It was always going to be tricky again this week with the heat of the day the fish were mainly caught early hours just before breakfast, but besides this 3 of the guys still did PB's Scar showed up again off swim 11 a PB for Josh @ 48 lb 6 oz, Jack tripped up a well spawned out Jess another PB @ 43 lb 1 oz Dad Jon banked Broken Tail twice yep twice from two different swims 5/1 another PB @ 41 lb 4 oz he also had one of the big cats on for over 20 minutes but come off through the cut while in the boat trying to control it, swim 11 fished the best swim 9 didn't produce this week the wind was blowing in the wrong direction for it  bad luck this time around for Andy who tried everything but if the fish in front of you aren't feeding you can't do anything.

It was a pleasure to have met these guys and hopefully we will see them early next year.

26th June 2019

Always sad when you lose any fish,
The Big Scale popped up yesterday after spending most off the week down in the shallows and not being caught for nearly 2 years was signs something wasn't right, after removing him from the lake close examination Inside him I found massive tumours in and around his organs.
Such a shame he never graced the bank as a 60 lb fish coming close @ 57 lb taking everything into account yesterday I reckon he would have been around 61-63 lb at the time of death.

RIP Big Scale end of a era !

22nd June 2019

Returning group Andy,Rodney,Adam,Rob,Keith and Connor from Bolton.
Fishing swims 3,4,6,7,9 and 10.
Guys are using our particle,Pellet,some peachy keen boilies.

It was written before this guys had even arrived that it was going to be a very tricky week very hard conditions to fish in extreme heatwave for most of the week temperatures in the shade upto 43.1 degrees.

Besides that we did see some named fish out on the bank scar the common best weight 51 lb,William best weight @ 55 lb 4 oz,Orangina 46 lb 4 oz and Small Tail @ 42 lb, another 40 and a few upper 30's made the week worthwhile.

21st June 2019

Well this is differently a strange year weather wise now the Carp,Roach and Bass have all started spawning again maybe they have been waiting for high pressure to come in which we now have with us with temperatures next week hitting the 40's.

8th June 2019

We are now on a two week break !
Time to get stuff done around the lake.
We are back on the week beginning Saturday the 22 nd June with a group of 6 who were with us last year.

1st June 2019

Individuals this week Nick,Dave,Neil and Local guy Pete also Tony who also lives local to us will be on Monday for a 48 hour session fishing swim 5.
Others Fishing swims 3,4,9 and 11,
Guys are using our particle,pellet peachy keen boilies dips wafters,pop ups.

Right where to start ?  so let's start with the weather we had 2 days at 35 degrees and another at 33 degrees lovely you say well not good for the fishing high pressure kept the fish off the bait, then it got fun the guys were confined to the bivvy's for 2 days with heavy rain over 75 mm in the first 24 hours followed by on Friday storm Miguel which took out all services until Tuesday the following week.

Now the fish let's start with Pete on swim 11 banking Charlie's shoulders @ 56 lb 14 oz and losing 3 other lumps over the week, Tony on swim 5 just for 48 hours banked a 36 lb common and lost at the net one of the big cats, Dave smashed his PB with a 44 lb mirror,Neil over on swim 9 banked a PB cat @ 28 lb he was over the moon this has now been removed from the main lake, but we were all made up for Nick late Friday night on swim 3 banking Stallone @ 54 lb new PB talk about leaving it late on a peachy keen bottom bait gluged in our dip tipped with corn.  

So all in all a crazy week which ended up good for everyone in the end all left us happy.

25th May 2019

Barry,Kevin,Mark and Dave from Essex and Kent,
Fishing swims 3,5,9 and 11.
Guys are using Cell boilies various pop ups wafters.

Spawning was still going on until early Saturday evening not as heavy as Thursday/Friday i thought they were done but am not so sure now the 2 big girls out are still carrying spawn which could be very interesting if Daisy shows her face again we could be seeing another lake record and our first 70,so last weeks session hadnt quite finished.

Very very quiet week lots of moody fish in the shallows probably eating eggs off the weed they laid a few days ago.

Swim 3 produced the most runs and fish all around the 30's mark and a 36 lb grass,Dave on swim 11 done his PB twice 52 and 55 lb 2 oz both named Rosie and William, sadly swims 5 and 9 this week didn't produce as mentioned above think most the fish stayed down in the shallows.

Weather was a changeable mixed bag of sun cloud getting warmer as the week went on different winds most days.