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Provisional Bookings will ONLY be held for 10 days, awaiting receipt of your deposit payment. Once your deposit has been received, prices are fixed and guaranteed. In the event of not receiving the deposit within 10 days, the date will automatically become available on the website for sale. Deposits are non-refundable.

The balance payment is due 8 weeks before your holiday start date, and if not received on time the date will be put back on sale. Receipts will be issued for ALL payments received. If you do not get a receipt or other confirmation within 10 days, please phone 00 33 555 764 665 or send us an email.

If you cancel less than 8 weeks prior to your arrival date the cancellation fee is the entire cost of your holiday.

IMPORTANT! In the event that you or any of your group have previously booked and have had a dispute and been banned by us please note that should you then arrive with another group or appointed a group organiser unknown to us and used false or undeclared names of group members who have been banned, upon recognition you will not be allowed on the property. You will not be refunded so please do not make a wasted journey.

Under no circumstances can we accept any responsibility for delays in any transport systems on your journey to the venue, nor for any temporary loss of use of any utilities, (e.g. electricity cuts), or failure of any equipment, which are beyond our control, although the latter will be rectified immediately, if possible. We will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, illness or losses. Neither will we be held responsible for acts of god or any other issue environmental or otherwise that are beyond our control.

We have done our best to supply basic safety equipment, in the form of life rings and boats on the lake. It is however, the responsibility of the group organiser to ensure that NONE of their party (particularly non-swimmers) use the boats unless they have their own safety equipment.

On your day of arrival you may only arrive at or after 1pm, before this time the gates will be locked. Fishing may commence at 2pm on day of arrival. You may only fish until 8:30am on your day of departure and must have left the venue by 9:30am.

The organiser of the holiday MUST make all members of their party aware of the above conditions, AND of the fishery rules. This will avoid any later ill feeling, and absolve the organiser from the responsibility of others breaking any rules.

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